Saturday, September 6, 2008

Celebrating A Servant!

Today is our oldest son's birthday.... Austin is seventeen! Time has flown by....

As I write this, Austin is not here. My brother-in-Christ is out being God's servant at the little store here in the highly secure gated community. He is being the hands, feet, ears, eyes, and mouth of the Father he loves and adores. It is one of the ways he worships. He takes being a lifestyle missionary seriously as well as being in vocational ministry.

It is has been such an incredible blessing to watch how God has used Austin and continues to use him to show others His love and kindness. Austin is a generous young man. He has already adopted one child through Compassion International.

I could go on and on.... (no, I'm not the slightest bias am I?)

Today.... this moment... I am celebrating a servant....


How can you serve others, today...... this moment?

As always, you were just prayed for....

God is moving.... are you?

Watch for the next edition of Serve! ezine... The Lawn Pastor!