Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Faith Has Knocked: Let The Son Shine

Today I write this from our new to us house in a new town. Austin is in the family room reading. Travis & Parker are a couple of blocks away at their new school. Hubby is literally across the street at the physical church building. And as I sit here in the dining room with the sunlight beaming in, I cannot help but smile deeply and give praise to God.

The move to Claude, Texas went much better than expected on Friday thanks to the incredible help of some dear friends on Thursday (cue in Brook H, Phil S, Don & Fran S). Brook knows how to make the most out of every single inch of space! Even hubby had to admit - Brook knew better than he did on how to pack that puppy out! We had only been here a few minutes when about 20 people or so from our new church body showed up. The moving truck that had taken hours to load thanks to the generosity of many individuals took no time at all really to unload.

In the midst of unloading, Dick was trying to bring our 2nd refrigerator down the ramp by himself. Needless to say, the frig decided to take over and hubby ended up with a twisted ankle. He walked away saying, "Man! That really hurt!" Funny enough? Dick and a sweet man named Chester (who also happens to be a relative of our buddy Clint) used that on Sunday morning during the service to talk about how one cannot do certain things by themselves and how you never know who is paying attention. Laughter was had as was a great lesson. Hubby's ankle is still a bit tender but otherwise mending well.

Speaking of Sunday... funny how individuals can feel like they've known each other forever so quickly. The boys and I had to laugh when we were eating dinner after the evening service & "the pastor" was still across the street eating brownies & chatting it up with some of the guys. Notice.. that means he was the last one of the G's to leave due to talking. And he says I talk more than he does. (Just a little rib there Man!) Sunday was beyond tender. God was glorified. Jesus was worshipped. People were encouraged and challenged by their/our new pastor. And boy, were there hugs galore! I/we got even better than I/we gave.

I will confess.. it is taking us a bit of time to get used to how we are being loved on here already. The food hasn't stopped coming.. we're even having to purchase a freezer for the garage as it is apparent in beef country - it is not uncommon to be given sides of beef, hamburger meat and/or steaks! The fresh veggies are going over big time too with bags of green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and etc showing up. I have a feeling the community food pantry our church body helps with may just see some of it too.

Today I'm waiting for the Dish network guys to come. Funny how we've been able to do without tvs the last few days and up until Monday night - even internet. This afternoon, after school, those inside the physical church building will be welcoming little children. Then later on, adults and teens will come too. We are looking forward to tonight with great anticipation! But, up until then - each moment still counts as just as important.

That's just a bit of an update on what's been going on with us since the big move! Not written about but definitely in the mix are all the new individuals we've talked with outside the walls of the physical church building. Opportunities to share and show God's love that is more than the sum of ourselves or any thing we are capable of on our own.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

And thank you for all the prayers, support and love that has come our way from many of you too!

Much love,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When Faith Knocks: Celebrating Moments Gone By & Look Forward

Well, today is Wednesday. It seems like a whirlwind & yet also just like yesterday. By the time this day is over - the Gravley family will have had our last time with church body we've called our family the last 4 plus years. But just because we move away from G-town on Friday morning (Sept 4th) does not mean we are any less family than today. Just because we will join another on Sunday (Sept 6th) does not mean we are any less family then. It will just mean a part of God's larger family - as it always does.

Today/tonight/tomorrow... will hold many emotions. They are to experienced & seen for what they are.. gifts from God. Learning experiences... more opportunities to grow! And I am thankful beyond any words for how God does not let us stay the same! Not for those who truly seek Him & His Kingdom first.

Tomorrow - Thursday... the moving truck will be in the driveway & will load up many gifts that have been given to this silly woman and her family. We are still blown away & yet it is in line with God's character.

Friday - Sept 4th... we will pull out of this driveway, leave this highly secure gated community and head toward to our new normal in another town with another church body. But all you who remain here in G-town & surrounding areas will not be forgotten. And after all... I will still have my mother here.. Again.. Praise God for all the ways we clearly see Him these days.

Sunday - Sept 6th... The Gravley family will worship & praise God just like we do every single Sunday. Hubby will preach his first sermon as the "official" Pastor of First Baptist Church of Claude, Texas. Yet, we all know who the Real Voice of that church body is & will be. There is No Voice like God/Jesus/HolySpirit. We will, as a family become a part of that church body/family. And in the midst of all that - we will celebrate the 18 years that Austin has been on this earth. Talk about one of my favorite gifts of all times!

We are celebrating moments gone by & looking forward. Only with God is that truly possible.

Jesus is the Only Way to God. He is the Only Road, Path.. whatever one wishes to call it. Only One.

Do you know Jesus? God? His Holy Spirit?

If you do.... Are you truly living life's moments in such ways that show He is your Lord? Or are you merely giving Him lip service when in times of crisis or any time you walk in to a physical church building?

Tonight my computer will be packed up. I do not know when I will be back on it again. And that is a good thing as I concentrate on the family I've been so incredibly blessed with. And it will no doubt make the heart grow fonder... They have given me permission to update facebook via cell phone. I'll pass. I've always said that is a line for me I'm not willing to cross.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for! God has noticed you today. I pray you notice Him.

And thank you for walking through life's moments with this silly woman.

Much love,

Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Dishes!

Yesterday morning after the close of the 2nd worship service... a woman came up to me & said, "We have gifts for you & your family in our car. Please do not leave here without them." I had to smile & laugh at the very thought of what those gifts might be based on a conversation I had with her & her husband on Friday afternoon. Not the gifts themselves mind you.. just the very thought of them.

There were 3 gifts wrapped up so bright & beautiful for us to unwrap. Inside were 2 boxes of dishes - enough for 8 people & 1 box of glasses. Funny enough? I had talked myself out of buying these very ones Friday night. I simply could not allow my mind to go there. Since being here, I've become rather used to not being "the woman" of the house & therefore, not having my own things about. (Cue in "The Quiet Man" here.)

I have long since stopped being a thing person. God has done such a work in that area. So... when this couple came in to the pcb on Friday afternoon and asked me what did we need or want for our new house - I really had a hard time coming up with any thing.. except perhaps every day dishes. I had given away all but one saucer away when we moved out of our last house. It was the saucer that Austin had always used for his hot sauce. Our china has been up in the attic all this time. The woman encouraged me to really think about it. So, again..all I could come up with was every day dishes.

Then she did it.. She had to ask what colors did I want to use in our kitchen. My answer frankly surprised me.. browns & greens. Why? I use these 2 particular plates we were given the last 2 Christmases all the time. They are from gift baskets my mother's soon-to-be husband had given us. Browns & greens. The every day dishes I had given away had fruits and veggies on them and weren't the slightest bit masculine really. (read: remember - I was the only female then & will be soon again)

The woman then told me about a set of very expensive dishes she had made & that I could have if I wanted them. Her husband looked at her with the biggest of eyes & said, "Why would you give those to her when you don't really like them yourself? Aren't you suppose to offer her the best? Your best - first fruits?" (yes.. they are those kind of friends!) She looked at him.. and then at me.. She then said, "Well, I don't think they're really you & your family any way Camey." They walked out the door soon after that.

I saw her last night for a brief moment. I hugged her tight & thanked her for the dishes/glasses. I also shared with her about the fact that I had almost bought them on Friday night. Funny enough? This woman had called her recently married daughter while standing in Wal-Mart on Saturday to make sure she was picking out just the right ones for me & my family. Her daughter is in Branson! Dick & I used to be her Bible Study teachers before she got married. I also had her in another group several years ago. She knows me/us oh so well. The dishes were spot on.

And now.. every day when those dishes are used.. there will be a love attached that is greater than the sum of ourselves. Only God could have put us all together when He did. Only God serves up the best dishes!

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

Much love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When Faith Knocks: The Love Story For All Times

As I sit here thinking back over the last few days, weeks and months... I cannot help but give praise to God. Sunday, August 23rd, my husband became the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Claude, Texas. As I've said in previous posts it is a love story. And I can sharing more of the details of the story that paint a clear picture.

Back in January, one of the closest couple friends we have ever had called us. We've known them for 17 years since Austin and their daughter, Sally, was 1. Clint & Marsha Cope are the true definition of real friends. We have been together through thick and thin. We have shared joys and the depths of sorrow. We have laughed and cried. We have raised babies, toddlers, children and in the process of teens encouraging each other a long the way! And through it all - God has been glorified. They are incredible servants of God.

They called wanting to know if they could submit Dick's resume for a church they knew was pastorless. Not just any church either. First Baptist Claude is the church where Clint's family was at during his growing up years. His mother, Sharon, is still there. Claude is the hometown we've been hearing about since having the privilege of meeting Clint and Marsha all those years ago. This was just the way that Dick had wanted his first pastorate to happen in his heart of hearts - someone who knew him and our family believing we belonged with that church body. And do they know us and that church body. We still cannot express how humbled we are/were of their desire for Dick and our family going to Claude.

Since January, other doors have opened. We had given them over to God through prayer and knew they were not where He was calling us. So, on Sunday, August 9th, when Dick and I met with Lesile, Jack, Dianne, Martha, Gerald and the one whose name I have a hard time remembering.. the pastor search team, and the question was asked of us, "Do you see your family being called here?" - we had no hesitation in answering yes. The ball went rolling fast from there. Please keep in mind... this conversation was had before they heard Dick preach in person that night at a sister church in Amarillo. They had heard/seen him on DVD & CD, but not in person until after that.

