Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Yesterday I had several conversations throughout the day that really struck me...

One man, as he was preparing to leave the physical church building, came to the desk to turn in his tag to me. His wife was with him and stories started flying. This man and his wife knew my daddy. They loved him deeply. No question, he loved them as well. The man said to me, "You know Camey? Until your daddy came along, I do not think anyone but my wife knew what my name was. Your daddy made a point to call me by name every single time he saw me." The man cried while standing there at my desk.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name....

There was this couple. It was their first time to bring their children to our Wee School. They were crying... the man and woman both... As they were leaving the first time, I told them I would be praying for them throughout the day. They both thanked me... They walked out of the door with the look like they had just lost their best friends.

When they returned, and were signing in, I ask them how had their day gone. They both said it was one of the hardest days in their lives. They have never left their children anywhere before. They are wanting them to have social interaction and thought this one of the best ways to do so. The wife took my hand and said, "Thank you for praying. Please keep doing so. We need it." She then told me their names... and that of their children. She told me they looked forward to seeing me each Thursday and Friday.. (when I'm at the receptionist desk)

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Mid-afternoon or so an elderly woman called. I have a certain way I answer the phone... So she said, "Camey? I want to let you know they're releasing me from the hospital. They do not know what happened. Further tests are needed." She then thanked me for praying her even though I can't recall ever meeting her face to face before.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

One of the publicity individuals came in to the physical church building. She was putting out publications throughout the building.. especially in the women's restrooms. As she walked past my desk.. I asked if I could have one. There have been several calls lately about all that is happening this semester. So, I wanted the newest and freshest info. I could not recall ever meeting this woman before so I introduced myself to her... Her response truly caught me off guard.. "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! YOU'RE CAMEY!" She then went on to explain about having seen my name as one of the Women's Ministry Bible study teachers last semester and then for the one starting this next week. And then, also, that Brother G and I are teaching a class together on Wednesdays night.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Another couple was talking with me about the church body where Brother G preached last Sunday. They talked about the fact that it is such a smaller body that individuals truly know each other by name including that of their grandmother, aunts, cousins, and animals.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.....

Several of the older women in our church body were quite upset by one of our new security measures. They said to me, "But Camey? I'm not a visitor. I'm a member. You know me." By afternoon the tags had been changed....

There is something to be said for knowing some one's name. For having others know your name.... As long as it is kept in check - nothing wrong with it.

My question to you today is this:

If only one could know your name, who would you want that one to be?

My answer: God.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Prayer Request

Please pray for G.E. of Arlington, Tx. She is having a biopsy done this coming Tuesday the 8th. Ms. Gloria asked that we pray for peace for her and her family, that God grant wisdom to the doctors and that the area of concern is benign. She is very optimistic and thinks that the doctors are erring on the far side of caution.

Early Morning Praises!

As I sit here reflecting over the past few days and looking toward the days ahead.... Praises are on my lips and through every vein in my body.

Last night a group of individuals came together to give praise for prayers answered. Testimonies were shared, Scripture was read, audible voices were raises even without a musical instrument. As we got in to small groups to pray.... Brother G & I were prepared to be just us two as we had last week. A certain couple insisted on joining us. Their prayers being humbling and refreshing. There was not a dry eye...

Brother G and I are the only ones awake. He is currently working on one of his two sermons for Sunday to deliver in East Texas. Of course that will mean more traveling. And while we will no doubt miss our local body here while away.... it is again answer to prayers prayed. How can my eyes stay dry with the very thought of how He answers and stretches and provides opportunities to be active in His service?

As I start preparing for the Marriage class on Tuesdays, the parenting class on Wednesdays, and a break out session for a retreat at the end of the month.... I am met with gratitude beyond what if said truly out loud would make any sense.

As we were walking out of the worship center last night, Randal laid something on our hearts. Nothing our local church body has never known. And yet, no doubt is entirely possible only because of God. I cannot wait to see all He has planned!

You, Oh Lord, are the sun rising in the morning.
It setting in the night.
And every cloud and ray of light that beams from the sky.
Your Love is like no other.
Your mercy and grace are unending.
And it is beyond me how You paint the pictures that You do on this canvas called life.
Early morning praises belong only to You.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Security Measures

New Security Measures:

Every individual who comes to the physical church building must sign in at the receptionist's desk first.

