Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For the Glory of the Lord - We Will Never Be the Same

This note is in response to the numerous questions I've been receiving lately about what's going on with us these days. Some things I can answer in this note today... others are still going to have to wait.

The last couple of months have been some of our most intense ones yet. The last two weeks in particular have been moving to say the least. Moving? Yes, moving! This is going to be written in a different fashion than most of my notes on purpose. And yes, some of the questions people ask me make me think twice about my being called, "The Questionator!" ;-)

"Why have you and Parker been going down and laying stones at the foot of the cross the last two weeks?

Answer: We are intentionally laying stones as a Spiritual Marker of what is happening in our own lives and for what is happening in G-town, what is going to happen in Idaho in July, and for Illinois. The stones also represented each one of the three boys and every one connected to them already and yet to be! Here locally, in this Country, and around the world - Revival and Spiritual Awakening!

"Why is Austin on the fast track to graduate high school in December instead of May?"

Answer: December is when his dad will be finished with his schooling. Since Austin "does" high school like he does - after much prayer and discussion, it is clear... he needs to be freed up come January.

"Where is Austin going after graduating high school?"

Answer: That remains to be seen. Austin surrendered to God and full-time ministry well over a year ago now. While there is a call upon his life to go to Japan at some point as a lifestyle missionary... It's safe to say, where we go next will help direct where he does.

"Where are you guys going?"

Answer: We're still praying about that one. Doors more than appear to be opening. I'll be bold enough to say we're asking God to smack us up side of the head. In His love, smacks are well worth it. So are gentle whispers that come through listening during the early hours of the morning or before going to bed at night. As a wife, mother, and sister-in-Christ.... I am so incredibly grateful for the time that hubby and I spend in prayer together. Funny how that happens.

"Where is Austin this week?"

Austin is at Student Camp. He is a part of the Student Ministry Leadership Team. Travis will be joining him today as well as 120 something other peeps. Please pray for all there this week! That they will hear directly from God and they will be ruined because of it.

As for Austin, he is currently praying about more travel in the next few months as the missionary that he already is. Pray he hears clearly about that too.

"What's up with 'quitting' or 'giving notice' about things?"

Hubby will be leaving Wal-Mart here in the next couple of weeks. This is an effort to not keep a job that someone else needs more than he does. It is also to free him up as well in different ways. As for giving notice about not teaching the "18 to 25 somethings".... still teaching until newbies are found. This is an effort for this group to expand and grow in ways that we are not able to at this point in things. It is also to free us up when the time does come to leave here.

Okay... That's just a tad of what's happening with us these days. Thank you to those whom are praying and will continue to do so. For those behind the scenes - we pray you have some clue how much your friendships mean to us. We are beyond grateful.....

For the glory of the Lord, we will never be the same! Talk about being beyond thankful...

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for... dangerous indeed.

Much love,
Tis better to serve than be served

Love God. Love People. Praise God!

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