After he preached that Sunday night, the team, their spouses, Lesile's two daughters and the five of us went to Abuellos in Amarillo for dinner. As I watched, listened and answered whatever questions were asked, I knew this was not just any dinner. I saw how my hubby talked, laughed, was relaxed, and it is more than say to say... I smiled deeply inside and out. The boys were just as much with family as any blood could ever provide. Hugs were given all around. Jack said to me, "Camey, I cannot wait for Dick, you and those boys to come to Claude." Of course, he was also wanting to play the boys at Guitar Hero. Another one of those funny details. Gerald has known Clint since before he was born. His wife, Melba, as we were walking through the house that goes with being the pastor's family - told me it was okay for the boys to picture themselves living there because they were going to be. More details only God could orchestrate.

Detail after detail, question after question we have had has been answered in ways there is no mistaking it is God directing our path. We were prepared to leave G-town with what we came here with... furniture that could be counted on less than 2 hands, 1 vehicle and other items we fit inside the smallest UHaul trailer. Who knew that in answering God's call back in 2005 to G-town and to give away or sell almost everything on the cheap - He would see to it that we lack nothing in leaving here in 2009? Only One knew for sure His plan. What a plan too - a house, 3 cars for that 3 car garage, so much furniture we're having to say no to some of it, my mother getting married and so much more.

This was the town that I once told God I would not go to. I knew in doing so it would mean the deepest of sorrows and yet sheer joy in saying "See ya later" to my daddy - who was also one of mine and Dick's closest friends. And yet, I would not trade one single moment here. Not the ones that hurt like heck, are/were tender as a steak cooked just so, the love that has been shown and given... not one. For in answering God's call to come here - we've all grown closer to Him than we ever have been before. That is priceless to this woman and her husband. We've shared God's love and hopefully individuals have come to see glimpses of Him. We are so incredibly thankful for how God has allowed us to be a part of His work here. He did not need us and yet He allowed us. No words can ever do that justice..

Dick became the Pastor of First Baptist Claude on Sunday, August 23rd. I know I can say with all certainty - he knows who the Real Voice of that church body is and belongs to. I have never been more thankful to be his wife and partner in serving God and others. That would be just as true had he not become their pastor.

As we draw near to the end of our time here, Friday, September 4th, I cannot help but think of what a love story this is. Please do not miss it... God so loved us that He sent His Only Son - Jesus - to earth to live, die, and rise again on the 3rd day because He loves like that. He loved us first.. and it out of the overflow of His love that we live life's moments. It is only for the Famous One do we become all things to all so that in doing so - we win the race. The prize is and has always been - God and His Love. There is nothing that we can do to earn His love. What we can do is fall on our knees, admit our need for Him, praise His name and then rise to live life remembering it is all about Him.

For those whom have been praying for our family, being of such encouragement and support in this process... we thank you. You have no clue how much your friendships are valued and treasured. Hopefully in some detail only God can provide - you know that. We ask you continue to pray as we're in the throws of once again going through what is a need and want. There are tears wrapped in packages of friendships, life's moments as we've known them changing in ways we could not have imagined, and excitement for the future. Thank you again for walking through life's moments with us.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. Don't miss the Real Picture. The Only Love Story Worth Any and All Awards. It is worth seeing every color painted and each stroke of the brush.

Much love,

PS: And yes.. this was the short version! lol Did I mention that both Austin and Sally have surrendered as well to full time ministry? They both are seniors in high school this year. And when she goes to her dad's hometown - we will be there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrating Life's Moments!

Celebrating 20 years of marriage! Humbled by how different our lives are now as opposed to that day. Thankful for a man who loves God most!

The way you, Dick, love God, me, our sons, and others is the best anniversary gift. I'm proud to be your ...wife and mother of your sons. And when I said you had potential all those years ago - I was being prophetic!

Preparing to head to the pcb for one of my last days there as a staff member. Worth leaving to follow God & my husband where He is sending us. Not getting Parker's schedule today either. He won't need it.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Faith Knocks: The State of the I Address

I've tried a couple of different times to start this note. The words were there, but the fingers weren't moving. My hubby just walked in the room, we talked, and out he went again heading out the front door to take care of one of his properties. It is his largest property, and therefore, takes the most time. The owners are hardly ever there as they live mostly in Florida these days instead of Texas. It is with laughter, a deep smile, a few tears shed and conviction that I write this. Funny how that can happen.

Back in May, my hubby was in Illinois for a few days - preaching, ministering, and such.. Before he left I knew that trip was going to be different for him, myself, and our family. During his time there, the potential to plant a new church was laid at our feet. My hubby was encouraged in ways that neither of us were expecting. Again, I'm smiling deeply at the thought of it all. I am thankful beyond words for his time there.

In July, we went on a mission trip together as a family with our current church. While there, our hearts were stirred for the people. The faces are still etched on our hearts and no doubt will remain in some form or fashion over the years. As I've shared before, I knew God was going to speak to my husband while in the mountains. What I wasn't expecting was for Him to speak so clearly to me while in the water on a Thursday. I heard clearly to get out of the boat and get in the water. I did. And while in the midst of being freezing cold, I heard, "You'll go to IL or ID, but what about ?, Texas?" The very place where hubby had received a phone call from on a mountain in Utah while heading to Idaho.

Upon returning from Idaho, I have talked with a few friends from all over the world about the "in 'I' states" that were showing themselves as the possible next place for our family to go and serve. I knew we were staying in the USA physically.. but truthfully - I thought we were leaving Texas. There are close friends also in other states where I could easily see our family going. Funny how God used a couple of them in particular to speak to me directly without them even realizing they were. Oh, sure.. they were saying my name in correlation to what they were saying, but their intent to some degree was different. I am ever so thankful for their friendships and life's moments. I am also grateful for how they recognize God's love is most important and pour it freely in return to this silly woman.

Music is something that is close to my heart. As weird as it may sound to some, there are few groups out there in various genres that my sons and I both like. Austin posted a status the other day on facebook that was a reference to a song by one such group. I haven't been able to get that song out of my head for long. In fact, I'm listening to it now. I am always grateful when God uses one of my sons to help teach me a lesson. Funny enough? All three of them have been great teachers here lately in ways they may not even realize.

When we were visiting hubby's sister and her family a few weeks ago, I studied my hubby even harder than normal.. which is saying a lot.. (insert laughter here pls?). We went to my sister-in-love's church to worship with her and her family. Afterwards, we went to his parents' home in another city close by. They weren't there as they were in Colorado.. again with the mountains. I listened intently as my hubby relayed a story about a pastor he heard speak one day. Again, I heard God whispering to me. "Keep listening as I am preparing your heart & mind, Camey. You will go where you are being sent."

Yesterday, we started the daunting task of cleaning, throwing away, giving away, and organizing in anticipation of moving. Between what is going on with the five of us - there is also my mother getting married. This house which my parents built in 1998 will be put on the market shortly after that. Last night when her and Hoover returned from being out for a few hours, we discussed openly about all that is taking place these days. Again, clearly heard Him whisper to me. I'll let that one stay between my Real Father and I.

As I've shared more openly in face to face situations about where we are going in Texas - each time my heart has been more and more tendered. As hubby and I have prayed over these last few months especially... the last few days even... my heart is more tendered. For I say that I follow Jesus.. and I will... wherever He sends us. It is not just about believing I do.. it is also about doing.. Actions/words..

So, I've realized that while it was incredibly flattering to have the other opportunities presented to us.. I don't want to be any where God does not intend for us to be. Whether that is in G-town or in a state that starts with an "I" or a "C" or an "F".. While there is grief to be had and gone through in leaving here... there is also sheer joy that comes from Him and His love alone. It is worth leaving those you have taken in your heart and life's moments to go love and serve others. Not because of what we do.. but because of who He is, what He has done and will do.

I can say without reservation or any doubt that I look forward to the future come whatever may. For in life's moments are just glimpses of who He is and the amazing love and grace He has to offer and gives to even such a silly woman as I. I was born in a city and lived in various ones until 2005. That does not mean it is always best for me to live in a city.

How is your state of "I"??

Does it need to be address?

How is God addressing you in ways you may not want to hear but know are right?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And it was more dangerous than ever.

Much love,

PS: I write first and then edit... so if you read this more than once.. you may notice a difference here or there..

PSS: My desk which I am currently sitting at is about to be tackled.. Apparently, I've let it go for some time. (read: that's an understatement.)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Faith Knocks: "Hello. This is God."

Back in July we were on a mountain in Utah heading to Idaho on a mission trip with our current church. Hubby's cell phone rang and he immediately recognized the area code. In some ways it has seemed like a whirlwind since that moment. And yet, last weekend it was clear to us that this love story has been being knitted in our hearts for years. Funny how that happens.

Last night I listened as two men discussed the passing of the baton between an interim pastor and the potential new pastor. Granted I could only hear hubby's part of the conversation as "the potential new pastor" - but in his answers and questions - there was no mistaking what the interim pastor was saying either. Each one of them wanting the best for the other and the church body that they both love. There is no denying it - my husband has a deep love for this new body already as I do. That's what happens when you pray for that body you do not yet know for years like we have been doing.

