Saturday, June 21, 2008

Prayer. A Date. Saying Sorry. Funny.


On Wednesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with a man that encourages the heck out of me. Funny enough? This man and I have never met face to face.. yet. In that phone conversation, he and I were discussing the importance of prayer in the moments of life and living... and in serving. Late yesterday afternoon I was asked why do I take prayer so seriously. The conversation with this man came rushing back into my mind. And that was used to help share with this other individual about seeing prayers answered in ways that one simply cannot explain except with God and the power of Holy Spirit. Conversations not filled with empty words. Words that help breathe God's kindness and grace into those of others.. The effect is one of overflowing, pouring into another, and the ripple goes on and on. I believe in the power of prayer. And I am always thankful for the opportunity to share about the Hope that is only found in God.

A Date:

As we were leaving the physical church building last night, Brother G and I were talking with two teenage girls about the importance of dating even after having been together so long. Our lives have been extremely wild as of late... so, we decided to go to dinner and then for a ride out in the couuuuuuunnnntry. As I was having the pleasure of riding in the passenger seat along side of the man that I love more today than yesterday... I could not help but be taken in by the scenery and the sound of his voice as he was singing. As we returned back into town - talk about feeling refreshed and revived. We weren't gone but a couple of hours and yet they were incredibly sweet. I am blessed beyond measure to be Brother G's sister in Christ, wife, mother to his sons, and partner in ministry. That all goes back to prayer..... every single bit of it.

Saying Sorry:

Yep. I had to say I was sorry to Brother G just a few minutes ago. OUCH! Fortunately, every one who knows me knows I'm soooo not perfect anyway.. He asked if there was a new message on the answering machine last night when we returned back to the house. I said no... just assuming without checking that it was a message I left for my mom to hear. Nope... when I checked it this morning.. it was for Brother G. (Knock. Knock.) Again... that all goes back to prayer..


Parker absolutely cracks me up. As we were spending time together this morning - just the two of us... he said to me, "Well, that's obviously......." Oh, did I say, "just the two us?"

As always, you've been prayed for this moment wherever you may be.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Those Calls. Those Faces.

Little did I know when I wrote that post this morning what would transpire on this regular Friday.

Parker wanted to be with me today. He was still asleep when I left for the physical church building this morning, so I let him stay asleep. Around 10:00 a.m. he called me still really wanting to be with me even though there were others at the house. There was a sense of urgency to his voice. I immediately left and went back to the highly secure gated community and picked him. My phone rang again while driving...

Parker and I then had an adventure with the young woman and her four-month-old son. She needed to be moved from one place to another. The timing did not work out for an individual I had arranged it with. So, there we went... Parker and his mom... also his sister in Christ.

The little car could not hold all her and the baby's things. Two trips were necessary. As Parker and I got back in to the car to head back over to where she was at - the car would not start. Please keep in mind here that I am talking about the sixteen-year-old car which totally has a mind of its own as we say. I was calling the physical church building for assistance when finally - it started and we were back on our way.

After we got her and the baby's things all moved - we got some lunch and took her to the place in which she now has a job. Her and the baby mind you... The manager totally agreeing to give her and the baby a ride back when they were finished.

Parker was a tremendous help during all this. He not only helped keep an eye on the baby while he was in his car seat or bouncer, but also made him smile and babble. Please do not lose sight of the fact that I'm talking about mine and Brother G's ten-year-old. He could have been at the house playing video games or whatever else. He knew he needed to be with me. Funny how that works. Also, the manager could have said no to the baby coming with her and to giving them a ride when finished. Too many other details falling into place so quickly.

Shortly after getting back to the physical church building, individuals started returning from Healthy Kids. Families going out and feeding families today. A dad, mom, two boys and a daughter not only giving out free food but books as well. Another set was an older man and his daughter... the volunteer which I talked about yesterday. The older man has just agreed to help teach seventh-grade boys Bible study on Sunday mornings. Travis, our middle son, is in that group.

Like I have said numerous times... I do not believe in coincidences.

Kind of like how a church on the other side of town called today. They saw on-line where we're doing the same VBS they are and want to see how we can work together in reaching this town for Christ those weeks by sharing resources. That church is where we held the worship services for our annual Love Granbury this past April. Love Granbury being where we go out as The Church and share God's kindness in our town and surrounding communities. That's the weekend that Austin made public his surrender to God and ministry. He's been a Christ-follower since he was in the first grade.