Let me repeat... Every individual.

We realize this will, and already has, ruffled a few feathers.

Please keep in mind these security measures are here for reasons.

Thank you for your advanced cooperation.

*UPDATE: For those upset with the "visitor" tags.. they've now been changed. Thank you Stephanie!

Prayer Requests

1) The Askew family - son is having heart surgery today. UPDATE: Out of surgery. Hopefully will be released on Friday.

2) Joe & family - not local

3) Buffaloe family - not local

Thank you.

That's Tradition for Ya.

Our youngest son, Parker, enlightened us on Sunday morning. In keeping with being thankful for our children's honesty, I thought I would share about our conversation.

It seems that when Parker realized there were hymnals at the place we were at.. He said, "Oh, this is a hymnal church. I do not know many hymns you know." I looked at him puzzled and then it dawned on me..

Parker has only known "contemporary worship"... which means that the only way hymns are sung is via words plastered up on big screens with a more jazzed up tune than how they were originally written. The exception of course being songs attached with Easter or Christmas.

He is our only son, out of the three, who has been raised this way. Looking back over the time line of his life... it made total sense that this took place. We've been a part of two church bodies - each that had only one set time for student (grades 7 through 12) Bible study or Sunday School as it was once called by the time Parker was old enough to really start remembering. So, with only one time for our other sons to attend, came the automatic decision of being a part of the contemporary worship service.

So, Parker has the tradition of contemporary worship. Being at a "hymnal only" service was completely out of his comfort zone. He was still able to worship after the first few minutes..

What also struck us funny.... When the men began to gather up front for the offering time.. Parker leaned over to me and said, "Wow! That was fast." I then reminded him that his dad had not preached yet... so, therefore, the service was not over. Part of his tradition the last two plus years has been the offering being taken at the end of the service. I informed him that not every church body does it that way. Clearly, messing with his tradition, caused him to lose sight of other important factors.. such as hearing God's Word proclaimed from the pulpit.

That's tradition for ya.

What are a part of your traditions?

Examine them... Ask God to reveal how they might keep you from truly worshipping Him.

Local Body - Praise Time!

Last Thursday night we were called to prayer as a body... Prayers were heard & answered.

Join us tonight (Jan 3rd) at 7:00 p.m. in the worship center to give PRAISE to God.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Power Source. Singing Saints.

Power Source:

This morning found us without power in parts of the highly secure gated community. Yes, those type of things really do happen here too... Apparently what our guys, and this hubby and wife needed was just some serious down time. We were all so cold (hey, our version of cold for Texas) that we climbed in our bed and snuggled. We dozed off and on or talked about things. Then, stomachs started rumbling...

One thing about an all electric house? When the power is out... No cooking going on even if there are some amazing left-overs from New Years. Not even the microwave can pop that all important corn that Travman so enjoys. So, out to lunch the five of us went... looking like we had just rolled out of bed.. naturally... because, well? We had....

Singing Saints:

As we were walking in to one of our favorite pizza joints... there came that white van our family knows so well... The guys all said, "Ut oh! Better get in quick before all the pizza is gone." Sure enough... they started piling in all dressed in red. Way too cute. Them... not us mind you...

Hugs and conversations were had. As we were leaving, they told me I needed to come with them on their next stop... I had on a red shirt also. Brother G lovingly and graciously shared with them that no they really did not want me to join their singing group... not even for one song. Laughter was abundant!

Mixed in with the Saints also came in jamming Ray... He sat at the table next to us. We could not help but talk about all the noise Ray's electric guitar makes during our local body's contemporary service. We also had to laugh about how much fun we've all been having playing the Wii.. According to Ray, he is a pro golfer now!

The power just came back on... No doubt the living room is a bowling alley now.

The Source of Real Power never was turned off. And those Singing Saints sure can eat... especially one named Ginny...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Update on Laura.