Next Saturday - we will be going out of town again. This time will be officially "In View of a Call"... There is a meet/greet and question time Saturday evening. Then, on Sunday morning - hubby will stand before that body and share what God has laid upon his heart for them/us and the future. By the time, Sunday - August 23rd is over - we will know for sure if Dick is the new pastor of that body. The search team voted 100% to bring hubby before the church. As hubby says, "Then, it will be up to the body to vote. Whatever they decide, we will have our answer." He also told me to start packing in anticipation for moving Labor Day weekend.

This is a love story that is undeniable. Just in the last couple of days alone - there is no mistaking God's voice as He is speaking all over this. Speaking in ways that we know it is Him - incredibly precise and with such detail. We ask that you pray for them as their interim pastor prepares to preach tomorrow on "What's Next" as they continue to prepare their hearts for us and ours for them. We also ask that you pray for all three of our sons (Austin, Travis, and Parker) as they wrap their minds and hearts around leaving a place and people they too have come to love. Of course, pray for my mother and her fiancee. They decided to not set a wedding date until we knew for sure when/if we are moving.

For those of you here locally, your love and encouragement have been more tender than we can possibly say. For those of you not here locally but just as much a part of our life's moments - thank you as well for yours. We are blessed beyond any and all measure. That statement is just as true even if we were not engaged to another church at this moment.

So, dear reader, let me ask you this moment...

In what ways are God speaking to you today?

Make no mistake about it... He is speaking to you..

No matter who you are.

No matter where you are.

No matter what you've done.

No matter what you haven't done.

He is speaking to you.

Are you listening?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When Faith Knocks: The Beckoning Call

Okay... let me get this is out of the way... no call last night. But I am grateful to say the least. WHAT? Read on.

Dick and I have a time of sharing and then praying almost each night before going to sleep. Pretty close to 98% of the time. Last night was no exception although it did make a difference. As he was praying, he was thanking God for allowing us to be at His "beckon call".. to be servants - used however and whenever for His Kingdom and glory. I could not help but smile deeply.

When most of think of "beckon call" - it does not bring out positive thoughts. It might bring about the sound of snapping fingers expecting a person to jump at an other's person voice and command. It might make one think of being a doormat for another individual. Or flip it around, perhaps you're the one who has others at your beckon call. It might make you feel powerful. You can fill it in for yourself... What do you think of when you hear the term beckon call?

Were we anticipating a phone call last night from the pastor search team? Yes. But the more I got to thinking about it after we prayed and Dick had already started snoring.. (yep, just went there) I was grateful that they did not call. The way my husband prayed was more tender than any phone call could have been. As I've said time and time again, we're so incredibly thankful for these moments. The ying and yang of them. But more than that, we know where our Real Hope comes from. It is not in a phone call. It is not in hubby becoming the pastor of a church one day. It is not in any thing we do or do not do. Our hope is Jesus.

In Jesus there is a beckoning call to follow Him no matter the cost. To trust in Him when the world says to do so means we're fools. To even remotely grasp how much God loves each of us. Just as we are without having to clean up first. After all - we are all messed up and under construction. Each and every single one of us.

Do we look forward to a call whenever it comes from the pastor search team? Yes. But no matter what happens .... we have The Beckoning Call in each of life's moments. And it is beyond words and leads to actions out of the overflow of God's love.

So, dear reader, do you hear His Beckoning Call this moment? "Come. Follow Me?"

If so, how will you answer the call?

As always, you've been prayed for...

Much love,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When Faith Knocks: The Music Is Playing

Monday when we were at the physical church buildings of another church, Austin sat down at a piano in the sanctuary. He did not realize I was watching him. As he put his fingers on the keys and stroked them gently, the look on his face was moving. Keep in mind here - there is a piano at the house in which we currently live. Given where it is - it is hardly ever played. I am the only one in the house who has ever taken any formal lessons. The piano was a gift when I was much younger although it has never moved with me. I play from time to time when no one is around. The piano is coming with us whenever we move.

A man named Lesile told Austin he had a couple of pianos he is not using if Austin wanted one of them. It was obvious that Lesile knew if Austin had true access to one - he would be able to play and would. Austin has taken guitar lessons over the years and is still teaching himself as well. Within the past year, he has taught a few others how to play as well. Part of their time together has also included Devotional time... not just a jam session.

Last week, Travis started Marching Band Camp. He started with the understanding that he may or may not ever step foot on the field here during an actual game. We did not want him to miss the opportunity of at least experiencing the camp. Dick played in the band in high school. He has very fond memories of his time spent playing in the band. He played the tuba. Travis plays the trumpet. And he is a mean trumpet player too. One of the sweet things about Travis going to camp are the other individuals he is around. Some of them are seniors in high school and are a part of our current church. They have taken him under their wings and are truly being there for him in ways he may not ever fully realize.

Today is Wednesday. As has been the norm now for a few weeks - the phone rings some time after 9:00 p.m. It has been Lesile calling on behalf of the other church. We are expecting a phone call tonight. While we think we know what the individual on the other end will have to say and ask.. we may or may not.

The music is playing. The tune is one that has a very familiar beat. We look forward to each note that is to come. We're thankful for the sounds it is creating and how our hearts are being stirred. There's a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "We Will Dance."

"When the music plays, I'll take your hand and hold you close to me and we will dance." I am thankful for my husband who holds me close as we dance life's moments.. Even more so for my Real Father who is teaching me to not look at my feet. Toes were meant to be stepped on from time to time.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

And if you're praying for us... thank you.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Faith Knocks: Enjoying The Dance

This past weekend was like nothing the G family had ever experienced. And while there is so much more to this story than can be shared yet... what I can share is this..

We are enjoying the dance with the other church in another area of Texas. Whether or not it turns out to be marriage between our family and their church body remains to be seen. I do know that this wife and mother is grateful beyond any and all words. My husband and sons were themselves and shared God's love with ease. And they were greatly loved on. It was as if we were family. And frankly, as brothers and sisters in Christ - we are.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time with a woman named Melba. She and I talked about my being so open about sharing what is going on with us these days. Melba looked me in the eyes and said, "You should be sharing and asking for prayers. There is nothing wrong with it." Then, she told me word was out that we were there.. We just had to laugh. We did. And no, I'm still not telling directly here.

There are other pictures from this weekend that I will share later on down the road. Pictures of our time at a hotel, out at restaurants, of a possible house, of physical church buildings, and of individuals. There are stories that will be shared when more of them have been read as God continues to show us how the chapters unfold and as the characters continue to develop and grow. Make no mistake about it the leading role belongs to One. The Only Famous One in the group.

As I sit here this afternoon thinking back over the course of the last few days, I cannot help but being reminded of a song.. a country one at that.. "I'll Still Be Loving You."

This song has been sung to me numerous times over the years. Funny enough? On our wedding day (August 19th, 1989), Restless Heart had to sing it. Why? The man whom I'll go any where with had tears in his eyes and was all choked up. I saw that man very clearly this weekend no matter what he might say. And I've never been more thankful to be his partner for life's moments no matter the dance floor, size or the songs being sung.

While there is no doubt that my husband and I love each other more today than yesterday... it in no way compares to how much God loves us. Talk about a Real Reason to put on them dancing shoes!

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Conversations On Life's Highways: Encounter With The Trucker

Last night I was heading to the Big City to meet Karen. I was having a grand time driving 75.. (hey! The speed limit is 70!) I was singing away and talking with my Real Father - God. It is safe to say - I was enjoying the time spent on the road - the highway. I still get a big kick out of driving even after all these years of being physically healed and legally being able to drive. I was looking forward to spending time with Karen. A woman who is such a dear friend and yet we had never met face to face before.

About 25 minutes in to being on the highway, the truck in front of me started having problems. I noticed a big long tube on the right side of the truck was coming lose. As it continued to be ripped from the side of the truck and barely hanging on by a thread as it was being dragged on the highway - two long black tubes came out of it and were flying in the air towards the vehicle I was in. I swerved to miss it and they landed on the side of the road to the right of me. They barely missed hitting me due to the vehicles in the left lane that were passing me. Notice... they were passing me and the truck...

Up a little ways from where the trucker lost the two black tubes out of the larger tube - he finally realized he was having problems. He signaled and started pulling over on the right shoulder of the highway. I pulled over behind him and got out. He jumped out of the truck and looked me at with such surprise. He motioned for me to go to the right side of the truck away from the cars on the highway. We met by where the longest tube was still barely hanging on. The look on his face was confusion at what had happened and worried about why I had pulled over too.

I shared with him about where the two long black tubes came out at and when I first notice the longer tube coming lose from the side of the truck. He apologized profusely and then proceeded to ask where had I been hit. The look on his face changed dramatically when I told him I had not been hit. I pulled over to share with him what I had seen so he would know what had happened and where to find the two black tubes. He just stared at me for a moment or two in utter surprise. He asked again, "Are you SURE you weren't hit?" I assured him I had not been. He just stood there dumbfounded.

I share this with you this moment to say... We shouldn't have to be hit directly in order to want to get involved when we see another person in trouble. We should reach out of our comfort zones and be willing to lend a hand to another. Yes, I had plans to meet Karen at a certain time. I was looking forward to our time together. But, that didn't change the fact that while driving to meet her - someone else was in need of help that I could provide. The trucker was shocked that I stopped even though I wasn't hit. He ended up smiling and thanking me. And I was thankful to have been able to drive, on that highway to meet Karen and be able to help him. It didn't take more than just a couple of minutes.

