Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Faith Has Knocked: Let The Son Shine

Today I write this from our new to us house in a new town. Austin is in the family room reading. Travis & Parker are a couple of blocks away at their new school. Hubby is literally across the street at the physical church building. And as I sit here in the dining room with the sunlight beaming in, I cannot help but smile deeply and give praise to God.

The move to Claude, Texas went much better than expected on Friday thanks to the incredible help of some dear friends on Thursday (cue in Brook H, Phil S, Don & Fran S). Brook knows how to make the most out of every single inch of space! Even hubby had to admit - Brook knew better than he did on how to pack that puppy out! We had only been here a few minutes when about 20 people or so from our new church body showed up. The moving truck that had taken hours to load thanks to the generosity of many individuals took no time at all really to unload.

In the midst of unloading, Dick was trying to bring our 2nd refrigerator down the ramp by himself. Needless to say, the frig decided to take over and hubby ended up with a twisted ankle. He walked away saying, "Man! That really hurt!" Funny enough? Dick and a sweet man named Chester (who also happens to be a relative of our buddy Clint) used that on Sunday morning during the service to talk about how one cannot do certain things by themselves and how you never know who is paying attention. Laughter was had as was a great lesson. Hubby's ankle is still a bit tender but otherwise mending well.

Speaking of Sunday... funny how individuals can feel like they've known each other forever so quickly. The boys and I had to laugh when we were eating dinner after the evening service & "the pastor" was still across the street eating brownies & chatting it up with some of the guys. Notice.. that means he was the last one of the G's to leave due to talking. And he says I talk more than he does. (Just a little rib there Man!) Sunday was beyond tender. God was glorified. Jesus was worshipped. People were encouraged and challenged by their/our new pastor. And boy, were there hugs galore! I/we got even better than I/we gave.

I will confess.. it is taking us a bit of time to get used to how we are being loved on here already. The food hasn't stopped coming.. we're even having to purchase a freezer for the garage as it is apparent in beef country - it is not uncommon to be given sides of beef, hamburger meat and/or steaks! The fresh veggies are going over big time too with bags of green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and etc showing up. I have a feeling the community food pantry our church body helps with may just see some of it too.

Today I'm waiting for the Dish network guys to come. Funny how we've been able to do without tvs the last few days and up until Monday night - even internet. This afternoon, after school, those inside the physical church building will be welcoming little children. Then later on, adults and teens will come too. We are looking forward to tonight with great anticipation! But, up until then - each moment still counts as just as important.

That's just a bit of an update on what's been going on with us since the big move! Not written about but definitely in the mix are all the new individuals we've talked with outside the walls of the physical church building. Opportunities to share and show God's love that is more than the sum of ourselves or any thing we are capable of on our own.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

And thank you for all the prayers, support and love that has come our way from many of you too!

Much love,