Saturday, September 15, 2007

Real Identity.

It is without question amusing to me how He speaks to me at times... Today has been one of those days....

At 10:00 a.m., Austin's mom dropped him off for his second day of work at the little store in the highly secure gated community. He had such a huge smile on his face. Austin's mom was beyond proud and yet... there is that whole... "my little boy is growing up." OH, wait... He is 6 foot 2 already.... lol Growing and stretching.... Wanting to protect and yet knowing that he must have his wings to fly.

Parker, Travis and I went to get the car I drive, but, is not ours, inspected. While we were sitting there, I couldn't help but think back to the days of when all I had to do was take the vehicle I was driving to the dealership and drive away when they were finished. I answered to "Ms. B" then... and today it was "Mrs. B's" car that was getting inspected. When I was Ms. B., I had brand new cars every six months to a year through my daddy's job. The slightest noise and the car was at the dealership and I was treated like "Mr. B's" daughter. This car is the same age as Travis and is the last purchase my daddy made. We tried to talk him out of buying it but there was no getting through to him. He was convinced the seven of us needed that third vehicle. James, the man who inspected the car today... kept coming back to me and saying, "This is wrong. It won't pass unless it's fixed." Finally, after all the others who had been in the waiting room with us had come and gone... we heard, "Ms. B.? The car is ready. It passed." Parker and Travis both said, "Thank you, God." out loud. I couldn't help but be thankful for that car and what it still is teaching us..... While I am not Ms. B. legally and haven't been for 18 years now.... the lessons I learned while being her remain to this day. I'd rather have an old car to drive and appreciate it's real value than to have a new one and not. Funny enough? The other vehicle I drive is only a year old. It is needing to be inspected too. It is also Mrs. B's. Yet... it will be the widow's daughter who takes care of getting it inspected. Vehicles I have the privilege of driving through my Father's work no doubt......

The boys and I went to Wal-Mart to shop. I sent them off to the section of the store they like to visit the most. As per usual, I ran into someone we know. We started noticing the boys walking past us but not seeing us. They hadn't stayed where they were supposed to. They had gotten tired of waiting for me and decided to try and find me. We said goodbye and I set off to help the boys learn a lesson. They finally found me in the game section where I said I would meet them. Parents... and the lessons that come with having children.

Funny enough? The someone I ran into caused the boys and several others to do a double take as we continued to shop. I've been mistaken for her numerous times since living here. While we are not twins/sisters... there is no doubt we are cousins. Our dads were brothers. Hers the oldest... mine the baby.... Mine passed away first even though they had/have the same illness... We're closer now than we ever have been before. So much more in common.... including our hair! We've both have always been "known" for it..... lol

The lawn pastor returned while I was writing this. He had finished for the day. Funny how it doesn't take as long to tend to lawns when the individuals are not home. Hmmmmm Where is home again? Hubby wants to go on a date with his wife. It will of course, all depend, upon how Austin's day at work went when he gets off....

Real identity... While all are these are some of who I am.... Who Christ is in and to me is even more so vital to my identity. Again.... like breathing...

Who holds your real identity?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Travis... On His Hair....

"It feels like I'm wearing a rug."

Specific Prayer Requests

1) Anne - mother of Angie Hillman (Os Hillman's wife). She lives in England and is having major health issues.

2) Annie - has the flu and is needing to have major dental work soon.

3) Mae - is starting water therapy today. We are now keeping record of her weight every other day.

4) Church planting/planters.....

5) Pastorless churches.....

6) Whatever is going on in your own life this moment.

On Prayer......

As I was driving Austin to school this morning.... we were talking about individuals in our lives who we are praying for.. well, not all were mentioned for in ministry at times that is not possible or permitted.... but that's not the point..

As I have stated numerous times before and will continue to until my last breath is breathed.... prayer is that to me.... it is life sustaining and life giving... it is a connection with Him like no other can be.. And I mean - no other can possibly be.

For it when listening and talking with Him that I am changed the most.... it is in letting go of my plans... thoughts... assumptions... whatever the case may be... It is in taking others before Him and laying them down at His feet and truly meaning.... whatever His will be done....

I know for some, praying, is not some thing that is easy to think of or to do.... Yet, I would give my life for those to experience for themselves the ultimate benefits of spending time with Him in prayer. Oh, wait.... Jesus already gave His life so that we have direct communication with/to Him...

If Jesus prayed while here on earth.... and the Bible says He did.... He must have thought it ultimately beneficial.... Shouldn't we then too?

