Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Wedding. RQM. The Gifts.

A Wedding:

A cousin of mine got married in a town not to far from here tonight. Funny enough? For a couple of weeks, there's been this on-going discussion of my getting something new to wear to the wedding. I wasn't the one really discussing this mind you. It was just being discussed. I wasn't the slightest bit worried about what I was going to be wearing tonight. Not the slightest.

As I sit here writing this, the wedding has taken place and the reception is in full swing. I've been getting blow by blow plays from hubby who drove my mom and her boyfriend to the celebration. You see, I'm at home tonight. Actually sitting here writing this in my woobie - an oversized white robe. I look like a marshmallow. I've been at home since Thursday morning. Yep. No need to worry about what I was going to be wearing tonight. My cousin? My not being there did not stop her from getting married.


Really quiet moments. I've had a good bit of those due to being home since Thursday morning. And yet at the same time - I've communicated in various forms and fashions with individuals all over the world. Goes back to connectivity. Really quiet moments are some of my favorite for the audible voice does not necessarily have to be heard but listened to.

The Gifts:

Funny enough? I see having been sick since Thursday morning as a gift. Even though we've had enough sickness in G-town to last several years now. I'm still thankful..

The woobie (lovingly given that name by my hubby) was a gift to me from one of my sister-in-laws at Christmas. She knows me well enough to know that I don't do spas but enjoy an oversized comfy robe that is big/long enough to cover me should we have unexpected guests show up at our front door. I confess - I've been living in the woobie since Thursday morning. It's soft. It's comfy. I won't apologize.

Hubby makes breakfast on Saturday mornings usually. Today was no different. He suggested that I just try one pancake instead of a stack. Parker came into the room when I was finished and asked if he could take my plate. (Again - this takes place almost every Saturday morning). When I said he could... he looked at me and said, "Well? Don't you have a comment for the chef? for dad?" He was right. I normally send back a message with him and not just the empty plate. I couldn't help but smile deeply.

Back a few weeks ago - we started having more volunteers around the physical church building during office hours. One is named Linda C. What a gift she has been! I knew she could handle things without me being there Thursday and Friday. She did so with grace.

There are other gifts that I have been given that I will share at other times. Too numerous to name at the moment for which I remain ever so thankful and ready to pour out when the timing is His not mine.


This just in: Hubby just called to say my mom caught the bouquet. I kid you not. 20 somethings all around and 65-year-old woman caught it! Oh....... grace........

Thursday, April 3, 2008


As I sit here reflecting back on the moments of today - one word keeps coming to my mind. Connectivity. It has been a day filled with hugging the toilet literally, sweet prayers from dear friends, messages through emails, facebook, myspace, and phone calls to name a few. Had I not been home due to being sick - the connectivity would not have been the same. Surely some of the connections would have been there - just not in the same ways or for the duration they took place.

One of organizations my daddy was a part of called today. When I told the man that my daddy was deceased he paused and then said, "I'm so sorry. I'll make a note of that on our records." The organization was The National Parkinson's Society. I could not help but tear up for a moment or two. My daddy did not need this organization. He had Jesus. He still does. And while there's no doubt there were times when their studies or testimonies gave him encouragement, they in no way could provide him with the hope that God could and without question did and still does.

It's often been said that I am like my daddy was. Never knowing a stranger. This afternoon, that rang just as true as ever. When my phone rang, it was a number that I had never known before. And yet by the time we said our "until next time" - it was like talking to an old friend. A brother in the deepest sense. He spurred me on.. encouraged me.. laughed at and with me.. and man oh man pulled what some have deemed "A Camey"... he ended by praying with me over the phone. Funny enough? Our connectivity has been there far longer than just the hour we were on our phones.

Connectivity? Who are you connected to throughout the moments of your day? your night?

And do you really realize they are not your own any way? They belong to Him if you are a Christ follower. It is all connected.

For those who connected with me today in various ways - I thank you.

And as always... you have been prayed for just now.

Why the Same T-shirts?

The question has been asked several times the last few days... "Why the same t-shirts?"

Answer: Part of Love Granbury is everyone involved wearing the same gray t-shirt with "Love Granbury" on it. It's not about a your church body or my church body... it's His body going out and sharing His love with Granbury.

Think about it this way: My love cannot save anyone on it's own. Your love cannot either. His love? Absolutely!

Request: If you cannot be a part of Love Granbury (Kindness Explosion 08 for April) - please commit to pray. Not just say you will... actually do so..

The countdown is on!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Local Church Body News..

Yes, Brother G and I are teaching on marriage on Wednesday nights. The parenting class has ended.

Websites - just like people aren't perfect. (WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY ANDREW)

Oh.. and on another note: That spaghetti in the kitchen sure is smelling tasty! I can smell it all the way upstairs! Yummy.