On up the road a little ways, there was an accident. 3 vehicles were involved. I cannot help but think for a moment that had I not stopped to help the trucker - the trucker or this silly woman might have been in that accident too. It is entirely possible that the encounter with the trucker helped me just as much as it helped him. Funny how that works like that..

So, let me ask you this moment...

Are you willing to get involved today?

Who will you see along life's highway that needs a helping hand?

I didn't stop because I'm that great of a person. I stopped because of God's love first.

Who will you help today because of God's love for you? and for them?

Just because they are a human being.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Life is a highway.. but remember - you're never driving all alone.

Much love,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Faith Knocks: How Do You Know That?

"How do you know that?" If I had a dollar for every time my dad said that to Dick or someone asks me that... it is from that perspective I share this morning.

Growing up I was taught and experienced many things as the daughter of my dad - especially as it related to God, Jesus, Spirit... people, teaching, giving, sharing and the local church. In some circles, I've shared more openly about it than I have others. That has been very intentional on my part. My dad was not a pastor. But no question he was a servant and a minister. He was a deacon, intense about outreach, a Bible Study teacher, on more committees than he forgot, but I can still vividly remember. I know... I just showed my Baptistic card. It's all good.

I'll never forget riding with my dad to the airport to pick up a man our church at the time was considering as their next pastor. Nor have I forgotten the conversations as that man came to our house for lunches and dinners.. to break bread together, to share, and most importantly - to spend time praying together. Most of the time - only the B family and those on the pastor search team knew he was even in town. That's just a tad of my experiences as my dad's daughter. And when I say, "just a tad"... several books from that alone could be written.

Now, the tables have turned.. I am the wife of man a pastor search team is considering for their next pastor. And while there is so much more to this story that I will not share until after a yes or no is heard from God..... my having been my dad's daughter is wrapped in to this story just as much as whose wife I am. More importantly though than that... it is the time spent listening to my Real Father, studying His Word and our family (the G family) - my husband in particular... Did I mention before we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage on August 19th? I kind of like that guy you know.. So much so that I know when his heart is glowing and overflowing as his face is showing and his actions are. No matter what happens with this other church - the evidence speaks for itself.

For clarification purposes... my husband is an intern with our current church. Intern.. not to be confused with interim. While many know my husband as a pastor already... whenever that call comes to another church it will be for him to be their pastor. Yes, I am a woman minister as well, but I follow my husband.. not the other way around. And I wouldn't have it any other way. If I never receive another blessing before drawing my last breath on this earth... I am blessed beyond any and all measure to live the moments in life that I do. And I am thankful to have had a dad that included me at the table when others might have said, "Kids should not be a part of this."

So, dear reader, let me ask you....

How do you know what you know??

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Faith Knocks: When You Love Someone

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a few people express their desire for us to not leave G-town. It is from those conversations and with those faces etched on my heart that I share today.

We are not leaving here, whenever that happens, because there is any less love here. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The G family has a deep deep love for this town and the individuals who walk, ride or drive her roads or who are scared to because of her traffic. For those that can be seen easily and those that are painted as our paths intersect - the unseen.

In 2004, our family surrendered to God and to the work He was doing in our lives and out of them. In May of 2005, when we were sent here... it was never our intent to stay more than a few years unless so otherwise directed by God. Those few years have at times have seemed like forever and yet just yesterday. There is no doubt the place I said I would never go became the very place I would cry over leaving. Tears of sheer gratitude. For those of you here... you'll never fully know or can I say...

I know there are some who say I shouldn't talk about what is going with us regarding another church. I also know though that is some of why I was set out on the adventure of writing "Life in the Moments"... To share what might not be shared if I truly had my own way. I've never fully understood the responses to my writing about our life's moments and can only say... if you've ever received one ounce of encouragement or have seen a glimpse even of God... Jesus.. Spirit... then I am thankful beyond words. I am complete because of God's love and Jesus' expression of that on the cross, in the tomb, and defeating death... not by what I do.

As I said yesterday, my mother is engaged. Her and Hoover are planning a September 5th wedding. Dick will have the privilege of marrying them. We are grateful for this taking place. We can see God all over it. For one of our struggles has been, "What about Mom/Grandma?" She is always welcome wherever we are. But God has seen fit to provide her with a man who is willing to be there for better or worse and in sickness or in health. And given he has already proven that over the last 2 plus years with her.... I am looking forward to them becoming husband and wife. He has stood up against her, beside her and with our family. I love that man. No question I love my mother either.

This coming weekend, the G family will be out of town again.. but still in Texas. And no, this is not officially "In View of a Call"... yet.... as far as we know... The particulars of exactly where I won't share publicly here except to say.....

It is part of when you love someone...

You are willing to go any where.

There is no place on this earth I'd rather be than wherever the Lord sends my husband and the G family.

Wherever... Whenever.

When you love someone - you're also willing to let them go. You share in their excitement.

You might even dance....

And if there's an internet connection to be had... you stay connected through facebook too! lol

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

And thank you for taking me in. The bump on my nose and all.

If we are to stay a few more weeks or shorter... or longer...

Much love,

Monday, August 3, 2009

When Faith Knocks: 24 Hours Can Make Life Changing Moments

This is a Monday that will not be forgotten. Sent Travis off to Marching Band Camp this morning. He was positively excited even with the understanding that he may never step foot on the field during a game or might only be a few times. Dick came back to the house and made a fabulous breakfast. A soon-to-be bride joined us looking positively glowing in her pjs having just announced to us her engagement. Wild times to say the least. Can you figure out who the bride is? And hubby has been asked to perform their wedding. His first wedding no less.

As I sit here thinking over the past weekend, it is obvious yet again what a difference 24 hours can make in the lives of individuals. Things may come in to play that one may have never thought they would want - let alone be excited about. I understand that better today than I did yesterday. There are so many possible changes happening with our family that if you had told me even 6 months ago I would be as excited about them as I am - I probably would not have believed you. Funny how that happens.

I ask that you continue to pray for not only the 5 of us as we continue to listen to God about the direction He is moving us, but for all connected to the possible changes. They are huge changes.

I remain thankful beyond words for the conversations that my dad and I had. More importantly than that..... I am grateful that my husband and I spend time together each night in prayer. I am thankful for how my Real Father continues to speak to us.... to me... Priceless.

So, let me ask you this moment....

Can you hear Him now?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It Was A Flip Flopping Sunday!

Last Sunday morning we were with hubby's baby (and only) sister, Angela, her hubby and their 2 daughters down in Katy, Texas. This was our first time away on a weekend for personal time in years. There had been a bit of misunderstanding on Dick's part. He thought Cody had to work on Sunday. So, he thought we weren't going to be visiting their church with them. Cody had planned for us to all go to their pcb and worship together, The MET - also known as The Metropolitan Baptist Church. It's a tiny church of about 8,000 or so. Give or take...

The boys and I had discussed whether or not we thought we were going. So, just in case - we each packed a pair of blue jeans. Since I had been teaching the college/single group and then before that had the group for pregnant teens and single moms - blue jeans had been quite natural for me to wear.The boys normally wear blue jeans or shorts.

As for Dick, well.... all he had were his cargo shorts, t-shirts and his flip flops. For those who know him - let that sink in. He purposefully wears blue jeans some times, but not every Sunday. He certainly does not wear shorts and flip flops on Sunday morning. (Nothing here against those that do... please keep reading! lol) That's what he wears on Wednesday evenings to teach his Bible study group that meets then.

So, it was decided that we indeed we're all going to The MET. It was also a given that Dick would have to wear his cargo shorts, his "Love God. Love People" t-shirt and his flip flops. Angela who is 15 years younger than Dick had never worn blue jeans to church. Ever.... So, she decided she would since the boys and I were. Silly me had forgot to pack any other shoes. I wore a pair of Ang's shoes.

As we were walking up to the pcb (physical church building), 3-year-old Kaitlyn said to me, "I'm so glad you get to come to my church today. First we see Jesus. Then later we will eat lunch and go swimming." Couldn't help but smile deeply and get a little teary on that one. We were quite the group all walking in together.

It was the first time that all five of us had been together in the same room and on the same section of any pew or chairs in a long time. Then to be there also with Ang and Cody was beyond words. It was without a doubt one of the most worshipful times of our lives. And I can say that for each one of us without any hesitation too.

The MET's main campus had a guest pastor named Bruce. Pastor Sal was at their other temporary location for their second site. Pastor Bruce gave a message on how we're each "Messed up and Under Construction!" He even had us each turn to those beside us and tell them that. "You are messed up and under construction!" We also had a time where individuals stood up and we went to them, laid hands on them and prayed outloud for them. The G family didn't just sit there like guests. We were just as much with our church family that morning - in that service as we are with our local church body.

It didn't matter how we were dressed. What mattered most of all was each of our hearts. What type of condition were they in with coming there, while there, and upon leaving there. The sky didn't fall because hubby was in flip flops and cargo shorts - nor because Ang was in blue jeans too.

So, dear reader, let me ask you this moment.....

What's the condition of your heart?

If you're going to a corporate service this morning - meaning at a place known as a church to be with others, does it matter how you are dressed?

Will you use not having the "right" clothes to keep you from going?

If I can just share a tad from my past with you...

I used to let it stop me.

I had a clear sin issue with it.

And has God done a real work in my life's moments in regards to that.

Even if I go back to wearing dresses or pants on a regularly basis... which I might be sooner rather than later. Or if hubby goes back to wearing suits each Sunday. Or if we don't.

