Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here I Am To Worship

It's hard to believe that we've been back in Texas for a week already. It seems in many ways like just yesterday we were in Idaho. As I was awakened again Monday morning at 5:00 a.m. to pray - I immediately thought about & prayed for 3 guys whom will always remain a part of me. Let me share with you just a tad about Bryan, Tyler and Patrick.

Tyler's sister, Kayla, showed up that first morning in the park. Within the first couple of minutes - it was like the two of us had known each other forever. Tyler started popping in and out upon watching his sister and some woman in the park. Tyler is thirteen. At first glance I thought perhaps he thought he was too cool for what we were doing to join us. I was wrong.

Tyler not only joined us... he told Bryan (14) about what was going on at the park. About the fun we were having & about talking about God/Jesus. Then Bryan told his cousin Patrick (14), who also lives with him, about it. They could not help but want to come to the park to see what was going on each day. It was as if they were being drawn there. And they were.

The picture is of them is saying, "JESUS!" at the top of their lungs at the end of a song we had been singing. They flung up their hands right there in the park knowing full well that at any time some of their friends and neighbors might walk or drive past or see them from out of their windows. They didn't care about it. They were worshipping right there in the park. And it did not matter who saw them.

On Friday night, when we had our closing big event in the city park... they all showed up early to spend a bit of time with me. Knowing how crazy things might become, we went ahead & said our "See ya's" and got in more hugs. As I put my arms around each one... I told them to not forget how much God loves them and keep seeking after Him each day and that I loved them too. I also promised to write and send pictures of our time together. (Yes, I have tons more pictures of Idaho left to download.) After I was done with what I whispered in their ears, they each said almost word for word the same thing to me - not knowing what the one before them had said.. That I'll let stay between us and God.

What I can say is this.... Cool does not mean the same thing to all teenagers. And I'll never be in a park again without being reminded of time spent worshipping God with them or their hugs.

Nor how they yelled out "JESUS!"

They were also just some of the ways I heard God speak clearly during our time in Idaho. Talk about being incredibly thankful.

How long has it been since you truly worshipped God?

Does it matter who might be around & what they might say?

Worship can take place any where at any time.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And it was dangerous!

Much love,

PS: May your faith in God be willing to yell out loud even when being quiet.

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