Friday, August 15, 2008

Warning! Don't Read If You Can't Be Moved.

This post is merely to warn you about the next post from me.

Don't say I didn't warn you.....

Don't read the next post if you can't be moved. Or don't want to be....

I'm just sayin'....

And you are being prayed for!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Than A Free Lunch.

It's Thursday now... my mind keeps going back to Monday. To the Monday family.

Five days a week during the summer, our local church body feeds children free lunches. We take the sack lunches to four locations throughout our town. Designated spots where the children know they can come and get something to eat... The boys and I go out on Mondays with our Student Ministry... Sometimes the boys and I go to the same spot.. other times we split up. Just depends upon the Monday.

This Monday was different. It was cooler outside. Last Monday it was 105 degrees. This time there were even little sprinkles happening. This time - there was a man and his little granddaughter.... Her name is Tori. A beautiful little blond who loves to play in the park.

The grandfather and I spent a good amount of time talking while sitting at a picnic table while Tori went up and down the slide. He showed me picture after picture of his family..... a family that knows much heartache. And Tori kept playing.

Tori's mother is in jail. She is expected to get out in October. While there is no doubt that he loves his daughter - he is nervous about what is going to happen when she is no longer behind bars. When she comes to live with him, his wife (her mother), and Tori. Drugs... Oh, those drugs. He prays this time is different - especially for Tori's sake.

I walked over to Tori as she got on a swing. She started singing "Jesus Loves Me"... and I sung along with her while pushing her higher and higher. There is no doubt she held my attention... and took a piece of my heart. So did her grandfather.

When it looked as if the bottom was about the fall out of the sky.... Tori and her grandfather decided it was time to go. The three of us, Smithee, Austin, and the Michaels (there's two guys named Michael) all held hands and prayed for their family. And hugs were given. Tori whispered in my ear, "Camey? Thank you for being here today."

Five days a week during the summer free lunches are provided.

It's all in the name of Love..... God's Love.

For there is no love like His....

Please join us in praying for the Monday family. Thank you.

What ways can you share God's Love today.... this moment?

(And yes, Austin shared with her that her name "Tori" means bird in Japanese. She thought that was cool.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hearing and Responding: Public School (by Austin)

Ohayo..."Good Morning" in the peeps of da' blog.

S0 the last few days have been rather interesting to say the least. Thursday evening I was working and I got this burden about the High School. As my momma-in-Christ Camey said, I had a major conviction about going to the High School of Granbury to be a lifestyle missionary. If you want the full story you can read a few posts back.

I'll get to the point.

GHS or LBA? *Drum roll please*


And now I explain.

At the wonderful Mission Arlington complex, there is a faithful volunteer named Matt. One of the points he repeatedly bashed into our heads during the Middle School Mission Trip earlier this summer was "We can get a group of students excited about going to a country like China, thinking 'Yeah lets go! We can get shot and killed, but who cares?', when we can't even get excited about going across the lunchroom table.". The high from Philly is still in my spiritual bloodstream, so being reckless...yeah. But that's not what God has in mind.

You see, I have only been spiritually sane since April, during the first time I did the devotional A Call to Die. April was the closing of the school year. Even though last year was a living soap opera episode, I grew close to several of my friends there that either aren't Christians or aren't plugged into church. I don't recall inviting any of them to any church events this year...well how can I go to a high school, and get risked getting shot for my faith, when I haven't even done that at my small, little Christian academy. Yes, it may be "Christian", but several of my friends there aren't or aren't in Church. As my Pastor Mark says, 'We get so caught up in hitting a home run that we forget how to do a routine ground ball'.

So there you have it...If several of you were thinking "Austin is going to the High School" - nope, I have my instructions from God- Step up in your own little school, before you tackle the big world.

Sayonara peeps! And thank you for your continued prayers and support.