Wednesdays - the physical church building is a happening place no matter if you're young or old or somewhere in between. If you're a local - get here. Bring someone with you. Guests always eat free the first time.

Make today count!! As always - you've been prayed for no matter where you are at... Even if you're not in Texas... or the USA

Local Body News..

UPDATE: We are back up and running. Power company surprised us! Not as long of an outage as they said.

Please be aware that our power will be off at least for an hour this morning at the physical church building.

Everything shutting down now.

Thank you.

No Ordinary Tuesday.

Tuesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week. It is totally cool watching how God is moving here in G-town. Not just on Sundays. Tuesdays even.

Yes, there was far more to what all took place in my class than I shared. That would have been more than enough to have made Tuesday be one of my favorite days. Ever. And I mean ever...

I teach Bible study and then work the rest of the day in the office. Confessing here - it's like I've been on the mountain top and in the valley deep while teaching and being with these women. Understand here - these are not all your typical Tuesday morning Bible study women. Far from it in fact... One of the new ones yesterday was not familiar at all with the Sermon on the Mount. The tears in the room were as real as my sitting in this chair writing this morning. And I am the old woman in this group. 40 never sounded so good. Bring it on! And don't forget the taxes...

There are times when we have individuals who seek assistance from our local church body whether they walk into the physical building or call. When we can meet the needs - we do. Yesterday, I put out an appeal for help in various ways. And people responded. Catch this - they may not meet who they are offering to help. Then again - they may. What matters most is that they are willing to help another. To give from the abundance that they have received. To give from the outpour of His love. It's all His anyway. Acts of Kindness. Servant Evangelism.

Sitting at the men's softball game I received another call offering to help. One of those times I was thankful I left my cell on. Our guys were off the charts last night. And for now - all I can really say is that God is using our men's and co-ed teams to reach the unchurched, the newly churched and those who are not yet believers. I hear that Shelley even got a double for the co-ed team after we left. And Ryan - well, he definitely broke a sweat. Brother G did not pitch for the men. That's a story for another time that I cannot wait to share. He is thankful to be the coach and the recreation person for our local church body.

One thing that makes the softball games all the more sweeter.... The two teams circle up after the game, hold hands and pray. After all - it is a time of fellowship between the different churches who are all a part of the family of God. A little competition thrown in - yes. But more of a coming together and having fun and being a tool that can be used for His glory alone. Yes, even softball can be a tool.

No ordinary Tuesday. And I remain blown away at how He works and how He moves in a town that was wanting to sleep but now is awakening.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Acts of Kindness.... Local

If you are interested in helping someone today - this moment... please contact me at the physical church building, via email or comment here.

Acts of kindness...

Thank you.

Listen? Are You Listening?

As soon as class started this morning, I knew my plans were out the door. How I thought or wanted things to go - nope. nada. weren't going to happen that way. My way is not always the best.

I'm so thankful my plans did not take place.

Listen? Are you listening? You're not going to do that.

Sometimes it's a whisper and other times it is like being bopped on the head.

This was like being bopped on the head. It hurt for a moment. Then, I listened.

Thanks to all who continue to pray for me and this class.

Without question the Holy Spirit was moving today. Freely moving.

And I am found with immeasurable gratitude.

Listen? Are you listening? What is He saying to you this moment?

And how will you respond?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Local Church Body News...

Kindness Explosion 08 is just around the corner, April 11th and 12th. This is our Love Granbury (G-town) event for April. This is where church bodies from all over Granbury gather together for worship and prayer before and after heading out into our town and surrounding communities to share God's love with others through Servant Evangelism.

"At this time we have 3 projects…which are working on widow houses, full service gas station and grocery carry out, and flyer handouts about healthy kids. It is okay if you can only participate in the service project. That is where we need the most hands on deck. Please let know by tomorrow at noon if you need t-shirts. We will keep all families together throughout the project." (per Shelley)

Our family (Hubby, Austin, Travis, Parker and myself) have been a part of almost every single one since they first started. Priceless times we have all come to treasure and look forward to. It is better than any movie you could see together as a family or any place you might go to eat... We encourage you to really give considerable prayer and thought to being a part of this. We promise - it will impact your life. It cannot help but do so. I know personally from what I speak of.

Stay tuned for more details and for testimonies of how simple acts of kindness can have life changing results!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bumbling Fool.....

Dear Readers,

At this time I request you pray for me. I have tears streaming down my face as I write this.

All I can say at the moment is please pray. A dream of mine is on the tip of my tongue. I can taste it...

I serve a Risen Savior and there's nothing in the world like sharing His love with others.

Bumbling Fool