This is from Laura's sister today:

My sister is now home. She has a pic line that her doctor inserted in her arm that she will hook up IV antibiotics to at home for 1 1/2 hours each day. She will possibly do this for 6 weeks. She will see her doctor once a week for labs. She is doing good! Thank you all again for thinking of and praying for her.

Predictions for 08

Here are my personal predictions for 08:

1) God is God!

2) Changes will happen. God will stretch us like never before. Too much to list..

3) All 3 of our sons will be taller than their mom. (the youngest is nine remember? the other two already are.)

4) Austin might actually get his permit. And this will torment his dad, brothers, grandma... His mother, however, will remain exceedingly calm.

5) My mother will marry her boyfriend.

*Disclaimer: These are merely predictions. #1 is definitely the given of the 5.

UPDATE: #1 and #2 are givens! And no.... I do not predict that Brother G will shave off his goatee. His wife likes it..

Monday, December 31, 2007

Called to Prayer. HE Answered!

Our local church body was called to prayer last Thursday night.

HE answered!

It goes to show... When we humble ourselves before Him....

He will lift us up out of the pit we so often put ourselves in!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Word is Alive.. Remember Me.

The Word is Alive.... I often say that. Right now, sitting here, thinking back through the day.. it applies more so than ever. What a day!

This morning was odd. Brother G and Austin normally leave the house at 7:00 a.m. Mom, the younger boys and myself, normally not until 8:45. Yet, this morning.. here we all were... until 10:00 a.m. since we were going to be with a different body of believers. It took us 30 minutes to travel where we were going.. Brother G has preached there several times before. I knew today was going to be completely different though... It was through and through..

Brother G called married men out this morning. Stepped on toes majorly. And several men came up to him afterwards and said how much they needed that. Individuals were crying in the pews. And I kept hearing, "Camey? You've got yourself a Preacher Man!" I'll leave it at that for the moment....

On the way back to the house... An old friend of Austin's, from where we used to live, rang. After downing some lunch.. Austin and I headed to the friend's home.. an hour and a half away. I won't go into great detail except to say... Please pray for this family. Austin is spending the night there tonight. We'll be picking him back up in the morning. Please pray for this family... for their teenage son.

As soon as I drove in the driveway... it was time for Brother G and I to head back to the physical church building where we were at this morning. We were pleasantly surprised at the attendance tonight... At least 3/4 of the individuals who were there this morning were back tonight. They were walking up to Brother G still talking about his sermon this morning.. about stepping on their toes... about being thankful Brother G and I were back tonight. Then it happened...

Brother G preached the best sermon he has ever preached that I have heard. In fact, it was not only his best sermon... it was the best sermon on this particular text I've ever heard.. People were crying.. One woman.. young woman said to me afterwards, "I don't normally cry. He has made me cry both times today." A couple of individuals came up to him.... please pray for them as they take his counsel to heart.

What my husband preached today would not mean a hill of beans if HE were not I AM.

Remember ME? I AM....... I AM the reason for breath.. for life.. for every moment.

What is Necessary to Worship?

Yesterday, Travman and I were discussing some of the details of the next three weeks. One thing that struck me was the fact that all three of our sons have only known two bodies as their home church. The one here locally and the one that hubby and I had been at all but 6 months of our married lives. Catch this.... 15 years - from 1990 to May 2005.... It was at that physical building where all three sons went from the nursery to the baptismal waters as a result of a choice and really started growing in their relationships with God/Christ. And yet, this local church body is where Austin received his calling and all three boys have truly dived in with their service because of God's love for them and theirs for Him. History... just some of it to say the least...

Trav made a comment about "not being at church" the next three weeks. About how it might be difficult for him to truly worship in unknown places. His honesty - I greatly appreciate. It reminded me of something God taught me years ago....

What is necessary to worship is not a familiar building... or group of people... at least that's not the way God truly intended for it be I believe. For it was.... how could anyone worship when those doors are closed? When that group of people are a part for days?

When I was home bound... I could not go to the physical building. Did that mean I was unable to worship? No.... not all. And as in this current time in our lives.... worship can take place wherever we go.... are and no doubt it will....

God is not in a room with a lock and key and the times of entry posted on the door.

What is necessary to Worship? Truly worship?