Saturday, July 14, 2007

People. Places. Things.

This morning when a certain friend walked back into his home, he found his little girl hiding her eyes and counting with Ms. Camey to ten. His youngest son and our younger boys were playing hide-n-seek with us. We haven't known them long and yet.... it is safe to say... with us they belong. His wife takes care of other people's children in a different sort of way and yet the same. Little children.... Jesus loves them. Even when they forget and skip straight to 10 from 5.

Her name is Teresa. We met back when my daddy and her brother were both in the same hospital. We spent several days in the waiting room area together given there were only certain times when we were allowed to go back and see them since they were in ICU then. I had the privilege of praying with their family on a couple of different occasions during that time period. I also read certain passages from the Bible as well. We realized we were all from G-town. I ran into Teresa and her hubby not long ago at Wal-Mart. We recognized each other immediately even though it had been since September since we had seen each other. Teresa had just had surgery and was in such pain.... her brother lives with them. She was sorry to hear about my daddy passing on but wasn't honestly surprised by the news. I gave her my number and we hugged. Today, I ran into Teresa, her hubby, and another friend of theirs who they have now taken in too. We were walking through the line at CiCi's together. She told me that she was glad to see me because she had been thinking about calling me. I told her that I have continued to pray for her and their family. The guy living with them turned to me and said.... "Oh, you're Camey." Her hubby said, "Yep... that's her alright." The manager at CiCi's is a bud of mine..... he made sure that they went home with more pizza than what they had purchased. When we were walking out of Wal-Greens a few minutes later.... I heard, "TERESA! There's Camey again." It was their friend staying with them. He is now my friend too.

I had $18.00 on me when we were leaving CiCi's... I made sure to leave a $2.00 tip on the table. When I went to get hubby's dry cleaning, it dawned on me.... "Do I have enough cash?" The thought of getting more money meant driving through what some people call traffic. I call it G-town's version of a single street where we used to live. But clearly most don't know how to handle it. I decided to see if I had enough first...... Sure enough $15.36 was all that was needed.

In the midst of this day the younger boys have been with me each step of the way... Their daddy has either been texting me sweet messages or on the phone giving me the last updates on where exactly they are at. In a couple of hours, hubby and Austin will be home. Funny thing is in so many ways they were never gone.

People. Places. Things. They are connected after all. Thank you God for the gifts of today.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 8 - Quiet Time Devotion

This is just a portion of the devotion that Austin wrote for the mission trip he is currently on.... they return tomorrow night.

Congratulations! You've made it through the trip, and everyone on the bus is probably grumpy and dog-dead tired. Well, snap out of it! There's still two more devotions to do!

Read Colossians 4: 2-6. This is Paul's closing letter to the church of Colosse, and as you're reading it or as you read it, you should be feeling some deja-vu right? Isn't this what we did on mission trip? Spread the mystery of Christ at every available opportunity? Some of you are probably thinking, "Oh yeah, we did." Well, guess what? It's not over yet. It's never over. That verse sums up our missions as Christians: to proclaim the mystery of Christ. Whether you realize it or not, that mission isn't supposed to be carried out just on trips like this. It's meant 24/7, 365.

The first part of that verse tells you to devote yourself to prayer. Well, what kind of prayer? Anything and everything. I'm sure that you met plenty of people this week that brought a smile to your face. Pray for these people; even if you don't know the names, God knows, so just specific, like "I want to pray for the guy I met at the YMCA Tuesday." It's important that we bring everything before God: requests, concerns, praise, hurts, anything and everything. Prayer is how we talk to God. So, if we like talking to our friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, then we should enjoy talking with God too. Right now, take a few minutes to pray for everything that happened during the trip; who you met, what happened, any annoying obstacles, or anything else from the trip that's on your mind.

You probably don't know how much of an impact you've made on these people this week. We took time and money and body odor to help these people out and get to know them. A song I enjoy listening to starts out like this: "Nobody knows who I really am; I've never felt this empty before, and if I ever need someone to come along, who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong?". You talked to a lot of people this week about Christ, some who maybe have never heard the name "Jesus". These people probably have felt the way the song talks about more than once. We might not be the ones to be there and keep them strong, but we did introduce them to someone who can: God. Use how you've talked and acted this week whenever you can; make it your 'default' attitude. As Christians, we are called to be light upon His word. Well, we can be that light everywhere: at school, at work, everywhere! Paul says, "Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity." You have more opportunities around you than you realize. We just have to get out of the box to see them. Right now, think about and write down 3 persons or 3 ways you, in your daily life, can make the most of every opportunity to spread the word of God. Share those 3 things you wrote down with a friend, and make commitments to fulfill those 3 things. Hold each other accountable for them. Start practicing now, in your conversing with friends on this bus, to "be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone". When we get back, be sure to thank everyone that paid your way or know you. Be sure to hug them, shake their hand, whatever, but tell them how much they mean to you. And be sure to get plenty of sleep, because on Monday, guess what we get help out with? VBS at our church back home! ............