What God cares about most of all is our hearts and lives. Not the brands. Not the suits or blue jeans or shorts.

Only Jesus was perfect.

So, the rest of us are truly MESSED UP & UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Do you know The Real Builder and Foundation of life's moments?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And yes, I have on my hard hat!

Much love,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When Faith Knocks: What A Difference 24 Hours Can Make

One of our favorite shows (hubby and this silly woman) is 24. Keep in mind here - I don't watch much TV. And the shows that I do watch would surprise most. Okay.. not the cooking and house hunting type shows. It's the other ones. One of the things I've realized is that most of the shows I do enjoy watching have a main thing in common - what a difference time can make. This morning, even the difference 24 hours can make is going by quicker than a commercial and yet like waiting for the new season to start. Exactly like that. Funny how that works.

If you would have told me yesterday morning that this morning would like it does, I might have asked you if you had too much sweet tea, Diet Coke or coffee. Yet, as I was awakened to pray at 5:15 this morning, there was no mistaking it. It is beyond safe and yet dangerous to say that I had one of the most tender times with the Lord that I have ever had. I listened more than I talked which is normally the case, but there was no denying what He said. Remember - God's Word is clear that those who are His know His Voice.

There are things in our life's moments currently that helped prompt a conversation last night between my mother and I. We had one of the most in-depth talks while sitting on her bed that we have ever had. I'm sure even if our conversation had been recorded in some way - there would have been no doubt that you could hear Holy Spirit all over it. It poured. It flowed out. It was liquid and yet as solid as a steak cooked just right. And I am thankful beyond words. Truly thankful.

Big changes are in store for all 6 of us. And no, I cannot share at the moment what those are in such a public forum. I can continue to ask for prayer because it not only affects us six. Nothing really does only affect a single person either. No one is an island unto themselves no matter how at times it might feel or seem like it. God's Word is clear about that as well..

So, let me ask you this moment... What kind of difference can 24 hours make in your life's moments?

What if you heard God so clearly that there was no denying His Voice?

What would you do? How would you respond?

If you don't know the sound of His Voice - have you really asked yourself why? What's the interference?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And it was more dangerous than Jack in 24 hours.

Much love,

Friday, July 31, 2009

When Faith Knocks

This has without question been our wildest summer ever. Just last night, we sent Austin (our oldest son, soon to be 18) off on another mission trip. This makes his 4th mission trip this year alone. 3 of them taking place during the summer. As I sit here this morning having spent time in prayer, I cannot help but think about the conversation he and I had yesterday. First a little background in order to understand it better.

Austin is heading in to his senior year of high school. We had discussed him graduating in December instead of May/June due to all the things happening in our life's moments. He does high school differently than most of his friends. He is a part of a homeschool co-op that meets at our physical church building. We had talked of him finishing with the school part and returning in May/June to officially walk across the stage and receive his diploma. Yes, I said "returning"... we haven't planned on being here then for months now. That's where the conversation from yesterday really comes in.

Austin and I have a really close relationship as I do with all three of our sons. It is intentional. Make no mistake about that. One of the things that has helped this tremendously is keeping them in the loop about what is going on. Not just surface type stuff - the real low down. The whole enchilada. This was truly made evident to me during the years I was ill and then again as caregivers. So, yesterday, I shared some thing with Austin. His response I won't forget any time soon.

"I will go any where God sends us no matter when He does. This life is nothing compared to what is ahead of us."

Not nothing in the - "it doesn't matter" sense.. but hopefully you get his intent. Austin is sold out to God. He understands that his life's moments are not his. Sure there are times he wrestles with it just like his dad and I do. But, he always comes back around to - he belongs to God. Therefore, his life does too. Even as he starts his senior year of high school.

Austin is currently serving others in conditions that most would never want to entertain let alone be in on purpose. And yet, because of God's love for Austin and then, Austin's for God.... he is there more than willingly. What a picture that paints.

Currently, we are truly seeking God on where we are to serve as a family next. And there is no mistaking, Faith is knocking. As I've said numerous times before... "I'm already at where I said I would never go." So, when I now say, "I'll go wherever You want, Lord." I truly mean it. Oh my..... Oh my...

Even if it means.....

Stay tuned.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And if you are praying for us, we thank you and ask that you continue! Please also pray for Austin and the group he is serving with until Sunday evening. May others see God/Jesus alone in them. May they come to know His love, mercy and grace. May lives be forever changed.

Much love,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crashing Waves: In and Out of the Boat

This morning I've been asked to share a bit about white water rafting. An expert in that - I am not. But what I can share about is my experience with it and about hearing from God while on the water and in it.

It was a gorgeous afternoon as we headed down to the river. There was excitement in the air. And there was also a bit of fear. I had a couple of individuals with us and back in G-town that were not excited that I had decided to go white water rafting with some of our group. They didn't think that white water rafting was some thing that I should do because of my past major health issues. When one has been paralyzed from the neck down, even after being completely healed... it is natural for some fear to remain that it might happen again. For the record here, I do not live life's moments in fear of that.

As Dick, Travis, Parker, Jan, Ed, Katy, Will, and this silly woman were in the boat, I knew it would be an experience unlike any thing I had before. And that was spot on. From the first moment of getting in the boat until we docked and got out, I heard clearly from God. Some I can share... the rest will have to wait for now.

There were parts of the water that were classified as 3's. Meaning they were stronger waves and required more paddling. If the people inside the boat didn't listen to the guide - real trouble could be had. The guide was there to say, "Three forward strokes all together now!" or to say, "The water here is calm. You can get out of the boat and float or swim if you want." Will was a wonderful guide. He knew the water well because he had spent a good amount of time on it, in it, and studying about it. It was also obvious - he knew how to listen to it.

In the moments of calm water, I was able to take in the scenery as we were passing by it. Some of the sights were rocks, trees, grassy spots, people fishing or just standing by the edge trying to figure out if they should put their toes in the water or not. I could not also help but take in the mountains that could be seen from the water as well. The sky was the picture perfect blue and the temperature out of the water was just right. In the water was freezing cold until ones body got adjusted to it. And when the time was right, I got out of the boat.

As I was in the water, that's when I heard God speaking to me more than when I was inside the boat. During the many years I was ill, Psalm 118:8, was truly laid upon my heart - "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man." Yes, I trust in Jesus who was a man. But don't miss the fact here that Jesus was and is Lord. He is just as much that today in my life as ever before. Man may say, "Don't get out of the boat!" But my Lord's Word is also very clear.... whom do you say I am? And in whom are you going to trust? He can see what I cannot. He knows all things. I only know what I think I know... just like what I say about any and all doctors too. Only God is God. And wow... talk about being thankful for that.

I could have decided to not get out of the boat. I could have said that Will didn't know what he was talking about and that the water there might not be safe. But I heard clearly, "Get out of the boat Camey!" And so, I did.

So, dear reader, let me ask you this moment....

Whom are you taking refuge in?

Who do you trust in?

And if you were to hear, "Get out of the boat!" - what would you do?

Life's moments are to be lived during the stormy waves as well as in the calm clear water. And worship can take place during each one of them.

There is no Guide like God.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here I Am To Worship

It's hard to believe that we've been back in Texas for a week already. It seems in many ways like just yesterday we were in Idaho. As I was awakened again Monday morning at 5:00 a.m. to pray - I immediately thought about & prayed for 3 guys whom will always remain a part of me. Let me share with you just a tad about Bryan, Tyler and Patrick.

Tyler's sister, Kayla, showed up that first morning in the park. Within the first couple of minutes - it was like the two of us had known each other forever. Tyler started popping in and out upon watching his sister and some woman in the park. Tyler is thirteen. At first glance I thought perhaps he thought he was too cool for what we were doing to join us. I was wrong.

Tyler not only joined us... he told Bryan (14) about what was going on at the park. About the fun we were having & about talking about God/Jesus. Then Bryan told his cousin Patrick (14), who also lives with him, about it. They could not help but want to come to the park to see what was going on each day. It was as if they were being drawn there. And they were.

The picture is of them is saying, "JESUS!" at the top of their lungs at the end of a song we had been singing. They flung up their hands right there in the park knowing full well that at any time some of their friends and neighbors might walk or drive past or see them from out of their windows. They didn't care about it. They were worshipping right there in the park. And it did not matter who saw them.

On Friday night, when we had our closing big event in the city park... they all showed up early to spend a bit of time with me. Knowing how crazy things might become, we went ahead & said our "See ya's" and got in more hugs. As I put my arms around each one... I told them to not forget how much God loves them and keep seeking after Him each day and that I loved them too. I also promised to write and send pictures of our time together. (Yes, I have tons more pictures of Idaho left to download.) After I was done with what I whispered in their ears, they each said almost word for word the same thing to me - not knowing what the one before them had said.. That I'll let stay between us and God.

What I can say is this.... Cool does not mean the same thing to all teenagers. And I'll never be in a park again without being reminded of time spent worshipping God with them or their hugs.

Nor how they yelled out "JESUS!"

They were also just some of the ways I heard God speak clearly during our time in Idaho. Talk about being incredibly thankful.

How long has it been since you truly worshipped God?

Does it matter who might be around & what they might say?

Worship can take place any where at any time.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And it was dangerous!

