Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Than Breath

Last Sunday night we arrived in Kuna, ID. We got there a couple of hours later than we had originally planned, so plans had changed some. After dinner, time of fellowshipping with those that had gathered at Ray and Arie's home and getting organized for the day ahead, the G fam prepared to head off to our host home. Little did we know... little did I know...

We pulled into the driveway and were greeted outside the front door by a woman. She told us that Sue was still awake and wanted to meet us. I was taken aback I must confess. I also immediately knew that this host home was going to be different than I had imagined or would have thought I wanted. The woman lives with Sue. She is her dear friend but is also her night caregiver. Yes, you heard me right. Sue is on hospice care.

I was a little upset at first. Here was the first time since 2005 that I had been outside of Texas and actually even away from G-town for more than 3 days other than to my in-laws or to minister to family members as the result of someone in the family passing away. We've lived life's moments as caregivers since moving here in 2005. I thought I was beyond ready to not be in that type of environment for a week. Funny how God works and moves.

Each night, Sue and I would visit for an hour or more. We shared from the depths of two individuals who know what it is like to depend upon others for the most basic needs to be met. She rejoiced with me in my physical healing. The one thing that Sue and I had in common that spoke the most was our undeniable faith in God. No matter what has been thrown our ways - God is good. There is no love like His. Spiritual healing we've come to understand as most important. And we both also spend much time praying. Praying is to Sue as it is to me.... as breathing.

I had to ask for forgiveness from God for my lousy attitude at first hearing Sue was on hospice. For being in an "UGGGH!" state upon seeing and hearing her breathing machine. I ended up being so incredibly thankful for each moment she and I had the pleasure of spending together. Sue was given 6 months to live 15 years ago. Did you catch that?? 15 years ago. Now she is really not well these days but her smiles lights up the room and her encouragement was beyond words.

One night, Sue shared with me about her daughter, Madeleine. She also requested my help with some thing that has been on her mind. You see... Madeleine is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Ft Worth. The tombstone makers had put the wrong date of birth on her headstone. It has supposedly been fixed. Sue asked me if I would visit her daughter's grave and make sure it had been. The moments in-between the dash comes to mind yet again. A few days makes a difference.

I can honestly say if my/our life's moments had not been what they had... I might not have agreed to Sue's request. I do not believe in coincidences. It is my privilege to check on this for Sue. And as strange as it may sound, my pleasure as well. That is not me... that is God's love flowing out of me. His compassion... His tender mercy. Talk about sheer joy and more than breath! And what a generous woman opening up her home to what may have seemed like complete strangers in a time when others would have advised not to. Only God can make that type of impact in a person's life. Sustaining life.

Just a tad of what happened on the "Mission Trip".... More to come. Much more.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.. by me & Sue. ;-)

Much love,


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Good to have you back Camey. Missed reading your "missives." This is a fantastic post about the God Who Knows. He knew Sue needed you. He knew you needed Sue. And He knew that you fulfill a dying woman's wish. Look forward to hearing more about the G family trip. Much love from this end and of course, dangerous prayers said.

Camey said...

Thanks, Bill. Could definitely feel your dangerous prayers while gone. Much love backatya!