Saturday, June 13, 2009

For the Glory of the Lord - We Will Never Be the Same Part II

This morning I cannot help but praise God for this past week! Here's just a tad:

1) People came to Jesus! Individuals like Matthew..... Dylan also came to Jesus. Dylan has played softball with us on Tuesday nights. Praise God!!

2) Lives were ruined for Him! Absolutely.. totally... ruined! Yep, I could write a book on this alone.

3) On the same day hubby gave notice at Wal-Mart, Austin was officially going to Idaho with us in July. We are going there on a mission trip to share and show God's love. And all 5 of our ways there are already paid for as of last night!

4) This morning, Austin has given his 2 week notice at the little store here in the highly secure gated community he has worked at since turning 16. He will be 18 in September.

5) Travis.... well... this goes back to #2. I won't go into much detail here on purpose but to say that we are NOT surprised in the slightest by what happened with him and through him by the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact, it is exactly an answer to dangerous prayers his mama has been praying for him. Yes, I know my sons that well. And I have never been more thankful and grateful to be his mama, but more importantly, his sister-in-Christ. There is no relationship more important than with God/Jesus. None.

6) Last night as we were hanging out as a family - we experienced the wildest weather we ever have. Yep... even Austin and Travis said it was more intense than Wednesday night when they were in Denton. As it was happening, Austin got out his guitar and the two of us started singing. After it was over.. and given that our electricity was off... we went to check on neighbors and to determine what damage could be seen. This is where knowing your neighbors BEFORE the storm hits that makes a huge difference. The electricity came back on at 11:30 p.m. and in the light of day this morning... there is more to clean up as expected. Austin was talking with Shirley who lives across the street 2 doors down. He said, "This is what Jesus would have done." Shirley replied, "He went about helping those in need." Shirley is a widow along with being our neighbor.

7) Our local church body is part of a group of individuals feeding children this summer. It is the 3rd summer we've done so 5 days a week. The group has already served more in the 1st week than in 3 weeks last summer! Did you catch that? More in the 1st week than in 3 weeks? I could tell you story after story... in fact, be watching for stories! Lives are being impacted. And it's not just those who are being fed either. Funny how that happens.

8) And like a flood, His mercy rains. It is Amazing Grace. And this morning, I am praising God for how we will never be the same. We have not arrived... life's moments are the journey as well as the classroom.

And dear reader, thank you for being a part of life's moments here through this blog and however else you may be now or have been in the past as well.

You have been prayed for. Thank you to all whom have been praying... don't stop!

Much love,


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Thanks for the testimony Camey. Sorry I wasn't able to comment earlier. Being on vacation and having a poor internet connection made it difficult to comment. But I do appreciate your willingness to share what and how God is blessing you. I look forward to hearing more of the story. Oh were prayed for with a dangerous prayer today.

Camey said...

Thank you, Bill.

And no worries here about not commenting until yesterday. I know you've had lots going on in your moments!