Austin's mom challenges you with his words to:

1) Right now.... think about and write down 3 persons or 3 ways you, in your daily life, can make the most of every opportunity to spread the word of God.

2) Share those 3 things you wrote down with a friend and make commitments to fulfill those 3 things.

3) Ask your friend to hold you accountable for them.

Rest. Rain. Brenda.

After the repair man left, the younger boys and I headed to the highly secure gated community club's pool. It was cloudy outside and hubby had just told me via phone that we were expecting heavy rains again here. (my weatherman - lol) I told the boys I didn't know how long we would get to stay. That didn't really matter to them.....

The water was amazing. There was maybe 20 people tops. Most of them weren't in the pool. There was a lite sprinkle coming down on us. We had purchased a couple of noodles yesterday and I was just floating in the deep end. The boys were monkeying around... I offered to give Parker the noodle I was using since Travman had the other one. He swam over to me and gave me a hug (in public people) and said, "Mom, you use it and just enjoy resting in the pool."

The lifeguard keeping watch over the deep end and I kept hearing thunder. And then sure enough.... it started raining harder. The boys and I got out.... we were dripping wet from head to toe... And no, I had not gotten my head under water.. I was splashed several times and with the rain falling down - it was natural.... Man, I love that.

The boys and I got out into the van and decided we were hungry. There's a place about a half a mile from the back gate... we headed to it. Almost immediately..... we saw her..... Her name is Brenda. There was a slight drizzle coming down and no question I was going to offer her a ride again even though she did not have her thumb out signaling she wanted a ride. I stopped the van and rolled down the window... She looked up at us (read: she was walking with her head down as she usually does) and I asked her.... "Brenda, would you like a ride?" She said she was wanting to walk and thanked me as she always does. As soon as we drove on... it started raining a bit harder.

As we were driving back from Tommy's..... Brenda had not made it very far... But she was in the process of getting out her umbrella. She had indeed come prepared to walk in the rain. We've come to look for Brenda every single time we are on the highway heading to and from the back gate of the highly secure gated community. When we do not see her for a couple of days... we all wonder where she is and if she's okay.

In order to know her name, Brenda, meant getting involved in her life. And having her become a part of ours as well. I realize there are some who might say, "But Camey? You shouldn't pick up hitchhikers." Really? I shouldn't? If she were to walk into our church, having been dropped off by someone unseen & unknown, I would offer her a ride home. What is the difference between the church "building" and the highway?

Where is your highway in life? Who do you pass by without giving more than a second thought to or glance? If you were walking on the highway, wouldn't you want someone to care enough to ask why and offer you a ride? And wouldn't you want them to know you by your name? Even if you come prepared to walk in the rain?

Funny How That Works Like That

So today has found me waiting for the refrigerator repair man. Our main frig has been out of service since July 4th night. When we first moved in with my folks in 2005, the decision to keep our old frig was made given the fact there was seven of us ranging in ages from a 2nd grader to 64. It quickly found its new home in the garage. MAN, are we ever thankful for that frig! At times when something can be a luxury and not a need... it has definitely fulfilled a need now.

Last Friday, I posted about our missionaries needing vans in Kentucky. I requested anyone that could be of help to contact me.... Eh..... I didn't need to be contacted because God already had all that worked out even better than we could have dreamed. More on that to come!

A couple of weeks ago I took the younger boys to the highly secure gated community club's pool. Frankly? It was one of those times when I really didn't want to go... but we did. Long/short. Today I rec'd a phone call from someone who I talked with while we were at the pool. Please pray for this family.

The last time my side of the family (read: my folks, the five of us and my brother's five) went on vacation was in the summer of 2005 to Branson. It really wasn't a vacation for numerous reasons I won't go into now. My mom and Hoover are going to Branson on a trip. I am thankful that mom didn't sell her/dad's timeshare after he passed on. She could have especially given the 2005 trip's memories. Now her and Hoover will be making new ones. The five of us are staying here and yet it will be a bit of a vacation time. Life is weird people. God is good.