Behind me at the front desk sits a box of food waiting for an individual to pick up. I'm watching one of the dearest people I know clean windows even though in a couple of hours... there will be children all over this place for a Kids Night In. The kids stay - the parents/grandparents go out.

And as I was typing that last part... another call for assistance came in..

Those calls. Those faces.

It's Friday... not a Sunday....

Fortunately, God does not live by times on a website or entrance door alone.

What time does your clock say it is?

How will that direct your steps and sharing His love and kindness?

Those Calls. Seen. Unseen.

Late yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call. It is a call that I've gotten several times while being here in G-town and ministering to the seen and unseen.

"Camey..... I don't have anywhere to go. Can you help me?" Each time this has been said by a young woman with a baby/child.

She was calling from a hotel room where she only has money to stay a couple of nights at the most. The shelter at this point is not an option. Rules and regulations and all that jazz.

Please pray for her and her baby. Please pray for those who will have the opportunity to invest in someone(s) they've yet to met or might possibly not ever.

I cannot begin to tell you how many individuals I talk with every single day..

Those calls.. Seen and Unseen by those around them.

Fortunately, God is God.

May she see Him like never before in those He sends their way. Whether she sees them or not.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prayer. Serving.

What on earth could those possibly have to do with each other?

That's what I'm currently working on in regards to the whole writing opportunity thingy for the moment.

So.... for those who have said you will pray and/or are praying for me about this...

There ya go...

750 words.. hmmm.

And if someone wants to take a stab at writing my bio for me - go for it!

3 lines only please.

Funny Looking Group of People.

Last night was flat out amazing. I was in the back of the crowd listening to a funny looking group of people share about serving others. Why were they funny looking? Let me explain....

Any time you take a group of middle school kids, four high school guys and girls, and throw in a few adults with opportunities to really serve others - chances are they will have these encounters that simply blow them away. Therefore, not returning the same as when they left.

We did not just listen to the group. Thanks to Lincoln's incredible talent... we got to watch them in action via video. Time and time again, a thirteen-year-old or fourteen-year-old holding hands with a little child while playing games. They also did trash pick-up, held a free garage sale, did general repair work, fixed hundreds of free sandwiches, and the list goes on and on. Again... a funny looking group of people serving others.

I'm sure that going to Disneyland is lots of fun and memories are definitely created that can last a life time. Please note... I'm not knocking that sort of thing. But what I am saying is this...

We were created to serve. And when we serve in and through God's kindness - there really is nothing that can compare to it. Not winning a Super Bowl, or PGA Golf tourney or the Lottery. Lives are changed beyond one moment in a time.

Just ask that funny looking group of people.

Who says that teens are the leaders of tomorrow?

And in being in the back of the crowd - I had the pleasure of watching those in front of me...

They were moved to tears and inspired. They even danced and moved around to silly songs.

When it was over... as I walked around talking with various adults I heard the same thing over and over again.....

"Wow! I had no idea that's what they were going to doing. It makes me want to serve. G-town needs that sort of thing right now."

Thank you Ryan and Shelley for leading by example yet again. You guys rock!

And it is a pleasure as a parent to have two of those funny looking people still talking my ear off about it. Praying daily about how they can serve others wherever they are.

Serving others really is that easy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seeking Silence. Listening.

The last couple of nights I have been so wired. There is much going on in our lives that words simply will not do justice to at this point and time. As the rest of the household was snoring last night, I was seeking silence. Hence, the headphones were put on and the tunes were tuned up high..... lol

One of the things I've been discussing with individuals a good amount lately is prayer. About how to bathe life's moments in direct communication with God. In good times, bad, or in-between.... there is no communication for the Christ-follower that can compare to pouring out and listening.

There are times when I'm asked to pray for various individuals or offer to. And while I consider it a tremendous privilege and blessing to pray for others.... to stand in the gap for them... there is no comparison between my prayers for them and them praying themselves. For one thing I firmly believe about prayer ........ it changes the person who is praying. That I can testify to.... a work in process constantly. Refining... pruning... growing.. stretching.. letting go... moving forward.

And in seeking silence and listening.... change is a desired result. Or at least it should be. Not change for the sake of change alone... for that is rarely ever long lasting or permanent.

If you're overwhelmed by the chaos and noise... may you seek silence and listen.

May the Holy Spirit be more to you than just a voice on one side of your shoulder.

And may any change that occurs be for God's glory and honor alone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Right in Our Own Town. Who Are Our Neighbors?

