Saturday, December 22, 2007

Prayer Request. Love G-town.

Please pray for Shelley's grandfather and her family. He collapsed while eating at a Denny's restaurant and was admitted to the hospital. At this time, it is believed to be heart related. We had just started setting up at Wal-Mart for Love G-town when Shelley got word. She immediately left to be with her family.

For those not in the know... Shelley is the Student Minister at our local church body and is also one of our dearest friends too.

Love G-town was still a huge success even in the midst of blistering winds. Thanks to all who showed up to share God's love with neighbors. Testimonies will be coming soon.

Please pray.. Thank you!

Love G-Town! Today!

Today is our December Love G-Town Event. Here are the dets:

1) Ask God to prepare your heart and that of those we serve today!

2) Meet at the physical church building at 9:00 a.m. Ready for more instructions.

3) Bring wrapping paper, scissors, bows... whatever you enjoy using. Some items will also be supplied. The more the better...

4) Dress warm and prepare to get wet! It's suppose to be cold and we're expecting rain..

5) We're wrapping outside Wal-Mart. See #4.

6) Be prepared to wrap presents and/or walk individuals carts to their cars and help unload.


8) We ask that you do not accept tips of any kind. This is to be free to those we're serving.

9) Live His Love! Give His Love! Give a hug or a handshake even...

10) Head back to the physical church building for a time of wrap up! Sharing time! Praising Him!

Answer to questions:

Yes, Brother G and I, along with Travis and Parker, will be there. We can't wait!

No, Austin will not be there. He will be at the little store working.

Yes, event coordinators realize this is the Saturday before Christmas. It was planned that way.

Yes, we know it might be cold and wet. And we can't wait!

Yes, we will be taking the church vans too.

Yes, serving others is one of the best ways to truly celebrate the Real Reason of Christmas!

Yes, testimonies will be posted later today. Stay tuned......

This Just In: Yes, if you're a part of our local body who is shopping at Wal-Mart today.. We'll wrap your presents too. Silly people.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Subway Testimony

It's not a secret I greatly enjoy Subway (and if you ask for avocados it does cost extra but is oh so worth it).. So, I headed there just a few minutes ago for lunch. Standing in line in front of me was Chase and his mother. Chase and I got to talking about what he loves to do on Wednesday nights.... Learn SCRIPTURES and about how it applies to his life today and hanging out with certain adults like some woman named Nell.

Of course, he did go through all the awards he has earned. Hey! He's a kid! What was really touching though... He made a point of telling me about Ms. Nell's uncle passing away. He asked me to pray for them.

Now.. THAT beats a Subway sandwich any day! Sorry, Subway....

On the Radio...

To all who heard the woman from G-town on KLTY yesterday...

That may have sounded like me, there may be another Camey (or however she spells it) in G-town and definitely something I would say but... BUT....

That was not me.

Although the comments from those thinking it was have been really sweet. Awww

TO whomever you are: May Christmas live on each day in your moments. And I could not agree with you more about lets not forgot what Christmas is really all about.

Open Doors. Ringing Phones.

I'm currently sitting at the desk at the physical church building. What a wonderful morning it has already been! Two reasons since 8:30 a.m. specifically....

1) People are praying here! Right now... this moment...

2) People are giving to others they don't even know! Living love in action.

Open doors. Ringing phones. Did I ever mention I'm thankful and blessed to sit at this desk?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request... please feel free to leave it here via comment or email me directly at

There are numerous individuals who would like to offer you the gift of prayer.

Yolanda and Family.

Last night, Ms. P came in to the foyer with this woman. I was not sure if the woman would recognize me with my hair down or not.. Sure enough.. she looked at me and immediately we hugged and she just started pouring out..... We had first met on Friday night during TfG..

The woman's name is Yolanda. Her and her children, as well as some other friends of theirs, were there Sunday night for TfG. Yolanda started welling up with tears as she talked about all that has happened over the course of the last few days. Ms. P and I just soaked up all that was pouring out of this life that has been being filled up.....

It seems that Yolanda has gotten a job. A pretty good job at that. One that will really help her and her two children. Her husband is in jail. And it is up to her to support them now. So, for you locals.... She has a truck that needs a good doctor. She needs some clothes to work in. She needs individuals to walk with her and her children. Her daughter rec'd some really cool stuff from Christmas for Children. Her son's card had gotten lost. I have a list of things that he could use and would like... I'll be at the physical church building today and tomorrow from 8:30 to 4:30 with the exception of 11:30 to 12:30. Please call and offer your help..... And yes... you can always reach me via cell phone except for during G family time or dates with Brother G.

