Friday, July 24, 2009

Crashing Waves: In and Out of the Boat

This morning I've been asked to share a bit about white water rafting. An expert in that - I am not. But what I can share about is my experience with it and about hearing from God while on the water and in it.

It was a gorgeous afternoon as we headed down to the river. There was excitement in the air. And there was also a bit of fear. I had a couple of individuals with us and back in G-town that were not excited that I had decided to go white water rafting with some of our group. They didn't think that white water rafting was some thing that I should do because of my past major health issues. When one has been paralyzed from the neck down, even after being completely healed... it is natural for some fear to remain that it might happen again. For the record here, I do not live life's moments in fear of that.

As Dick, Travis, Parker, Jan, Ed, Katy, Will, and this silly woman were in the boat, I knew it would be an experience unlike any thing I had before. And that was spot on. From the first moment of getting in the boat until we docked and got out, I heard clearly from God. Some I can share... the rest will have to wait for now.

There were parts of the water that were classified as 3's. Meaning they were stronger waves and required more paddling. If the people inside the boat didn't listen to the guide - real trouble could be had. The guide was there to say, "Three forward strokes all together now!" or to say, "The water here is calm. You can get out of the boat and float or swim if you want." Will was a wonderful guide. He knew the water well because he had spent a good amount of time on it, in it, and studying about it. It was also obvious - he knew how to listen to it.

In the moments of calm water, I was able to take in the scenery as we were passing by it. Some of the sights were rocks, trees, grassy spots, people fishing or just standing by the edge trying to figure out if they should put their toes in the water or not. I could not also help but take in the mountains that could be seen from the water as well. The sky was the picture perfect blue and the temperature out of the water was just right. In the water was freezing cold until ones body got adjusted to it. And when the time was right, I got out of the boat.

As I was in the water, that's when I heard God speaking to me more than when I was inside the boat. During the many years I was ill, Psalm 118:8, was truly laid upon my heart - "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man." Yes, I trust in Jesus who was a man. But don't miss the fact here that Jesus was and is Lord. He is just as much that today in my life as ever before. Man may say, "Don't get out of the boat!" But my Lord's Word is also very clear.... whom do you say I am? And in whom are you going to trust? He can see what I cannot. He knows all things. I only know what I think I know... just like what I say about any and all doctors too. Only God is God. And wow... talk about being thankful for that.

I could have decided to not get out of the boat. I could have said that Will didn't know what he was talking about and that the water there might not be safe. But I heard clearly, "Get out of the boat Camey!" And so, I did.

So, dear reader, let me ask you this moment....

Whom are you taking refuge in?

Who do you trust in?

And if you were to hear, "Get out of the boat!" - what would you do?

Life's moments are to be lived during the stormy waves as well as in the calm clear water. And worship can take place during each one of them.

There is no Guide like God.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,

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