Friday, September 7, 2007

On Growing Up...

This morning Austin and I had another bonding experience. Since he officially turned 16 yesterday, it is time for the all important step of getting his first real paying job. He called or email the individuals that he hoped would be references for him. Upon their agreement, he filled out his first application. (real mommy moment there... shhh don't tell him I said that. lol)

He proceeded to get himself ready and looked rather sharp. (no, I'm not the slightest bit biased. just speaking the truth according to his mom.) We drove up to the place in which he hopes to work. Since he does not have his license or permit - I got to drive. Sorry, Austin. Good thing I have had a change of plans today work wise... Oh wait, being Austin's chauffeur still is one of my jobs at the moment.

We walked in and spoke to the various managers that were present. Austin will be meeting with the store manager again on Monday to see what they can work out. It is okay for a parent to go with their *cough* child... when asking for and/or turning in their first application. After that... all bets are off unless otherwise directed.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. I'm sure one of these days, Austin, will enjoy sharing how he handled his mommy's growing up days.

Thanks, Austin, for holding my hand. It's easy to look up to you... Oh, wait. I have to any way given your height. Can someone explain to me again HOW that happens?

Prayer Requests

1. Mo...... and her little boy especially...

2. Ms. Mae is having x-rays made this morning. Appears she may have a fracture..... Given her age... that can be bad... She is such an amazing woman. I am privileged to be one of her care givers... The 10th marks the year anniversary of her 88 year-old husband's passing...

3. Ms. Mae's family.... What a dear and precious family.... they are going through so much...

4. "No-name"...... Issues within the leadership of the church he is pastor of.

5. "No-name"...... That he would let go of past hurts and get out there.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Son and Mom Moment....

On Tuesday afternoon, Austin and his mom went to the foot doctor. We were sitting in the waiting room having a good time talking. We are incredibly blessed with a great relationship with each other... But Tuesday afternoon..... well......

Suddenly... this mom noticed one of the women behind the window checking out her son... I mean totally checking him out... It will remain one of the weirdest moments that he and I have ever shared. Shared? Yes... you see I pointed out to him that she was checking him out. I also later on pointed out to her that he was only 15..... Oh.... I can be such a mommy.....

Yet, it is in openly talking about such things with Austin that makes us closer....... that truly provides the jumping board for real in-depth conversations. Now, I know that some might say that I should have never pointed that out to him. But had I not... we would not be even closer now... this moment... I'd rather be a fool any day than to not have open lines of communication with him.

I have his permission to share this with you. He hopes it will help other parents want to talk with their child(ren)... especially if they are a teenager. He also hopes that it will help teens want to spend time with their parents... You never know what real benefit will come from it..

Oh.... Austin is 16 today! There are times when he teaches me more than I ever could him.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Today is the day. I officially put back on the bacon hat on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will be gone from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Have you ever tried bacon cooked in the oven? Yummmmmmy. Hubby cooks it that way. lol

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You've been prayed for today...... God is good ALL the time!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pool. Thunder. Teacher. Her.

The younger boys and I went to the highly secure gated community club pool for one last time this afternoon. After today.... the pool is officially closed for the summer. This summer has definitely been different as far as the pool goes. Why?

Thunder..... Yep. We had only been there a short time AGAIN today... when THAT all too familiar sound was heard not only by yours truly here but by Ben - the main lifeguard. "EVERYBODY OUT OF THE WATER." Good bye pool for the summer. Thank you to all the lifeguards who came every time the pool was open even though it seemed to have been closed more so than not due to the thunder/rain. That is Texas weather for you.. especially THIS summer.

I ran into the little store and walked down to where the bread is kept. There was this woman standing there. She looked at me. I knew immediately who she was but since today is a holiday and school just started... I wasn't going to say a word to her. She turned around and then said, "I know I know your face. I just can't remember which child you belong to." When I told her I was Park's mother.... she began to smile. (Note: THAT'S always a good thing as a parent!) She talked about what an old soul he is... Funny... She has a good handle on him already. We had a good but short conversation... Parker just smiled when I told him who was in the store.... He and Trav were sitting in the van eating lemon chills. They had been on sale in the teen room as we were leaving the pool... Ahhhhh the end of summer.

When walking up to the check out line... I saw her behind the cash register. I've posted about her before. She is a teen, pregnant and yes... of course... single. I asked her how she was doing and we talked for just a bit. She remembered me from the couple of times before. She looks so tired. I know some of it is the strain of standing on her feet all those hours. Yet..... well... that's enough said for now... Please continue to pray her. For while she knows who I am and about the group..... there is that fear of judgement... That's not something she has to worry about with me or the others in the group. That's not my job or theirs...... Please continue to pray for her. Our arms truly are open wide.... His are far wider than ours.

His love is deep. His love is high. His love is long...... His love is wide..... What about yours?

Grateful Offerings.

This morning as I sit here reflecting back over the weekend... and especially Sunday.... Grateful is how I am found the most.

When walking out to the vehicle I drive on Sunday mornings... one of our sound/video guys was with me, Travman and Park. He said to me, "While I was waiting for the service to start, I was looking at everyone in the sanctuary. I looked where you normally sit and found Park immediately. I looked beside him and there you were. WOW! Can you really see all your gray hair from the sound booth." We laughed.... and I was beyond grateful. Why? It was Austin. He has started taking a class called Tech Pro that is taught by our dear Andrew.. Andrew has Austin working with him during the first two services now on Sunday mornings. He will not allow Austin to work the third service because that is when the students have Bible study classes. Andrew is truly being of encouragement to Austin in learning how to use sound/audio in ministry.... and especially in worship. Way too cool.. Thank You, Lord, for Andrew... and yes.. for Austin. Austin turns 16 on Thursday....

