Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dangerous Prayers!

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've had several individuals inquire about "dangerous prayers". I thought I would take a bit of time today to explain and to share a tad of what is going on these days in our life's moments.

Some time ago, God really convicted me about my praying life. Notice - I did not say my prayer time? Praying cannot help but draw one closer to God. And praying should never be just about ones own life. Praying for other individuals is a privilege and a pleasure even if what is going on in their life's moments are wrecked with pain or the happiest of times or in-between. Just like it should be with our own.

In praying dangerous prayers - I ask God to make Himself known to my self and others in ways that there can be no doubt that it is Him. That wherever one is at, whatever doing or have done - to know God's presence and His love personally. Dangerous prayers involves risk. It involves not staying the same but being moved beyond ones own self. To see those around them as God does. To go where they themselves might not ever want to go on their own.

Over the last few months - I've had some of the most intense moments spent in prayer. Some praising God, thanking Him. Others - listening and not talking. And of course, conversing with my Father. The One who is in first place in my life. In truth, some of most intense ones have happen the last two weeks - especially while hubby was in Illinois.

I have not been called to the wisdom of this world. I have been called to love God and love people. To minister to the seen and unseen wherever they may be. To make the Gospel known and alive and breathing. And my husband has been called to the same. Our family has. When we walked away from the life we had known Memorial Day weekend back in 2005 - make no mistake about it... we were sent to where we are currently. I would have never come here on my own as so many of you know. For in coming here - it meant my parents were no longer able to live on their own. It would mean at some point my daddy going to Heaven as he did in Nov of 06. It would mean being back in the daily grind of living with my mom who suffers with mental illness. Again, I would have never come here on my own. I came... we came because we were sent. We live sent. That's what I mean by lifestyle missionary. And it is dangerous. It caused us to give away and/or sell almost every single thing we had the pleasure of being entrusted to us... a house, one of two vehicles, a dog, a church body we had loved for 15 years and had served with and seen our sons come to know Jesus personally, being baptized, and etc. Not to mention saying goodbye to dear friends who had been such a part of our life's moments on a daily basis as well as hubby's job with the same company for 17 years. And yes, to insurance even.

My husband left last Saturday for Illinois to preach, teach, minister and etc. to another church body and community there. This was the 3rd time he has been sent there since we've been here. I knew before he left - this time was different through praying. And it was.... and is... Our hearts have been stirred again. We have clearly known God's presence more than ever before and have heard Him speaking in our lives and out of them. And God has used others in ways that are beyond words. To all those whom have been praying - thank you... and please do not stop now.

So, dear reader, I ask you.... if you claim to be a Christ-follower or a Christian, how is your praying life?

If God asked you to give up and leave the life you know currently - would you be willing to do so?

When others hear your name do they think of how you show God's love or do they wonder if you even know Him at all?

What do you need to pray dangerous prayers about? For it is not some thing only a woman named Camey can do.

And remember - any time you think I'm pointing fingers at you... I've got some pointing right back at me.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And it IS dangerous indeed.

Much love,