Ms. P said that she had left Yolanda's son with Travis in the Attic. That she knew he would look out for him. Ms. P headed back to find some students who needed loving on.... She is awesome like that! Yolanda's daughter is a part of the children's Wednesday night ministry. No doubt she gets loved on each Wednesday night especially. Yolanda continued to pour out... She has a real sense of hope about her now...

Yolanda and family. I'm not just talking about her and her two children. We, as a body of Christ followers should be that to them... family.

Christmas.... The love of God came down.... How can you live His love today? This moment?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This Just In....

Mom was seen wearing her glasses.... The rumor is true...

This Just In has been brought to you by....

Those who love her dearly and then some.

Crazy Staffers. Time Well Spent.

Last night was our church staff party. And let me just say.... we have some crazy staffers. Brother G and I are incredibly blessed to call each one brother and sister in Christ... family. You guys/gals help make ministry fun! Laughter was abundant.... as well as some darn amazing food too. You each are written on our hearts and throughout the moments... and we are beyond thankful. We love you!

I had to laugh after getting home... The guys kept telling me, "We'll see you tomorrow morning Camey." And I... in my foolishness kept saying, "No, you won't. I'm not at the desk until Thursday." Foolishness? Yep. I forgot the Wednesday meeting was in the morning... that today was going to be Wednesday. (Anyone ever have that happen to them? lol) We're able to laugh at each other and ourselves... and that makes it all the more alive and living.

Two things to know about each meeting:

1) we have a devotional time
2) we not only take prayer requests.... we actually pray. and not just for the sick.

This morning, it was my pleasure and privilege to bring the devotional. The scripture laid on my heart and mind was one that it etched on the creases of my hands and heart and lungs. It is written on the lines in my forehead... Psalm 118:8. I don't know where you take refuge.... but I know for me... it has always been better to take in the Lord than man..... any man..... no matter his degree, wealth, position.... whatever the case may be except Jesus. Only in the Lord...

After the meeting, Austin and I did some shopping. Brother G joined us for some lunch at Austin's request. The three of us had a good time fellowshipping together. And then, Austin and I were off for more shopping. How fun it was to watch him spend the money he has worked so hard to earn.... especially since most of it was spent on others... not himself.

Before heading back to the highly secure gated community, we stopped in to the bank. We spent some time with my cousin who is the manager there... Austin opened his first savings account with the bonus check he got for Christmas from the little store inside the highly secure gated community. It was just the right amount needed to open the account.. And after Austin completes an on-line course on "Smart Credit".... he will receive $25.00 from the bank. Not bad at all considering he had the day off.... lol

Time well spent all around.... Christmas!

It is more than one or two days a year.... or even for a season.

Changing Roles: Blurry Lines II

What an interesting time the three of us had yesterday afternoon. Hoover and mom were standing inside the entry way as I came out of our side of the house. They both looked at me and said, "Camey? You need a jacket. A light one will do." Then I realized, I wasn't dressed up enough for them. Over the years, I've become more and more casual. And yet, as they both reminded me, "Most older adults dress up to go to the doctor." Hoover is seventy-nine... She is sixty-five. So, a jacket I got.....

As we were getting into his car, hubby pulled up in the driveway. Hoover yelled out, "Hey D. I'm stealing all your women." We just laughed. Then, as he was getting into the car, my mom said, "Ask him if I have a curfew." He yelled back out as hubby hit the front door... "Do they have a curfew?" Hubby replied back, "Only Miss A." Again, laughter erupted.... Miss A of course is my mom - not me.....

As we were backing out of the drive.... mom said, "I know D. was a little frustrated with me this morning about what time we needed to leave. But I know he did not want me to get there so early that I had too much time to really fret. I know he loves me dearly." I smiled deeply. She took the time he said was needed and added thirty minutes for her version of traffic... which is more than three cars.

As mom and I were in with the doctor..... he spoke very plainly to her. Very direct. He said, "No. You do not understand. You are not accepting this." And, of course, I then had to say to her, "Mom? You cannot drive. If you do, you could not only get a ticket but also lose your license." Now, granted... she does not drive but maybe a total of 3 miles a week.... if that.... But since she has ventured out of the highly secure gated community here more recently... very direct talk was needed. Her first surgery is not until the 14th of January... the second being the 4th of February. Sometimes grace and mercy does include very direct talk.