Much love,

PS: May your faith in God be willing to yell out loud even when being quiet.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Than Breath II - Gravesite Mission

Yesterday morning I headed to the pcb (physical church building) for the first time in 12 days. Heavy on my mind was Sue and her request which would take me to Ft Worth. I was working through my/our calendar and trying to determine when I could go. Then, I received a comment from one of my dearest friends, Sheri Hammond on the note, "More Than Breath".

"Always on mission, whether on a mission trip or night. It's all in your attitude and willingness. You were put there on purpose :-)"

Funny enough? By those very words I knew somehow that Sheri was going to become even more a part of the story and mission. She was a part of the prayer support team for us in Idaho. She is a part of the G family prayer support team. That's one of the ways we have become such dear friends in the last few months. I wasn't sure what God was up to. Just knew Sheri was going to be used. That she was going to offer herself in some way.

A little bit later, I received a facebook message from Sheri. She was heading in to Ft Worth and offered to go to Mount Olivet Cemetery. I could help but get all teary and was moved beyond words. Most people want nothing to do with cemeteries - especially when they do not personally know the individuals involved. And little did we both know what an adventure her just even getting there would be. Can you say a blowout on one of her tires? Two individuals stopping to help her? And of course, no one that works at a cemetery is usually in a hurry. ;-)

Sue had given me the death certificate and I had written down the exact location. Her daughter's body is buried in the Rose Garden. Soon enough, Sheri had found the spot. She didn't just check on the date of birth on the tombstone... she even took pictures to share with Sue back in Idaho. Sue hasn't been to her daughter's graveside since the funeral due to her own health and living so far away. Did you catch that? Sheri even took pictures for Sue.

Amongst all the hats/titles that Sheri wears, one of them is a Nurse. Her compassion and mercy for individuals who are physically hurting is great. What is even stronger is her love for God and therefore for people. It was out of that and not knowing how much longer Sue is going to be physically alive that she was willing to go to what some would call a stranger's gravesite.

When an individual has come to even taste a tad of God's love for them, strangers are not seen the same way. They simply cannot be. It was not necessary for me to be the one to go the gravesite. Just for me to be willing. Sheri did not go to Idaho in the physical sense. Make no mistake about it though, she was there because of prayer. And it is no coincidence that she offered some of what might seem like her Wednesday afternoon even. Funny how God works when we say, "Here am I, Lord. Send me."

Sheri... Love you beyond words dear sister in Christ. Thank you for answering God's tug on your heartstrings and walking in the overflow of His love.

Today, I will call Sue and give her the news that her daughter's date of birth has indeed been changed. We will then determine how she will see the pictures.

The moments in the dash matter. How are you going to use what may seem like your moments today?

Are you willing to offer yourself to reach out to those who may seem like strangers?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

UPDATE: Sue has been called. The sound of her voice as she heard the news will not leave me for a long time. To hear that Sheri even took pictures for her to see, priceless.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Than Breath

Last Sunday night we arrived in Kuna, ID. We got there a couple of hours later than we had originally planned, so plans had changed some. After dinner, time of fellowshipping with those that had gathered at Ray and Arie's home and getting organized for the day ahead, the G fam prepared to head off to our host home. Little did we know... little did I know...

We pulled into the driveway and were greeted outside the front door by a woman. She told us that Sue was still awake and wanted to meet us. I was taken aback I must confess. I also immediately knew that this host home was going to be different than I had imagined or would have thought I wanted. The woman lives with Sue. She is her dear friend but is also her night caregiver. Yes, you heard me right. Sue is on hospice care.

I was a little upset at first. Here was the first time since 2005 that I had been outside of Texas and actually even away from G-town for more than 3 days other than to my in-laws or to minister to family members as the result of someone in the family passing away. We've lived life's moments as caregivers since moving here in 2005. I thought I was beyond ready to not be in that type of environment for a week. Funny how God works and moves.

Each night, Sue and I would visit for an hour or more. We shared from the depths of two individuals who know what it is like to depend upon others for the most basic needs to be met. She rejoiced with me in my physical healing. The one thing that Sue and I had in common that spoke the most was our undeniable faith in God. No matter what has been thrown our ways - God is good. There is no love like His. Spiritual healing we've come to understand as most important. And we both also spend much time praying. Praying is to Sue as it is to me.... as breathing.

I had to ask for forgiveness from God for my lousy attitude at first hearing Sue was on hospice. For being in an "UGGGH!" state upon seeing and hearing her breathing machine. I ended up being so incredibly thankful for each moment she and I had the pleasure of spending together. Sue was given 6 months to live 15 years ago. Did you catch that?? 15 years ago. Now she is really not well these days but her smiles lights up the room and her encouragement was beyond words.

One night, Sue shared with me about her daughter, Madeleine. She also requested my help with some thing that has been on her mind. You see... Madeleine is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Ft Worth. The tombstone makers had put the wrong date of birth on her headstone. It has supposedly been fixed. Sue asked me if I would visit her daughter's grave and make sure it had been. The moments in-between the dash comes to mind yet again. A few days makes a difference.

I can honestly say if my/our life's moments had not been what they had... I might not have agreed to Sue's request. I do not believe in coincidences. It is my privilege to check on this for Sue. And as strange as it may sound, my pleasure as well. That is not me... that is God's love flowing out of me. His compassion... His tender mercy. Talk about sheer joy and more than breath! And what a generous woman opening up her home to what may have seemed like complete strangers in a time when others would have advised not to. Only God can make that type of impact in a person's life. Sustaining life.

Just a tad of what happened on the "Mission Trip".... More to come. Much more.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.. by me & Sue. ;-)

Much love,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Have Jesus. Will Travel.

Back years ago there was a TV show called "Have Gun. Will Travel". The premise of the show was that the lead character had a gun and wasn't afraid to use it. He would travel wherever there was an enemy that needed to be taken care of. Some times he used his gun. Other times, there was no real need.

Each of the G family believes in God and His Son, Jesus. We know the power of the Holy Spirit and have seen first-hand how mountains can be moved or danced on top of. We also know the value of the valleys and the deserts. We know the power of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and especially of God's love for each one of us.

Tomorrow morning, we leave out on a 9 day Mission Trip to Idaho with a group of peeps from our local church body. We will be going to serve with another church in another state all because of God's love first. We will be loving on that community there with far more than we alone are capable of in our own strength. Sharing Jesus

Also during this time, I will be taking a sabby (unplugged) from facebook. One of the "safeguards" I have in place is not utilizing facebook via my cell phone. No facebook. This time away is necessary in order to be fully engaged where I will be and whom I will be with. What an incredible opportunity it is to go with Parker's age group on a Mission Trip as a family! Yes, I said "Parker's age group!" We're talking 10, 11 and 12-year-olds. And while facebook is a part of ministry for me.... I will be with 4 of my favorite individuals in the whole wide world (Dick, Austin, Travis and Parker). We haven't been away together for longer than 3 days since 2005. Facebook will carry on just fine without me as well the pcb and G-town, Texas.

We are lifestyle missionaries. Some times that means sharing God's love here locally.. other times it means traveling to places we might not go on our own. Why? Because God loved first. We have the Best News there is! There is no one or no thing better! No voice as precious and priceless as His.

We have Jesus. We will travel wherever He leads us. Tomorrow it is at every place we stop at to use the potty, get some thing to eat, where we stop to sleep in Wyoming... and then the same on Sunday as we end up in Idaho. The Mission Trip doesn't start on Monday. It has actually already started. And we believe as Christ-followers - every single day there are opportunities to engage the Holy Spirit already at work in the lives of those we encounter.

We greatly appreciate all the individuals whom have been praying for us and we know will continue to while we're gone. We ask that you also pray for my mom during this time as well. We serve God first and foremost even if that means leaving her here. No one is more trustworthy than God no matter what happens in life's moments.

So..... Do you have Jesus? If so, are you willing to travel? Across the street, on the other side of town, across the Country in which you live and/or across the world?

If you don't know Jesus.. He is right there just waiting for you to meet Him. He will meet you right where you are no matter where that might be.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for! Dangerous indeed. And thank you for the privilege of being in your life's moments however that may be.

Much love,

PS: The Only Real Freedom in life's moments come from knowing God through His Son, Jesus.

PSS: Yes, I'm fully aware that Spiritual Warfare is going to increase - not decrease! ;-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Front Lines - Part II

This is the latest update from our missionary son, Austin.

"Several kids came to Christ at Rob & Carolin's site. Spiritual victory was achieved at that place. Ryan has returned with his whole family being healed. My sites are running well and both groups of teenagers have been incredible. I have been significantly re hydrated and feeling much better. Trav's sunburn has not gotten worse. We are entering the exhaustion phase of the trip and already I'm seeing irritability with students. Pray that we would not succumb to sleepy sillies - that we would remain attentive and alert as these last days continue."

Thank you to those whom are praying! Please keep it up! Their days there are non-stop once they are awake until they hit the hay.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for too.

Much love,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Front Lines - Mission Trip Update

Austin, Travis, and several other individuals from our local church body are on a Middle School Mission Trip this week. After the two text messages I received from Austin last night, I decided to bring it to those of you who pray for prayer.

"My two VBS sites are easy. Ran the best VBS day ever in the morning for me. Afternoon for me is slightly more challenging but still easy. Focus your prayers on Rob and Carolin's group. Rob said he had the hardest group in his life and the reps there say it is their number 1 hardest site. 40+ kids, fights, drug deals - Travis is on the front lines with a bright red face. Also every single person on this trip is experiencing some form of dehydration at the moment. Nobody is dangerously dehydrated but with the heat - it was 103 today - we are very hard pressed for water. Pray that God presses us to drink water!"