On prayer...... let Him speak to you... and may you also speak to Him on behalf of others.

You've been prayed for today......

Valleys. Mountain Tops. In-Between.

This morning as I sit here reflecting over the many many conversations during the day and night.... the hugs, tears, deep pain, being fine, smiles, and dancing reminds me greatly of valleys, mountain tops, and oh yes... even the in-between..

I don't normally actually eat lunch with Ms. Mae. I fix her lunch and sit with her while she eats. Yesterday, it was clear to me that this bothered her tremendously. At first I wasn't sure why.... then, it struck me. Ms. Mae does not see me as just her servant.. she sees me as a dear friend. So, I didn't fix lunch for one.. It was for two.... the look on her face was priceless and she asked me if I'd pray for "our" lunch instead of her automatically praying like she has done. Love her like Jesus.

There's another woman who comes and stays with Ms. Mae in-between the time that I leave and when one of the immediate family comes. She came earlier than normal and I couldn't figure out why at first. Then, it struck me.... She is craving conversations with other women and not just her husband. We got to talking about the water therapy that Ms. Mae is starting today. I shared how much I had benefited from this type of therapy. The woman did not know that part of my story. The smile on her face was priceless along with the changes in her face due to a stroke she had years ago as I shared of how the Great Physician healed my body. Love her like Jesus.

Years ago we had the privilege of meeting a man and a woman at their home. We had been invited with my folks and my brother's family to share the 4th of July with them and numerous others. It became a tradition our whole family had until this year. Our friendship is deeper though the last couple of years than just the once a year visit. This man and woman are in such deep pain. Her mother's health is failing quickly. As I was in my Wednesday place in the foyer... I shared with him how our family could understand what they were going through... and he knew that all too well.... The look on his face.. the hugs..... Love him like Jesus.

The precious girl that now has a "spiritual birthday" was dancing in the foyer as she talked with her mom and my self. She was beyond excited about learning Bible verses and all the new friends she is making.... even the "adult friends"...... The look on her was priceless.. her dancing in the foyer... even more so.... Her life is not an easy one away from church... Love her like Jesus.

For those who were "fine".... there is always the question of, "Are they really?" And yet..... there are moments in life were fine does adequately describe where one is at. It can mean good.... it can mean not so much so..... it can mean a sort of limbo between bad, good or ugly. Love them like Jesus.

Who do you need to love like Jesus today? this very moment?

Where are you? in the valley, on the mountain top.... or in-between?

Jesus loves you wherever you are this very moment.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Listening As The Sun Rises

As the sun rises, there is a voice to be sought
It is found through open lines straight from your heart
Inside the pages of His Word breathes true life

Whether the sun be behind a cloud or in plain sight
If the wind blows hot or cold - perhaps sits still
Listening as the sun rises with hands up in the air

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Austin starts his job at the highly secure gated community's little store this Friday. Thank you to those who prayed for him and/or were willing to be references for him.

If you live in the highly secure gated community, make sure you look for him when shopping there. He's looking forward to the pleasure of seeing familiar faces and being of service to you.

A grateful mother

Thoughts for Today..

The last few days have been so incredibly busy... This morning came and I found myself not wanting to leave the house. Hubby and I walk through our day together as a part of our morning time with each other. He prayed not only for me but for the women who were going to be sitting in the class with me today. He also said that he knew something really powerful was going to happen because it so often does when I am at my weakest.

This morning started the parenting Bible study in which I am facilitating this semester. There were 3 women signed up officially... That's not how many ended up being there... It was tripled with the word that 6 more are due next week. Since I knew ahead of time that two of the women who had originally signed up weren't going to be there... I didn't want them to be behind next week especially knowing their stories.. I asked the Lord for guidance on what to do today.... for and with those who would be there... The answer came and I went with it...

When class was over.... it was apparent, yet again. When I let the chains fall away... and really let Him be in total control... there is such incredible freedom. I am no expert as a parent. I have made my share of mistakes. I have asked for forgiveness from not only God but my hubby and whatever child(ren) involved.

I started the class off by sharing from my heart and had everyone go around the table and share from theirs, and the room was filled with His presence. I could have started with the DVD right when the clock ticked 9:30 a.m.

My thoughts today..... He always knows better than I do. And sometimes He uses my hubby's encouragement and prayers to help guide me.

I believe, we, as Christ-followers, are called to be of encouragement to one another.

Be of encouragement to someone today. It just might make them want to leave the house instead of going back to bed and hiding under the covers.

May He truly receive all the praise and glory!