The repair man is here now and is talking with my mom. It is her house after all. Remember... I said at the start that I was waiting for the repair man. She doesn't like to be left alone with a stranger in the house. I would have let the repair man come on Monday when he first called. Since this is her house.... we do most things her way. Oh lessons in life daily......

Funny how that works like that huh? How's your life funny these days?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frank Conversations.

Today has been one of those days. I picked up the phone this afternoon when I knew I had some time to talk and called her. No wonder she has been on my mind and heart so heavily. No wonder. Words cannot adequately describe our friendship. The depths of the bottom of the sea have been scraped more times than not. We understand each other as only someone who has walked in similar shoes can. Serious health issues can do that. Literally not knowing what to hope or expect can....

We talked about the fact that we've known each other for 7 years now. If I even began to really write what all has transpired in that time... you honestly would have to refresh the page to make sure you were still reading the same blog. Please continue to pray for Lisa. For even though I do not walk the road with her the same as I once did.... I wouldn't change one moment of time spent with her then or now. In truth..... our friendship is as deep as it is because we're not afraid - nor have been... to have frank conversations. And I know that even though she is thankful I was healed... she wonders why she is not. There are times when answers just simply aren't known to questions such as these. And yet I know.... Lisa loves God more so today than yesterday... even though she's got a 24 hour pump following through her veins for only He knows how long. These are the moments when I am thankful for His mercy and grace that even when we need to curl up in His lap... we can come to Him as we are.... children.

It is when He is carrying us that the frank conversations of life can lift us up and give hope no matter what tomorrow holds.

Trouble. Open Hearts.

There are individuals that come into our lives that we simply cannot help but come to immediately love. Trouble is her name. She wears it well. Of course it's not her actual name but the one given to her sometime ago now. I spent some quality time with her today. She was volunteering as she does so often to do whatever needs to be done. She had just been to the beauty shop and was wearing an even bigger smile than her hair was tall. When the younger boys and I first got there - spending time with Trouble wasn't even on my calendar for today. Am I ever so thankful for time spent with her!

She shared with me about reading Austin's devotional for the mission trip... When I told her about what has been taking place with him lately, she said, "I knew something like that was going on. Can that kid of yours write or what? What a heart!" She went on to ask about a certain special man in her life..... aka my hubby. One of the sweetest things about Trouble is her love for our family. If hubby doesn't get over to her quickly enough to give her a hug - she definitely lives up to each and every letter of Trouble. When he teaches on Wednesday nights - you can always be sure that Trouble has something to say to him or about him or in regards to what he is teaching on. We simply love our Trouble. The fact that she called hubby, "Preacher boy" today was priceless. I can't wait to tell him that one.

As I discussed in an earlier post, I've been given a new nickname by the younger boys and that certain waitress that we love... the Questionater. Funny enough? Trouble beats me every single time in the amount of questions she asks..... and how deep they are. Who knows? Maybe I am taking some of my cue from her huh? After all..... I've been told I'm trouble more often here lately than not. Of course I am young enough to be Trouble's granddaughter and I do have her first name for my middle name. I accept her without question as a grandmother figure in my life. It is a privilege to sit at her feet and listen to her years of wisdom. I may or may not always see eye to eye with Trouble. That's not the point.... Open Hearts are.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's Splashes

1)Amazing Grace... (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin. HIS mercy & love ......none can compare.

2) A meeting today. I enjoyed listening to the others involved. I think they can all stand to be a little bit more passionate about their jobs. (I am so incredibly blessed to have ya'll in my life.)

3) Lunch with a woman and her three children that I really didn't know that well until today. The conversation was well worth eating at McD's. Our kids hung out well together. How funny that two have the same the exact birthday.

4) Dinner with another woman and two of her children that I really didn't know that well until tonight. How great to hang out with four of our children - with our husbands gone and just chill. Of course two of her children are with my hubby....

5) Funny how one can enjoy chilling like that and miss two people so incredibly much. I am thankful for cell phones that can make a voice in Kentucky sound like it is in the room. Even with that said..... there is no voice that compares to that of our Father. I am so grateful to be a wife and mother. Even more so.... HIS child.

6) Tonight there is a woman preparing for surgery in the morning. Please pray for her.... While the surgery is not all that serious of one..... It still is surgery... a hospital... Her name is Carolyn. We love her dearly. She is a precious friend. The lawn pastor will be at her side even from Kentucky. More important - her faith in God will sustain her.

