Friday, August 31, 2007

Josh Fant Memorial Fund

The fund is set up through the First National Bank of Granbury. The following sites have placed donation cans at their locations as well to help this family:

1 Valero (JJ's Fastop at the light by Wal Mart)
1 Wings and more
1 Mr Sparkle
1 Firehouse Café
1 Movie Gallery
2 Mi Familia
2 Montana’s
1 Cotton Patch
1 Grumps
1 Mobil across from Cari's
1 Jovi Wireless
1 Chicken Express

A Meeting.......

Sitting here, right now... this moment... I am beyond thankful. This afternoon hubby and I had a meeting with a family. The circumstances that brought us together are not necessary for me to speak of yet..... What I can say is this......

The Lord works in mysterious ways... I would rather be guilty of seeming like a fool than to not listen to His voice any day....

Lord? What can I do for you?

How long has it been since you've asked the same? Are you willing to look like a fool?

On Grief.....

There are so many hurting right now over the death of Josh Fant. While many find comfort that Josh was a Christian..... naturally that does not completely take away the grief that is felt from the loss of someone special to them.

My sista in Christ, Kat (reGen) left a comment on the last post. I hope you will take the time to read it. Thank you dear woman!

There are stories that tell of grief over losing someone special... My personal favorite story is that of the women who came to Jesus' tomb after he had been beaten and died upon the cross. WHAT? Seriously? Seriously. Why? Had it not been for his death, burial, and then resurrection.... what point would there have been to life? We would have been separated from God forever.... eternity. Not just for a moment.......

The women were the first to find out that Jesus was not there.... HOPE was alive and well.... They came to his tomb expecting to find Him... He was not there.... Death had been conquered! He was truly alive!

In my own personal story of grief.... The fact that Jesus died for me (and you) means more to me than any one else dying... Do I know the pain of losing someone near and dear to me? Yes, my daddy. Do I know the agony of watching him have highs and lows with numerous nights and days spent in the hospital? Yes, I do... Yet, had Jesus not died.... Honestly? It would matter not about my own daddy.

I know you're reading my words and thinking to yourself perhaps.... "Man! Is she ever in denial about her daddy dying." Nah.... My daddy was just a man. An amazing man but still just a man. Jesus is Jesus.... He is/was God. And nothing or no one can compare.

There is grief that comes with the death of someone special. Grief can be overwhelming... no doubt... But it is what we learn from our grief and how we live on in and through grief that counts so much..... Grief can make one bitter... Don't let it keep you that way.....

God is there for you...... And that my friend is the best source of help any one could ever have or receive.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There Is A Time....

The times are as follows:

Visitation... Wiley's, Friday night from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Service....... Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at our church building.

Fant Family Fund:

Friends of the Fant Family have set up a fund to help pay funeral and hospital bills. Please consider donating to this fund. More information coming...


Last night as we gathered at our church building at 10:00 p.m. - you could cut the grief with a knife and never come out with the sounds like what was heard. From txt msgs to cell phone calls, within a hour, there were over hundreds there.. This is one thing our community and town gets right. We gather together... as one body.

And Shelley and Ryan? Thank you for loving God and loving people... especially students. And pointing them to Jesus.... Josh was a Christian.

Keep praying! Thank you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Josh Fant. 08-29-07.

Please continue to lift up the family and friends of Josh Fant.

He passed on this evening. His fight is over.

Thank you.

Testimony - Love Granbury - Kayla

Hello, my name is Kayla, and I was one of the many youth that participated in the Love Granbury weekend. The Love Granbury weekend was where youth from different churches across Granbury participated in random acts of kindness throughout the town. We did things such as: mow lawns, highway cleanup, run a full service gas station and help people out with their groceries, just to name a few.

One of the things that I did was hand out water bottles on the square. As we handed them out we would usually say things like, “Jesus loves you!” or “God bless”. Some of the responses that we received were really surprising. We heard people say things from, “Oh, thank you so much, keep living for Christ!” to “What do you mean it’s free? I don’t get it, no really how much is it?”. Some people even stopped to talk to us for awhile, usually saying things like, “Why are you doing this?”, and that just gave us a better opportunity to speak with them about God.

The one other thing that I did was help in the cleanup of yards that were basically destroyed by the floods that came earlier this year. I was amazed to see the horrible condition in which some of these homes were. A few of the homes were actually picked up by the water and moved to the other side of their lot. To mow some of these yards, first we had to clean up all the trash in the yard itself. When the water rose, it was actually in these houses and brought almost everything out into the yard itself. We picked up not only trash, but also in the midst of all the litter were things like, old Polaroid Christmas pictures, and other priceless family pictures that at one time probably meant a lot to the family members who lived there. But all of these items our now sitting in their yard, just waiting to be destroyed by the Texas heat.

I guess that the main thing that I learned from this experience was that this happened in our own city, not another state, not across the world, but in our own city. It really shows you that there are mission opportunities all around us. We just won’t take the time and look for them.
I came into Granbury Love weekend not really knowing what it was all about. In the end, I realized that there are so many people in this world who don’t know our loving Savior. I also learned that you don’t have to go to Africa or some other foreign place to find people who are desperate to know him. I thought that this was a great event, and I hope that we realize that we can do this any day of the year. My prayer is that we would strive every day to reach out and do the little things that make a big difference.


Prayer Requests...

Please pray for the following:

1) Josh Fant & all involved..... he has blinked his eyes and nodded. They have found a medicine that they think might help him. He is surrounded by numerous family and friends. And Fox 4 - our local news will continue to follow his story.