As we went into another room for more tests... as she sat in the chair, she said, "I realize I'm being really difficult. I'm not meaning to be.. But I know I am." The woman sitting beside her shook her head and then I said, "Hey mom? I've got a witness to you saying that." We just busted out laughing and so did the woman... Sometimes laughter comes in the midst of difficult moments.

When we left his office... mom wanted ice cream. Nothing new there.... lol So, the three of us went to Braum's. As we sat in the booth, Hoover insisted we share his sundae... so we did... I'm not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate sundaes but since he bought me a spoon too.... Mom kept talking about what the doctor said. She had on a pair of glasses that looked like she had just been to a 3D movie! Of course, more laughter was had in the midst of her really wanting to stay mad and cry. She does not like to wear glasses. Period. She is greatly bothered by not being able to wear her contacts any more... And by the fact that she does indeed have to have surgeries only old people need even though she refers to herself as an "older person" all the time in her conversations with hubby, myself, and the boys especially.

We talked more a long the way home about what the doctor had said and what all was discussed. Of course, she did ask the doctor if he had talked with her son-in-law... Hubby does talk very direct with her when needed. That is a part of changing roles... He is not just her son-in-law... he is also the man of the house now even though it is still hers. It is so tender how much he loves her and she him..... As she has said, "I even have my own pastor living with me." Life... can be weird...

Changing roles... at times the lines are blurry... And yet, with His guidance... we can know that we are where He wants us to be....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love G-Town Saturday! Every day.

DONATIONS NEEDED...................
On Saturday, December 22 from 9:00am - noon volunteers will be wrapping Christmas presents at Wal-Mart in G-Town. If you would like to be a part of this, please call the church office and speak to Shelley.

This is a CHURCH WIDE event - everyone is welcome to participate. What a great way to spend a few hours showing others the love of God.. by serving them...

In order to complete this service, we are asking for rolls of wrapping paper. If you have extra rolls of Christmas paper or would like to donate some, please bring it to the physical church building on WEDNESDAY evening (or during the day) and leave it at the receptionist desk.
Your help is greatly appreciated by making Christmas a little easier for people this year.

And remember.. you can actually do this every day. We are called to love others because He first loved us.

What ways can you share His love today? This moment?

*Update: Yes, event coordinators realize this is the Saturday before Christmas.

Changing Roles: When Lines Are Blurred.

This afternoon, my mother has a doctor's appointment in the big city. It appears she might need to have surgery on her eyes. So, off the three of us will go.... my mother, her boyfriend, and her daughter....aka me. He is going to be our chauffeur. He does open her door too.

This is where the lines are blurred in changing roles. Legally, her boyfriend has no say so in her care. I do. And yet, it is clear that he loves her in his ways and does see himself as a caregiver of sorts. He took her for her eye doctor appointment last week to get her contacts renewed. Today, given that surgery is being discussed now, it is necessary for me to be there. Of course, I want to be there.

I could put up a stink and say that since he has no legal rights, it is not necessary for him to go with us. And yet, that is not what I need to do. That honestly would not help my mother today. And that is what I have to be concerned with... What will help her? Will fussing and disagreements or grace and mercy?

One thing that I have been reminded of time and time again.. It is easy to show others compassion. It can be more difficult at times to show those who are flesh and blood. It is clear that the lines are blurred...

And yet with His help and guidance... there is clarity.

A Diverse Group.

Last night we spent time with several individuals at a party. As I looked around the room, I could not help but think what a diverse group had gathered there. As the conversations flowed, again the same thought came to mind.

The man of the house and I spent some time talking. He has in recent months become one of our dearest and closest friends. Actually, him, his wife, three daughters and son have become just like... family.... He is the teacher for this particular group. He wanted to make sure Brother G and I, along with our family, was invited. As he and I talked, he said, "You know Camey.. It really is a diverse group but everyone likes it that way." I could not help but smile deeply in my soul. It is very clear who the Real Leader of the group is.....

While it is true that most there have been Christ followers for years, others are relatively new in their faith. There are individuals who have been married and with kids for years. There are some who are newly married. There are some who are single and have a child. Some are considered wealthy in the eyes of the world and others not so.... Some have known real heartaches. And yet, riches abounded in that home last night.

For if you look at who Christ had walking with Him.... that is what you find. A diverse group.....