7) Earlier today I was introducing myself to a woman that I had never seen before. Funny enough she says to me, "Oh, you're Camey! I was looking for you yesterday." Turns out she went to the wrong hospital in regards to Jerry. I recounted to her to a bit of what transpired. All the while she was really giving me the once over..... Funny enough... I think by the time we finished the conversation it didn't matter that I didn't fit the look of the person she was looking for yesterday. My clothes were dirty.... My hair was long and straight... And I didn't have a dress or skirt and blouse on. I am who I am... There is none that compares to the ONLY I AM.

8) There's this person in a city about an hour and a half away from here. I cannot get this person off my mind tonight. It's too late to call her.... Thankfully.... I can talk to HIM any time. My prayers are with you.... If I could take your pain away.... and yet I know all too well that God is using you through it. There was a time when you would have taken my pain away if you could have.... That's what real friendship is about... Being with each other through joys and agony. Lisa...... please pray for her.

9) The room is completely dark right now with the exception of what is coming off the computer screen.... I have music playing ever so quietly as I sit here writing. The other three are asleep in the house.......

10) This another time.... when praise & prayer is worth more than words can say....

Walking With A Big Grin

There's a certain guy I know who is walking with a big grin. He simply cannot help himself. It is beyond cute and funnysweet (my new word) and stems from an overflowing of his heart.

When I first saw him today... We hugged and I congratulated him on his recent marriage to a great gal. Later, he was bouncing down the stairs like Tiggggerrr on steroids. Oh my..... too dang darn sweet.

How long has it been since the overflow of your heart caused you to be walking with a big grin?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life is Stranger Than Fiction Part II

In our last episode - the younger boys and I were headed out in the van to pick up two other children (read: actually they're teenagers) and spend some time at the highly secure gated community club's pool. And yes, I was wearing my swimsuit with my towel wrapped around most of my body. Then suddenly.....

Three doors down I noticed the commotion going on outside of our dear friends' house. The security guard just glared at me when I turned around in the middle of the street. (Okay.. you would have to if you had seen where I turned around.) I dropped the boys off back at the house, got my mother and ran down the Wetles.

Since we went in through the garage door - the security guard decided to not come after us. Inside we found our dear Peggy looking frantically for papers for her precious hubby Jerry. He is laid out on a gurney with several paramedics around him. It's clear - they are taking him to the hospital. I immediately ran back home and changed clothes and told the boys to do whatever their grandmother told them to. Hospital mode - they are so accustomed to it. I had the privilege of driving Ms. Peggy's caddy so that the dear woman didn't have to. We chatted non-stop along the way to the hospital in GR following the ambulance. Our cell phones ringing off the - well, technically, wall doesn't fit here does it?

Upon arriving Jerry was taken back and they began working on him. The man had been out working in his yard from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. - he (72) clearly had heat exhaustion. As Peggy and I were sitting out in the waiting room until she could go back to see him - the two main paramedics came into the room. I told the men my name and thanked them for taking such great care of Jerry. The younger parademic of the two started talking to the receptionist. He was recounting to her the loss of his 31-year old wife just 3 weeks ago. He had such huge tears streaming down his face. I told him that while I could not understand first hand the loss of a spouse - I could someone who I had loved beyond words. He then said to me, "Yes, I know who you are. I remember you and your dad coming into the fire station numerous times. I knew you were his daughter the first time you came in with him because you both had that smile about you." The older one then said, "Yes, wasn't your dad a pastor?" Peggy immediately jumped in and said, "No, he wasn't a pastor but he might as well have been given all the people he ministered to over the years." The older one went on to tell us about having back surgery recently. We talked about pain... life... God. I gave the younger one my number and told him to call if we could be of any help to him and his 7-year old son. We hugged and again - huge tears.

Peggy was finally allowed to go back and see her precious Jerry. As I waited in the waiting room - her daughter and two granddaughters came in. We exchanged hugs. She is a nurse and couldn't wait to get back to see him. Yet, only one family member could at a time. We talked about women's ministry and life to pass the time. You could tell - she needed to see him for herself. Peggy finally came out and off Beverly went...... Jerry was doing much better.

We continued talking... Peggy, the girls and I until Beverly came back out... Yes, in her heart/mind... Jerry was going to be okay. Peggy immediately sent me back to the highly secure gated community to rescue my mom. I had noticed Peggy's car was almost empty so I made sure to put $10.00 worth of gas in it on my way back. Something I learned from my daddy many, many years ago.... I wasn't sure where I would find my mom and the boys... but I had hope. I drove up into the main parking lot area of the clubhouse and sure enough.... There was the van. My mom had not only driven her own grand kids to the pool but had indeed gone by and picked up the other two as well. She was sitting there eating french fries while drinking a Coke and talking to another close friend from church. And yes, soon enough there was Hoover and they were off. I was beyond proud of my mom. That close friend was off as well....