For clarification purposes... Austin and Carolin are the 2 high school student leaders on this mission trip. Rob is one of the adults. Travis just finished middle school.

As I said in my last note, this is one of Austin and Trav's favorite places to serve at. They go any time they are able. You might be asking, "Camey? After those types of updates, aren't you tempted to go get your sons and bring them home since they're not an hour or so more away. Aren't you scared for your sons?" Let me answer that straight from the heart.... No. They are there because of God's love first and then because they were sent there this week. They belong to God far more than to me/us.

This is not just an update for prayer for Austin, Travis and those they are with. This is call to prayer for where they are at. For the individuals there who do not know God's love intimately. May lives be touched and real transformation start through the power of Jesus' name and Holy Spirit.

Yes, I realize that calling people to prayer over this puts even more of a bull eyes on our sons and those they are with. And they wouldn't have it any other way. Life's moments are not meant to be lived on the balancing beam holding on for dear life.

So, dear reader, if you claim to be a Christ-follower, let me ask you this....

How long has it been since you've been on the front lines?

In order to be so, you have to move beyond your self and your own comfort zones.

You do not have to go to a big city or even to another Country..

Some times all you have to do is walk across the room.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

More updates to come.

Much love,

PS: And yes for those that asked. This is the same place the G family went on the Monday before Christmas as part of our gifts to each other. The gift of serving others side by side

Saturday, June 20, 2009

That's Crazy Love For Ya!

One of the G family's favorite communicators is Francis Chan. Austin, Travis, and some silly woman they claim as "Mom" had the privilege of hearing him live back a couple of months ago at an all day event called Ignite with a few peeps we love and hundreds of others we love through Jesus. I purposefully haven't spoken much about that day online until now because it was hard to put in to words. I know.. hard to imagine for a writer right? Indeed it was, but not now.

Today is Austin's last day at the little store here in the highly secure gated community. He has been there since September of 2007. It was his very first paying job at sixteen. Tomorrow he and Travis leave on yet another mission trip until Thursday evening. They are going to one of their favorite places to serve. They will sweat like dogs, love on whomever is willing to be so, and literally be the hands and feet of Jesus with the others serving there. You could be wondering, "Camey? Silly woman.. what do those things have to do with hearing Francis Chan and Ignite?" Simple.

As we were listening to Francis, the weather was exceedingly stormy. It was raining. We had taken cover numerous times throughout the day and evening. There were times when we were tempted to leave, but knew in the long run - it would be worth staying until the very end. Francis spoke passionately about the fire being ignited inside of us for God's glory. About not playing it safe! When some thing is ignited it can be very dangerous! ;-) There were candles lit as well. Some lost their flame. Others - the flame wouldn't be snuffed out. The light was unstoppable!

When Francis was done, Kari Jobe and Chris Tomlin led us in an incredible time of sheer worship. When time came for the last song, "Sing. Sing. Sing." - we were asked to turn around and look up in the sky. And with all those hundreds of individuals who had chosen to stay, and those whom we had come with... I worshipped my Real Father with two of my brothers who also happened to be my sons. In the sky, there was the most fantastic firework display we've ever seen! Ever! It remains some of the most powerful moments of worship for me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this summer was going to be different. Not that they haven't done the mission trip thing during other summers, but not like this summer. And I also knew that between that time and now, our lives would be changing in ways I'm not at liberty to fully talk about just yet.

I mentioned in another post not long ago that Austin has also been praying about other mission trips. Today, we received an answer to that prayer. Austin will be heading back out of the Country in a few months for his 18th birthday present to share the love of Jesus. And of course, there's the mission trip all five of us are going on from July 4th to 12th to Idaho.

As Travis has been helping me with the laundry needed for their trip and as Austin is finishing his last day at the little store, their dad is about to punch out from his last Saturday at Wal-Mart. His last official day is this Thursday.

Parker said to me earlier today, "Mom? Our family is being moved in ways that are obvious it has to be God!" Tomorrow as we celebrate Father's Day.... our family can say without hesitation it is a Crazy Love that moves us beyond ourselves. And while Dick is a wonderful dad.. he in no way can compare to God, our Father. Neither can Arthur, nor could Larry.

Life's moments can be lived on the balancing beam holding on for dear life in fear of falling off!

We've jumped down knowing that we are in His hands.

For that's where Real Life is found... Trusting in Him instead of ourselves.

And as always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

Thank you to those whom have been praying and will continue to.

Much love,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For the Glory of the Lord - We Will Never Be the Same Part II

This morning I cannot help but praise God for this past week! Here's just a tad:

1) People came to Jesus! Individuals like Matthew..... Dylan also came to Jesus. Dylan has played softball with us on Tuesday nights. Praise God!!

2) Lives were ruined for Him! Absolutely.. totally... ruined! Yep, I could write a book on this alone.

3) On the same day hubby gave notice at Wal-Mart, Austin was officially going to Idaho with us in July. We are going there on a mission trip to share and show God's love. And all 5 of our ways there are already paid for as of last night!

4) This morning, Austin has given his 2 week notice at the little store here in the highly secure gated community he has worked at since turning 16. He will be 18 in September.

5) Travis.... well... this goes back to #2. I won't go into much detail here on purpose but to say that we are NOT surprised in the slightest by what happened with him and through him by the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact, it is exactly an answer to dangerous prayers his mama has been praying for him. Yes, I know my sons that well. And I have never been more thankful and grateful to be his mama, but more importantly, his sister-in-Christ. There is no relationship more important than with God/Jesus. None.

6) Last night as we were hanging out as a family - we experienced the wildest weather we ever have. Yep... even Austin and Travis said it was more intense than Wednesday night when they were in Denton. As it was happening, Austin got out his guitar and the two of us started singing. After it was over.. and given that our electricity was off... we went to check on neighbors and to determine what damage could be seen. This is where knowing your neighbors BEFORE the storm hits that makes a huge difference. The electricity came back on at 11:30 p.m. and in the light of day this morning... there is more to clean up as expected. Austin was talking with Shirley who lives across the street 2 doors down. He said, "This is what Jesus would have done." Shirley replied, "He went about helping those in need." Shirley is a widow along with being our neighbor.

7) Our local church body is part of a group of individuals feeding children this summer. It is the 3rd summer we've done so 5 days a week. The group has already served more in the 1st week than in 3 weeks last summer! Did you catch that? More in the 1st week than in 3 weeks? I could tell you story after story... in fact, be watching for stories! Lives are being impacted. And it's not just those who are being fed either. Funny how that happens.

8) And like a flood, His mercy rains. It is Amazing Grace. And this morning, I am praising God for how we will never be the same. We have not arrived... life's moments are the journey as well as the classroom.

And dear reader, thank you for being a part of life's moments here through this blog and however else you may be now or have been in the past as well.

You have been prayed for. Thank you to all whom have been praying... don't stop!

Much love,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For the Glory of the Lord - We Will Never Be the Same

This note is in response to the numerous questions I've been receiving lately about what's going on with us these days. Some things I can answer in this note today... others are still going to have to wait.

The last couple of months have been some of our most intense ones yet. The last two weeks in particular have been moving to say the least. Moving? Yes, moving! This is going to be written in a different fashion than most of my notes on purpose. And yes, some of the questions people ask me make me think twice about my being called, "The Questionator!" ;-)

"Why have you and Parker been going down and laying stones at the foot of the cross the last two weeks?

Answer: We are intentionally laying stones as a Spiritual Marker of what is happening in our own lives and for what is happening in G-town, what is going to happen in Idaho in July, and for Illinois. The stones also represented each one of the three boys and every one connected to them already and yet to be! Here locally, in this Country, and around the world - Revival and Spiritual Awakening!

"Why is Austin on the fast track to graduate high school in December instead of May?"

Answer: December is when his dad will be finished with his schooling. Since Austin "does" high school like he does - after much prayer and discussion, it is clear... he needs to be freed up come January.

"Where is Austin going after graduating high school?"

Answer: That remains to be seen. Austin surrendered to God and full-time ministry well over a year ago now. While there is a call upon his life to go to Japan at some point as a lifestyle missionary... It's safe to say, where we go next will help direct where he does.

"Where are you guys going?"

Answer: We're still praying about that one. Doors more than appear to be opening. I'll be bold enough to say we're asking God to smack us up side of the head. In His love, smacks are well worth it. So are gentle whispers that come through listening during the early hours of the morning or before going to bed at night. As a wife, mother, and sister-in-Christ.... I am so incredibly grateful for the time that hubby and I spend in prayer together. Funny how that happens.

"Where is Austin this week?"

Austin is at Student Camp. He is a part of the Student Ministry Leadership Team. Travis will be joining him today as well as 120 something other peeps. Please pray for all there this week! That they will hear directly from God and they will be ruined because of it.

As for Austin, he is currently praying about more travel in the next few months as the missionary that he already is. Pray he hears clearly about that too.

"What's up with 'quitting' or 'giving notice' about things?"

Hubby will be leaving Wal-Mart here in the next couple of weeks. This is an effort to not keep a job that someone else needs more than he does. It is also to free him up as well in different ways. As for giving notice about not teaching the "18 to 25 somethings".... still teaching until newbies are found. This is an effort for this group to expand and grow in ways that we are not able to at this point in things. It is also to free us up when the time does come to leave here.