The four of us were talking about the morning and laughing while driving to meet some sweet friends for lunch. (Oh... the lawn pastor works some on Sunday afternoons/evenings as needed. It all depends upon whom is requesting him and their schedule as well. So.. he was not with us. Thank You, Lord, for the lawn pastor and the lawns/gardens/lives he tends to.) As I was walking through the buffet line, my face must have been tellin on me... Next thing I know.. the manager, who is a buddy of mine, said to me, "What do you want that you're not seeing?" I told him what I wanted and he brought them out to me... Three pieces of the most delicious Canadian bacon and black olive pizza I've ever eaten. When he was standing there at my table... he said to me, "If your group needs any thing at all, you let me know personally. It is always a pleasure serving anyone you're associated with." Please keep in mind here that I eat with sinners and saints alike. If you know what I mean.... And he knows that.. if they are needing extra food to take home... he always takes care of them. Thank You, Lord, for his servant's heart as well.

The sweet friends we were eating with are such tremendous blessings to our family. We have much in common and the conversations flow with ease. The head of the family is a widow... then there's her two daughters, one married and with kids.. the other single and has worked with my brother for years. Their living arrangement is similar in some ways to our own. The one daughter who is married has two teenage sons that the five of us have a blast hanging out with. Oh... One is Michael S. He shared a testimony here on the blog not long ago. Every single member of that family we've met thus far... it is like we've known them forever and a day.... Thank You, Lord, for the gift of this family. For each individual that is a part of it.....

Later in the afternoon, the phone rang.. It was one of Park's buddies... He had been gone most of the summer and now that school is back in session, he is able to hang again. While it was not originally in my plans for the afternoon/evening... saying no was not in this mom's vocabulary at that moment in time. His mom brought him over... he and Park ran inside and took up where they had left off the last time he was here... I talked with his mom for a while in the driveway.. I won't share the majority of the details... except to say this.. I'm beyond grateful for the house we live in. It is not ours as was the house before... but in so many more ways.. it is the best house we've lived in. Park and G. hung out a few hours, and then Park's dad and mom took G. to find his mom. The highly secure gated community has a celebration at the main clubhouse every holiday... that is where she was found.. G. said he enjoyed riding around with us and talking. I had not called his mom before we left the house... If I had... we would not have had to drive around looking for her. I'm thankful I didn't call first. G.'s face spoke volumes when he and I walked to where his mom was. Thank You, Lord, for plans being changed.. For G. and his family..... for friendships that come with being a child and having children.

After we had found his mom... hubby and I went to the little store... Hoover's girlfriend decided to stay at home... therefore, the woman of the house was expecting dinner. Nothing fancy mind you... We came home and he immediately started cooking everyone in the house dinner. We all sat down together and ate... the six of us... He cooked dinner? Yes, he and I take turns cooking dinner. Thank You, Lord, for a son-in-law/hubby/dad who considers it a blessing to cook for his family. I couldn't ask for him to love You more.... or us....

This morning... these are just a few of my grateful offerings..

What are you grateful for? Stop... and give an offering... of praise and thanksgiving.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shaken. Stirred. Poured.

Yesterday was the service for Josh Fant at our church. According to Wiley's Funeral Home... it was the biggest funeral Granbury has ever seen. The same, obviously, is true for our SP and our church..... There was standing room only even in our foyer.... Count probably around 1,000 individuals or so... The amount of tears even higher... Weeping.. sobbing... Please continue to pray for his family, friends, our town and our church... Shaken.....

The last couple of days, I've been stirred.... I had been fighting to stay away from a certain type of part time job. As some of you know..... I am a part of the bringing home the bacon for our family. While I am a full-time so many other things... I too work outside our home. It is a conviction of ours that whatever I do outside the home must go hand-in-hand with being a pastor's wife and women's minister. The meeting on Friday was about being a caregiver for a precious woman in her 80's... I start on Wednesday. This particular job is only for the month of September.. Yet, upon calling the family to let them know I would take the job.... a real peace came over not only myself.. but my hubby and my mother about it... While it was okay for me to have some time away from giving someone medicine... bathing them... whatever the case may be... that time is over. This job works well with all the many other hats I wear. I consider it a privilege, honor, blessing and a responsibility to not be taken lightly.... I have no doubt that this amazing woman and her family are just the first to come my way this time... this season....

Today our SP, John, preached on waiting.... I couldn't help but smile and laugh.. That's okay to do... Seriously.. it is.. The summer months I was requested to let go of the bacon hat. I did what was asked.... our schedules were crazy enough on their own... The summer was the waiting. Now it is time to pour out what has continuously been poured inside of me... I am full...

Yesterday at the service for Josh... when I was ministering in the foyer... in walked this woman. We immediately walked over to each other and hugged. She had not forgotten me or our family.... definitely not my daddy.... She works at the hospital he was in... we spent so much time together. She said she had wondered if she would see me at the church... When I told her that daddy had indeed passed on.. she wasn't surprised and said she had continue to pray for our family. She also shared what a difference we had made in her life during that time.... That she had really felt cared for.....

It just goes to show.... One can be a caregiver no matter the circumstances... What truly makes the difference though in the care given is who truly is giving it and where it comes from. My help.... my strength... my HOPE comes from HIM alone.

Where does your help, strength and hope come from?

How long has it been since you've been shaken, stirred and poured....... out?