I sat at the pool and visited with a lady from church who I honestly didn't really know until today. She asked me to share about our family and when I was finished - she thanked me for providing her with such encouragement and hope. There were two teenage girls sitting there listening and soon enough... they were talking with me. After an hour and a half or so... I gathered up the kids and we left in Peggy's caddy. The other kids thanked me for going to the pool even though they would have liked to have stayed longer. They understood I needed to get Peggy's car back to her. Our boys told me they were proud of their grandma too as we pulled into the driveway.

I returned Peggy's caddy back into her garage and walked into the house through the backdoor. Sitting in the living room was Peggy, Sammy, Belinda and their son, Jay. Jerry was just getting out of the shower in their bedroom. He walked into the room and we hugged. As I was sitting there in that living room - I couldn't help but take it all in. You would never in a million years know that Jerry is not their biological dad and grandpa by watching and listening to their grown children.

Peggy and Jerry were really close to my dad. Sammy, his wife Belinda and their son, Jay were too. It was natural that he was a part of the conversation as well. Jerry, in fact, was there when daddy passed on. Before leaving - I made a point to talk eye to eye with Sammy while shaking his hand. Sammy is a pharm. rep...... I made it clear that our family did not think in any way shape or form that a certain med had any thing to do with what happened to daddy the night he had the heart attack. Sammy said that it meant alot to him that I told him that. He didn't know that I had been praying for the opportunity to do so face to face. Goodbyes and hugs - and the promise to let the lawn pastor take care of the lawn were taken care of as I walked out the door.

Upon entering the house.... I knew she was laying on her bed. My mother and Hoover had originally been scheduled to play golf today. We talked about all that had transpired. She said what happened today was a wake up call to her because she had been pushing herself so hard lately to play golf when there was actually sunshine instead of pouring rain. She gets overheated rather easily you see.

Life is stranger than fiction but I wouldn't trade it for all the money and success in the world. Now THAT has to be HIM!

Please pray for the Wetle family, Jason Tate and his son Kolbi, and Mr. Stanley.

Life is Stranger Than Fiction

1) Prayer request from Austin in Pikeville, Kentucky.... His other toe will be needing surgery when he returns. Please pray for him to stay focused on the MISSION and not his toe. Of course, I'm praying it will just be healed!

2) Prayer request - Campground in GR rec'd damaged Sunday. Mitchell is on the Mission Trip.

3) Prayer request - Dear friends are trying to buy some property. Pray for God's will to be done no matter what that is.

4) Prayer request - The bus driver. Since there were no vans....... 'Nough said.

5) Prayer request - The project sites & all involved. Much more involved than realized. Remember - they are working in the mountains.

6) Prayer request - The children are responding great to VBS there in Kentucky. Pray that it will have a lasting impact on their hearts/lives. Pray for their families.

The younger boys and I are heading to the highly secure gated community club's pool. We will have two other kids with us as their mother is out of the area working today. Pool ministry is one way God continues to stretch me. lol

Question: How are you being stretched today?

Monday, July 9, 2007

While We Were Out

The younger boys and I headed into town. For those who don't know or haven't quite grasp it yet - that's a good 15 minutes away from the highly secure gated community we live in. Yes, even going 65 to 70 in parts. (that's legal)

Tonight, fast food just wasn't on our menu. We found ourselves going to a familiar place to see a certain waitress. On the main road in town, the boys and I were talking away. They came up with a new nickname for me..... The Questionater. I am so very guilty of asking questions it seems. Laughter erupted and smiles were beyond big. Before we arrived at our destination - plans for in the morning were made with the ring of my phone. Before - there had been none written on my calendar.

When we walked into the restaurant, I asked the hostess if our certain waitress was there. You see, when we go there - we sit in her section on purpose. She walked over to us and immediately smiled huge. Hugs were given. As she went to get our drink order, the three of us held hands and Parker prayed aloud. We almost always pray for our waitress or waiter thanks to a sermon hubby preached some time ago now. God really used that sermon to speak to our family directly and none of us have forgotten its lesson. We didn't even have to ask her if we could pray for her or what to pray about. The boys know her.... they love her. They are thankful that their mommy does too. When I shared with her about my new nickname, she said, "Oh, DO I EVER understand that one!" Again, laughter and riches abounded.......