Okay... That's just a tad of what's happening with us these days. Thank you to those whom are praying and will continue to do so. For those behind the scenes - we pray you have some clue how much your friendships mean to us. We are beyond grateful.....

For the glory of the Lord, we will never be the same! Talk about being beyond thankful...

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for... dangerous indeed.

Much love,
Tis better to serve than be served

Love God. Love People. Praise God!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Revealing Gifts!

It started off like most of my Sunday mornings here lately especially with an incredible time of personal worship and studying God's Word before leaving the house. Parker, Travis and I headed to the physical church building full of excitement over what the day had in store! Anticipation was in the air!

Our 18 to 25-yr-old Bible study group meets at our 9:00 a.m. hour. In the hallway outside of the room where we gather, one of our "Greeters" introduced me to a new friend for the group. The next few minutes are sort of a blur as I ditched what I planned on teaching to go for what Spirit directed me to instead. Intense time as I heard, "That was what I need to hear!" by the new friend. Did I mention I taught on recognizing and listening to The Spirit?

As she and I were standing in the main entrance of the physical church building after group time was over, I decided to make a trip to the women's restroom. There is no bath... therefore, not a bathroom. :-) I had taken care of my "everybody potties" (cue the Elmo song please) moment and was heading back to the new friend when one of my most embarrassing moments happen. From what seemed like out of the blue to me, I was tackled from behind by a woman I did not know. Apparently, I was revealing far more of myself than I should have been. And people wonder why I don't wear skirts often. No mystery there now.

I proceeded to walk a bit farther when she tackled me again. Apparently, my first attempt to rectify the issue wasn't enough. And in the corner of my eye, I saw one of the servant men of our church trying really hard to keep his composure. In a funny and yet tender couple of moments, he shared with me how he was preparing to come to my aid before the woman did. He also told me a hilarious story about his granny in an effort to make me not feel as embarrassed.

The new friend and I walked in to what is known as our “Worship Center”. I saw the woman and what I assumed to be her husband walk in ahead of us and sit down. I told the new friend to hang on a moment so that I could thank the woman again for her kindness to an apparent stranger. I knew I did not recognize the woman.

I walked up behind the woman and her husband and leaned in. I told her how much I appreciated her being willing to help me even though she didn’t know me. I told her my name again and asked her last name. She had only introduced herself as Martha before – the 1st time I thanked her. Needless to say, she was no real stranger as she and I had had an in-depth conversation on the phone on Friday. I took the time to tell her that I prayed for her about our conversation upon hanging up the phone. She and her husband both got all teary-eyed and thanked me for my kindness in doing so. She proceeded to share with me a bit of what had transpired since our conversation. And I was thankful yet again.

Was what happened to me in the main entrance of the physical church building one of my most embarrassing moments? Yes, without question. But honestly, it was worth it. For in it was revealing gifts to be treasured. It also reminded of how thankful I am to be able to walk and use the restroom seemingly all by myself again. Even though I know I’m never alone. And it told some grandparents they aren’t either.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for! And it was dangerously revealing!

Much love,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taught Backwards; Living Forward

That quote was used last night at a graduation ceremony my family was at. I frankly do not remember who said it as I was struck by it so intensely at the moment. And this morning, as I sat down to write... it fit as the title! Funny how that happens.

This past week, we received a letter that we are needing to have a meeting about Parker's absences. And while it got this "Mama Bear" in a roar for a brief period of time... I am not at all concerned about it. I stand by not being a "fan" of the public school system. But I remain grateful and thankful for it as well. Again, funny how that can happen.

It did make me think about the past. Especially our decision to take Austin out of public school back when he was in the 7th grade. I remember so clearly walking into the school office and saying, "I'm here to withdraw Austin. He is going to be homeschooled." I remember the looks on the faces of the women I had come to know by first names and voices as well as by faces. I was told, "From what we've known about your family over the years, we would have been disappointed if you had NOT made this decision. Austin is too smart of a kid to be held back because of absences. If we can help you in any way - we are here for you!" We started homeschooling the very next day. The very next one...

Funny thing about homeschooling Austin? That was my plan all along. I never had any intentions of him or any of our sons (3 total - Travis and Parker too) going to public school. Fortunately, I was so incredibly wrong. WHAT??? Did I just say I was "incredibly wrong"??? Yes, I did and with a deep smile on my face too! For homeschooling our sons was not God's plan. His plan is always better than mine. Any single day.

Homeschooling all 3 sons would not have been possible during the years I was ill. Notice - it was after being healed in 03 that I was allowed to homeschool him. And in him being homeschooled - he has had opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise! Especially after moving to where we live currently and then becoming a part of a "homeschooling co-op" at our physical church building. God's paint brush strokes are so evident on that. The picture is filled with bright colors and immense details. After much prayer & discussion, Austin will be finishing high school at the end of this December. Not possible if he had remained in public school. Make no mistake about it though.. not all who attend the "homeschooling co-op" are Christ-followers or have any real local church association other than they come to a building known as one 3 days a week.

Travis and Parker at one time had been asked if they wanted to be homeschooled too after I was completely healed physically in 03. They did not want to be. Why? As lifestyle missionaries - they wanted to remain a light in public schools. And they are! I could share story after story... but God knows all those. And that's enough for me/us.

Austin surrendered to full-time ministry and God well over a year ago now. He has had the opportunities to develop skills in sound, lighting, video, and etc. during our years with our current church. He has taught Bible classes, gone on trips to share God's love, shared God's love here locally, and has discipled and mentored younger guys as well. Just to name a portion. And yes, I am saying, "current church" on purpose.

Life's moments are the classroom. Each and every single one of them. As Christ-followers we were never told to turn over the education of one or all of our children to someone else completely... God is The Foremost Teacher as in/through Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and of course His Living Word - The Bible. Parents are next - whether good or bad or in-between. The church should be next. And then any other ones. It is not up to the public school system, a homeschool co-op, a private school or the church alone to educate our sons. That is not God's plan.

I am so thankful for the lessons I've learned as a result of three sons that God entrusted to this silly woman and my goofy hubby. For He knew how much we would have to rely on Him and get on our knees! And put band aids on knees too. He knew the tears, the laughter, and etc. Priceless education!

So, as the G family is "living forward" and is in prayer about it.... we remain grateful for what we have been taught backwards. For those who are praying with us and for us... thank you for investing in our family and God's kingdom!

As always, dear reader, dangerous prayers have been said on your behalf!

Much love,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dangerous Prayers!

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've had several individuals inquire about "dangerous prayers". I thought I would take a bit of time today to explain and to share a tad of what is going on these days in our life's moments.

Some time ago, God really convicted me about my praying life. Notice - I did not say my prayer time? Praying cannot help but draw one closer to God. And praying should never be just about ones own life. Praying for other individuals is a privilege and a pleasure even if what is going on in their life's moments are wrecked with pain or the happiest of times or in-between. Just like it should be with our own.

In praying dangerous prayers - I ask God to make Himself known to my self and others in ways that there can be no doubt that it is Him. That wherever one is at, whatever doing or have done - to know God's presence and His love personally. Dangerous prayers involves risk. It involves not staying the same but being moved beyond ones own self. To see those around them as God does. To go where they themselves might not ever want to go on their own.

Over the last few months - I've had some of the most intense moments spent in prayer. Some praising God, thanking Him. Others - listening and not talking. And of course, conversing with my Father. The One who is in first place in my life. In truth, some of most intense ones have happen the last two weeks - especially while hubby was in Illinois.

I have not been called to the wisdom of this world. I have been called to love God and love people. To minister to the seen and unseen wherever they may be. To make the Gospel known and alive and breathing. And my husband has been called to the same. Our family has. When we walked away from the life we had known Memorial Day weekend back in 2005 - make no mistake about it... we were sent to where we are currently. I would have never come here on my own as so many of you know. For in coming here - it meant my parents were no longer able to live on their own. It would mean at some point my daddy going to Heaven as he did in Nov of 06. It would mean being back in the daily grind of living with my mom who suffers with mental illness. Again, I would have never come here on my own. I came... we came because we were sent. We live sent. That's what I mean by lifestyle missionary. And it is dangerous. It caused us to give away and/or sell almost every single thing we had the pleasure of being entrusted to us... a house, one of two vehicles, a dog, a church body we had loved for 15 years and had served with and seen our sons come to know Jesus personally, being baptized, and etc. Not to mention saying goodbye to dear friends who had been such a part of our life's moments on a daily basis as well as hubby's job with the same company for 17 years. And yes, to insurance even.

My husband left last Saturday for Illinois to preach, teach, minister and etc. to another church body and community there. This was the 3rd time he has been sent there since we've been here. I knew before he left - this time was different through praying. And it was.... and is... Our hearts have been stirred again. We have clearly known God's presence more than ever before and have heard Him speaking in our lives and out of them. And God has used others in ways that are beyond words. To all those whom have been praying - thank you... and please do not stop now.

So, dear reader, I ask you.... if you claim to be a Christ-follower or a Christian, how is your praying life?

If God asked you to give up and leave the life you know currently - would you be willing to do so?

When others hear your name do they think of how you show God's love or do they wonder if you even know Him at all?

What do you need to pray dangerous prayers about? For it is not some thing only a woman named Camey can do.

And remember - any time you think I'm pointing fingers at you... I've got some pointing right back at me.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And it IS dangerous indeed.

Much love,