Healthy Kids is in full force in G-town. Today was the perfect example of why this is a huge need in our town. I'm not even sure I can fully put it into words at the moment.

Four girls walked up to my desk at the physical church building after returning from delivering Healthy Kids sack lunches to their designated site. The looks on their faces were that of sheer concern for a family they met. They were sharing what they learned about them and were trying to come up with ways to meet more of their needs. These girls are 4th and 5th graders. It was not okay with them to just give them a meal and be done with them.

Apparently, this family had walked 1 and 1/2 miles to receive their free sack lunches. It's Texas and hotter than heck today.

Needless to say... this family will receive help in a variety of ways now. Please pray for them.

Right in our own town...

Who are our neighbors?

May we be guilty of loving like Jesus.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Lawn Pastoring?

Yesterday I was told by a few individuals that they've seen Brother G mowing various lawns over the last couple of weeks or talking with the owner of that particular lawn. They were puzzled.

Why would an educated man such as Brother G spend time mowing lawns.

Why Lawn Pastoring?

Our response is: The church is not found inside the walls alone. Nor are we to only minister to those who believe and think like we do.

On Saturday, Brother G was spending time with one of the individuals he has the pleasure of being a Lawn Pastor to. It is due in part to that individual that Brother G is connected with the Carters. The Carters are not a part of a "church" currently.... They never have been. Never. Being inside the walls of a building known as a church is not a part of their vocabulary or lifestyle.

Why Lawn Pastoring?

There are individuals who have never seen The Gospel Alive and Living. Yes, even here in the USA. Grass grows, needs to be mowed, fertilized, and etc...

It really is that simple.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day. A Wedding Ring.

Father's Day:

One of my favorite memories of my daddy is surprising to some. It actually came at the end of his moments that made up his dash. It was when I realized he had taken his final breath. After announcing to all there he was gone.... I walked out into the hallway and threw my hands up in the air and worshipped and praised God and was full of thanksgiving.

This may sound strange to some... hang with me here... daddy had been convinced that if he could just get out of the bed and go to the bathroom - he would be able to get out of the hospital and go home. We started referring to the bathroom as "The Promised Land." The bed was the desert and he was wandering. And man oh man.... let me tell you... keeping daddy in that bed at times took four of us. He could not be left alone for even a moment. There were times when daddy did not know best. Fortunately, God does. Therefore, Father Knows Best.

Upon his last breath in that physical body - daddy's Spiritual life and living had never been more real. That's why I say, as thankful as I am for having been physical healed myself in 2003, my daddy received the Ultimate Healing. He ran his race and crossed the finished line. My daddy was a servant of and for God - Our Real Father...... the most important relationship we can ever have.

One thing that my daddy and my hubby definitely agreed upon - Living for God is the Only Way to truly Live. I am exceedingly grateful that the two most important men in my life knew/know the secret to real success. For success in life is not found in climbing the corporate ladder or the creating the last and greatest gadget. Although - in of themselves - there is nothing wrong with that. Success is found in trusting and following God no matter how many moments there are in-between the dash. It is in realizing that Life is about Him.

Speaking of my hubby..... I'm telling on him here... last night he had the hardest time going to sleep. He normally is in however many services we have on Sunday mornings. This morning - he was going to be teaching a Bible study class. And the very thought of opening The Word and unpacking it for those who would be listening had him all excited. Let me tell you.... That's why he is my hubby right there! And I've never been more thankful that he is the earthly dad to our three sons. Time and time again - he points them to their Real Father. And all three know who their Real Father is and can share with you about Him and His Free Love.

A Wedding Ring:

In history, June 15th marked a special day in the lives of two individuals. It is because of that day and the love those two individuals shared that I wear a certain wedding ring on my left hand. Please note here that Brother G and I got married on August 19th, 1989. The ring I wear is the one that my daddy placed on my mother's hand on the day they got married all those years ago. Having lost my own wedding rings a few years ago... my mother gave me her rings to wear instead of them staying in a box until she's taken her final breath.

I purposefully mention the wedding rings for this reason.... even though times have changed greatly since the day they were placed on her finger and then on mine... One thing has remained the same. God is still God and He is unchanging even in the midst of change.

And I dance today because I am able. My Father is truly my Audience of One. I do not have to dance with prince charming because I dance with The King whether seemingly alone or in the arms of my husband or with Austin, Travis and Parker.

To all you dads out there - you were just prayed for!