2) Found out last night that my mom's brother Joe has prostate cancer. Joe has been a pastor for many, many years. Most of the time as a bi-vocational pastor.

3) A couple of other pastors who are going thru a really hard time right now.

4) Hubby's brother David. I'll leave it that he is a Marine.

5) Joy..... no not a person.... that more individuals will find joy in living life because of Jesus Christ. Not happiness... JOY! (Thanks Leonard)

Stay tuned..... A testimony about Love Granbury from Kayla coming up!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Josh's Story...

Josh Fant's story is going to be on Fox 4 at 9 and 10.

At this moment.. he is still hanging on.. They say there's nothing else they can do for him.

Keep praying!

URGENT Prayer Request Update

Josh Fant is a freshman in college. Within the next hour or two he is expected to pass on.

Please continue to pray for this family and all involved.

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for Josh Fant. He passed out during baseball practice last night & is now in a major fight with his body. He is Mo's best guy friend.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Life Itself.

Life Itself is a song by Aaron Shust. As I sat in the parking lot of the front circle of the highly secure gated community waiting for Trav's bus to arrive.... I spent time talking with Lisa via cell phone.

In the midst of her continuing battle with Lyme Disease.... Lisa's love for the Lord is beyond encouraging. While we no longer physically live close..... it is like we're in the room with each other. I'm not really sure who encourages who more.... With the type of real friendship we have.... it can be exchanged freely and without reservation.

I ask that you continue to pray for Lisa and her family. The battle is raging strong right now and the outlook of her husband being without a job in a couple of months is becoming more of a reality.

Life Itself..... Lisa would tell you that the Lord is good to her. Amen Lisa.... Amen!

Keep Singing...

Last night as I was studying.... the phone rang. On the other end of the phone was a woman who I had not talked with in a couple of months. Every time I've thought about stopping by to see her (them).. there's been a vehicle in the driveway. She's given me permission to come by even if she has company but, I try to limit visits like that. So... she rang... I went....

I will not share the details of our conversation except to say..... This woman lives with her husband who has been ill for many years now. While she is physically healthy, she considers herself homebound like her husband. As we sat in the kitchen drinking white tea out of china cups..... I couldn't help but think of a song by Mercy Me called "Keep Singing"......

Her dedication to her husband is beyond words. Yet, it is her love for God that keeps her singing more than any thing else. Actually? I believe it is His love for them both that truly creates the music in the silence.

This color represents the artist in her that uses charcoal to create masterpieces. Some thing she has time for since they are homebound.

It's OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has found me making a stunning announcement.....

Austin misses his brothers who are back in school today! He's only been up an hour... lol

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trav, his dad and the Smithee

They are on their way to the Ranger game courtesy of a certain pitcher that the Smithee knows.

Remember I said what a HUGE Texas fan Trav is.... Yep..... He's going to a Ranger/Mariner game all decked out in what else..... Texas gear... and not the Ranger type.... lol

This is totally cool... Trav is our sports nut. His dad loves him so much that he literally stopped being the lawn pastor to be his 13 year-old son's dad when we got the call at 4:30 p.m.

As I said.... they are on their way NOW. Yes, I know school starts tomorrow at 8:25 a.m. A boy is only thirteen once in his life..... There are times when going to bed late is acceptable... and priceless.. You should have seen Trav's smile!

Thank You Lord for the blessings that come out of the blue when we're least expecting them. Thank you for the Smithee, his wife, their daughters and some pitcher too!

And thank You Lord that for as much as Trav's dad loves him... YOU love him even more.

Trav & Marissa's Story

Thirteen years ago two babies were born. One was a girl. One was a boy. The girl was born first. Years later they became friends through their church. One day their moms were talking in the workroom while preparing for VBS. Trav's mom mentioned that he had a birthday coming up soon. Marissa's mom asked when. "August" was the reply. And so the story goes.... it turns out they were born on the same exact day. Marissa is older than Trav by a few hours. It is with permission that I share this story.....

There's been one thing about Trav that has embarrassed him for a few years. There has also been something about Marissa as well. Circumstances in life brought about the need to be in a grade at school twice. Speaking here for Trav.... he had started school a year early on purpose due to his mother's (my) health and for his own well-being at the time. It was planned before he started school that he would do 1st grade twice. If you ask Marissa - she can tell her part of the story...... Regardless of the circumstances.... they were each convinced that it was some thing to be ashamed of and a source of embarrassment... Until it was discovered that the other one had gone through the same thing. And suddenly......

One thing that held them back in their own minds..... was set free to fly. It helped them both to accept that it is okay to go through a grade twice... There is no shame in it. It also goes to show the extent of God's grace and mercy..... He knew that they each would need a friend to come along that had experienced such a thing to help them to move on and let go. To truly be the 7th graders that they are now..... today.... Not last year had they not repeated a grade... But tomorrow as they walk into the doors of their middle schools.

Today at the "End of the World" party, the fact that they had been in a grade twice was not what gave the party its name..... It is the fact that school starts at 8:25 a.m. in the morning. Trav and Marissa were sang to and there was a huge birthday cake that was devoured by the students and adults who participated. Those students were primarily 7th and 8th graders.

His mercies are new every morning. And today there are two thirteen year-olds whose true bond is the love of God and theirs for Him. We are thankful for their lives and the friendships that have come with them.

And yes... pics are still to come....


Happy 13th Birthday to our middle son Travis! You're an awesome kid! (Did I ever mention that Trav is a HUGE Texas fan? Notice the orange?)

Happy 13th Birthday to our sweet friend Marissa!

Their story later today along with some totally embarrassing pics......