How diversified is the group in which you walk? And who is the real leader that guides?

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bench and Her Views.

Over the course of the past few days, several have shared their stories about the bench.. pictured here The Bench... and its Views

One was a woman who sat there with a new friend. She talked about sharing with her about the man who the bench was in memory of.... How she used it as an opportunity to bring up Jesus..

Another shared how every time he sits on the bench, he is comforted. His life is rather difficult even on the days he is found on the tees. He said that God is using the bench to remind him that He can rest in Him.

One in particular greatly surprised me... the individual said, "Camey? I know that some people have said they could see Jesus in the eyes of your dad. I finally understand what they really meant. Of course, it took actually taking the time to really sit and listen to Him speak to me."

I confess to having real mixed emotions about the bench at first. And yet.... it is clear... the golf ministry is growing. And I am met with nothing but gratitude...

Warning! Context Matters.

"I need to go take a cold shower."


My mother had been putting decorations on the Christmas tree. She likes to have them "just so".... She had been working on it for some time while dressed in a wind suit and maneuvering right under an air vent blowing heat.

I've never been so thankful to be sitting in the living room working on hubby's computer knowing what she had been up to....

Context definitely matters.

Resurrection. Don's Story.

Last night I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with a family friend named Don while waiting for TfG to start. The following is only a bit of his story.... A story of resurrection.

Don used to work at the golf cart store here in the highly secure gated community. He worked tirelessly on individuals' golf carts and even sold a few himself. And yet, every time I would see Don at work.... there was no joy written on his face or alive through his body language.

Oh sure.. Don and his wife were greatly involved in our local church body through a Bible study class that meets on Sunday mornings. And yet, even with that, there was still a lack of real peace at that time in his life... He knew inside it was like he was dead. And it showed all over him on the outside.

When I realized Don and his wife were sitting to my left, I scooted over by Don and said, "What are you up to these days my friend?" And then, I got a glimpse of his face... It was brighter than any lights used to showcase those who were to be on center stage while giving a solo or singing a duet. I could not wait to hear the newest chapter in his story...

Back in July, Don got word that the chaplain at a certain place was ill and would not be able to fulfill his duties any longer. Once upon a time, Don was on staff at different churches. He felt God tugging at his heart. Needless to say, Don is now the chaplain at this certain place...

As Don shared with me about all the changes in his/their life since July, there it was... Joy. Undeniable joy. It was written in the lines and crevices of his older face. He literally glowed. He invited Brother G and I to come and visit him after the start of the new year. It would be his pleasure to give us a tour and dine with us. Nah, it really would be ours...

As he gave me his calling card, I was reminded of the numerous times daddy and I discussed Nicol Sponberg's song "Resurrection". One of the main lines in TfG is: "If God ordained it, He will make a way."

God ordained it. He made a way. A man named Don has been resurrected. We cannot wait to hear all the stories of lives that will be impacted as a result...

Do you need to be resurrected this moment? God can take the pieces in His hands and make you whole again.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gifts Come in All Sizes.

The three dinner performances of TfG are now over with. Last night was the kicker as someone gave their life to Christ... What a gift... Dancing time! Cannot wait to see how tonight goes... We're expecting the largest crowd out of all four nights...

There have been so many individuals involved in TfG. It, in fact, at times, has been amazing watching them as they come and go, doing various tasks whether known or unknown. While I have greatly enjoyed being amongst the people in the crowd.... the ones in the kitchen I have come to treasure even more than before. Our student ministry rocks! What a fantastic group we've had representing them the last few nights. Gifts indeed.

Last night as I drove in the driveway, I could see what looked like something at the front door. There was a huge box for my hubby, the boys, and my self. It was from Hoover, aka my mom's boyfriend. Inside was a gift basket filled with many treats. And while I know we will enjoy consuming every last morsel.... the real gift was the reason behind it... Love comes in many forms. And yes, I do hug him every time I see him.

This morning I am found with mixed emotions... The Sunday group is over for now.... Doors open and close. And yet, this particular day I have the incredibly blessing of filling in for a teacher who is unable to be in her class. So, 9th grade girls here I come today.... Some of the very ones that I have spent time with the last few nights at TfG in the kitchen. What gifts!

And yet, as I think about all the gifts of the last few days.... none can compare to the gift of Him. He was born as a babe to Mary and Joseph... He willingly died for you and me.... There is no gift that can ever top that.... no matter what shape and size...

Please do not miss the real gift of Christmas.