As we were eating.... this boy starts walking by and cannot help but to stop and talk to us. He pointed where he and his family were seated at. We went on to talk about his life in general. Thanks to the Questionater.... certain subjects were inquired about as they always are with him. He then went on his way.

The boys and I finished up our delicious dinner, ice cream and shake. I asked them questions... They gave me answers and asked me right back. Laughter kept raising the bar on how rich we each were inside and out. Far more so than the chocolate shake could ever dream of being. We gave our hugs and our 'love yous' to our certain waitress... and the boys did a "spinach check" on their mom. Funny thing about me and Southwestern Egg rolls - I can't eat them without getting spinach in my teeth. And yes, that's partly why I order them.

As we were walking to the front door of the restaurant, we passed by the boy's table. His mother it seems is a waitress there as well. I did not know her until tonight. The boy kept looking me and smiling at me because I was asking not only his mother questions but his younger siblings some as well. And yes, I gave them my number. If you tell someone they can call you any time - it's the least you can do..... As I started to walk away from the table... he grabbed my hand and hugged me tight. A couple of other waitresses walked up and said, "Oh yeah.. We know about you. You're Camey." The boy along with my own sons said, "Yes, she is." in unison while laughing.

When we got into the van to head home, I turned on the radio as I normally do. When we were on the highway that takes us to the highly secure gated community..... a certain song came on. It was a song that always made my daddy cry no matter if it was Selah or Josh Groban singing it. It's called "You Raise Me Up".......

While we were out......... HE understood better than any of us.

Laughter is Rich!

The younger boys and I are preparing to go out. We've been at home for over 24 hours now straight.

Parker (the redhead) says to me, "Well, we have been cooped up for so long now! We need to get out of here."

Funny enough... just Saturday - he was the one talking about how great it was to be able to stay at home.

Laughter is rich.... I am beyond wealthy....

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Testimonies & Prayer Requests

It's Sunday afternoon and once again stormin' and pourin' here in G-town, Texas. Here's just a samplin' of some testimonies and prayer requests.

1) Ms. Melissa was giving testimony last night at the highly secure gated community's pool about our church. She spoke of how it had really ministered and reach out to their whole family. Even though they have sold their home and will be moving to a town nearby - they have already started visiting churches there. She said that the bar had been raised because of their time with us. Some of you may remember the long list of questions Ms. Melissa had for me, Dr. J, Randal, hubby, and anyone else who would listen. I'll never forget her leaning over to me and asking, "Do you people really want individuals to go down front?" during a time of invitation at the end of worship. Of course, I got in trouble for talking. Gotta love it! And we love Ms. Melissa, Mr. Pat, and their two precious sons. It is so wonderful to see how God continues to transform their lives. Thanks to those who invested in each of them and as a family.

2) This morning at the end of the 2nd service, testimony was heard by the drummer of the Praise & Worship team. It was powerful. It was moving. What made it better? He shared how the last two weeks have been in his life and about how he was woken up at 3:00 a.m. this morning. He couldn't help but to testify as to what God was doing in his life!

3) Back some time ago now - I had left my classroom after 20 minutes of waiting for someone to show up. 5 minutes after I left - 3 visitors showed up looking for my class. I vowed then to never leave until time for it to be over even if I looked darn foolish sitting there all by myself. Today....... Britti and baby Corbin showed up late. Really late. But they were there! Britti's blood pressure is great and Corbin is such a doll. This was the first time I had seen either one of them since he was born. The lesson for today was "What Time Is It?" with Scripture references being Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The blue carnation a few weeks ago was to celebrate Corbin's birth.

4) Eating lunch with Parker, Travis, my mom and Hoover proved to be quite funny. The pizza was good but the fellowship was even better. And yes, mom told us we were free to leave before her and Hoover were through. It was sweet and tender holding hands to pray as our family is accustomed to doing.

5) Prayer requests:

- Our missionaries as they are heading from Tennessee to Kentucky. The request is specifically in regards to the bus driver.

- Those affected by previous flooding and what is coming down now.

- Britti, baby Corbin and all involved.

- The woman and man at Pizza Hut sitting by the buffet.

- AP's health and her whole family.

- The Howland family.

- Those on the verge of making huge life changing decisions. That they may have the courage to trust in the Lord and lean not unto their own understanding. He always understands better than any of us ever could.

Do you have a testimony or prayer request today? Feel free to comment.