Friday, January 18, 2008

From the desk..

There's piano music playing again...

that's what happens when you've got a Wee school around the corner from your desk..

Nap time anyone? lol

our Wee director is awesome! the teachers are too. and don't even get me started about those kiddos.

i've met several other really cool people today. prayed for them too...

some are leaders for DNow this weekend.

two others were here to check out our facilities. their body is growing. they were from the big city and with a different denomination even.... I love that...

this has been a freaky Friday... why?


that's just merely icing on the cake. and i am grateful.

What do you see or hear from your desk?

Questions Answered.

Question: Pastor Richard Jackson as in pastor emeritus of a megachurch in Phoenix?

Answer: Yes. That Richard Jackson.

Question: What is my email address again?


As always, you are free to email with prayer requests and/or to update me on what is happening in your neck of the woods and/or with comments.


The following are in no particular order:

1) It is in the air! You can taste it... IT is better than Starbucks. Better than hot fresh bread.

2) Shelley, Ryan and Cari are amazing! Flat out amazing... DNow (Discipleship Now) has been bathed in prayer and is birthing this weekend. Can't wait to see what happens in the lives of all those connected.. whether students, leaders, host homes, parents....

3) It is going to be contagious!

4) Pastor (Richard) Jackson will be with this Sunday officially as our interim pastor. HE is using him to challenge the fool out of our body. Bring it on!

5) Only two more Sundays of three services! Wonder how long that will last?

6) SOUPer Bowl Sunday - praying for those canned goods to come in like touchdown passes. Remember it's not just a can of corn - it is food for the hungry. Lets take care of our neighbors shall we?

7) One service on SOUPer Sunday... Can't wait to experience the whole body coming together! We're going to get really close that morning....

8) David, Andrew, and several others are letting their creative juices flow! Bring it on guys!

9) Prayers are being answered.... The above is proof! Changes can be good if HE is the reason.

10) No one rocks like HE does! He is the solid rock. The foundation. The Creator! It is all about Him!

And last.... but not least... you dear reader have been lifted up in prayer this morning wherever you may be this moment.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do I Look Tired?

So, how does a mother know when her son thinks she looks tired?

He brings her an energy drink.

Ahhhhh.. the benefits of having Austin go to school where I work.

Life is funny.

Wednesday Night Reflection

Last night I was asked a question. A simple question really but one that reflects just a tad of what is happening with our local church body....

"Camey? Why aren't you in the foyer on Wednesday nights?" The answer? Well, last semester helped make this semester happen. Prayers are being answered all over the place and frankly it is blowing my mind. If I sound too pumped at this time of the morning, well.... I simply cannot help it.

Being in the foyer on Wednesday nights last semester was a part of being an outreach director for our children's ministry. It was also part of being a woman minister. More counseling took place in that foyer than I ever care to really share. Still does actually... And I am met with countless gratitude.

As I was getting things ready for the class, in they started walking. The class doubled from last Wednesday night. It doubled. The individuals bringing others with them are ones whom I first met last semester in the foyer. One just a month ago. She brought two others with her. More are expected this next Wednesday night... Please do not lose sight of the most important fact here... HE is at work in their lives. They are being drawn closer to Him.

Part of any topic specific class that I teach or co-teach always is brought back to that person's relationship with Him. Parenting is not about raising happy children who turn out to have high paying jobs and live in million dollar mansions. Please do not misunderstand me here... The best thing any parent can ever do for their child is point them to Him. To be a reflection of Him in their moments... That can only happen if He is alive in the parent's own life.

Wednesday nights rock! And I am honored to walk along side of these individuals.

I am rejoicing with hands held high... He takes individuals just as they are. And they are coming!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Picture. Picture.

His Name is Pat.

He is 78 years-old.

This is him waiting for the volleyball to come on his side of the court.

He inspires the heck out of those watching him.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There's This Woman...

We spent some time together earlier this evening. I cannot go into details...

Please join me in carrying her to Him.

Thank you.

Picture the Moments

Pictures taken in east Texas.. All by Parker except one.

Overwhelming Gratitude.

The last couple of weeks have been totally intense. There are things happening that words cannot do justice to. Overwhelming gratitude.

Today starts the Bible study on marriage that I am teaching. As a pastor's wife and woman minister, it is such a gift to be able to walk along side of other women and encourage them as HE continues to do so me. As Brother G stated in his sermon Sunday night.... our marriage is stronger now than it has ever been before. That only comes from Him... the triangle... God at the top - each of us in our relationship with Him and then together. God first, family, then the church..... Overwhelming gratitude...

Last Tuesday morning I said that marriage can be fulfilling and exciting. There is no doubt that with Him that is truly possible. For our real completion is found in Him and not our spouse. When we learn that.... remember that... take it to the very depths of our beings... it becomes all the more evident and real. For it is He who made us and knit us together in our mother's womb. It is He who gives us each breath.

I am met with overwhelming gratitude at His love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and the list definitely goes on and on.

And I am beyond thankful to be married to a man who loves Him more than me.

I encourage you to look deep into your own moments...

Where do you need to have overwhelming gratitude at how He is working?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Changing Roles: The Eye Has It.

My mother had her first eye surgery this morning in the big city. Her boyfriend came to pick the two of us up at 6:45 a.m. He insisted on driving. After having been gone all of yesterday, that truly was fine with me.

Mom and I went over all her paperwork as we waited for the nurse to call her back. There's always more paperwork to fill out after you get there... No matter what they say it seems.. Since she couldn't see to read it herself, I had to read it for her. Hoover sat quietly listening to me read to my mom. This has been her first real medical procedure since becoming a widow... single.... with a serious boyfriend. The lines are blurry between the moments in such cases. Being her medical representative is honestly stranger than it was being dad's. It is still a privilege and one that I take seriously.

Hoover and I spent some quality time talking while mom was having her surgery. He is a very kind man. And I am thankful that he cares for my mom like he does. Does it make for some strange times given our living arrangement? Absolutely.... Yet, I have no doubt there are reasons for it all. lol

When she was in recovery - I was called back. Hoover had to stay in the waiting room. Love is a hard thing at times. The nurse taking care of her came to understand quickly mine and mom's roles. It is necessary to talk very direct with my mom. That is a part of being her caregiver... Show compassion yes.... Still be very direct. It is possible with His help.

The nurse and I agreed that it would be best for mom to not come home for a few hours. She is currently at Hoover's house. Travman has a bit of a bug and it was decided to wait for mom to come home tonight instead. Hoover asked me if I wanted to come over too. And while there is a part of me that says as my role as her caregiver ... that I should be there... And yet....

Part of being a caregiver... of truly loving someone is coming to grips with doing what is truly best for them. That today.... was her going to his house instead of to our home. I'm only 5 minutes away tops in case of an emergency. Caregivers come in many forms after all.... and sometimes that means recognizing when a new caregiver has been added to the team.

Yes, I know there are those who will say, "Camey? You should have insisted she come home and not to his house. You're shirking your responsibilities." My responsibilities include assessing the best possible care for all involved. That has been done with due diligence.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Praise & Request


Yesterday was a wonderful day in east Texas! Pics to come....


Please pray for us as my mom has eye surgery this morning.

Thank you!