Saturday, June 16, 2007

This. That. In-between.

Last night hubby, myself, Aus, Trav and Park sat around the dinner table. Several items were discussed. Of course each had input on the whole "CANCELLED" or postponed debate. Hubby, Trav and Park all agreed with Kathy in that postponed sounds better. Aus agreed with Dawn and my self. The conversation was totally hilarious. Voices got a little raised in volume and passion as each one stated their position. Did I mention how much we enjoy sitting around the dinner table together as a family? So, while it may seems like we were divided on the subject ...... actually we were together...

B got to come home from the hospital last night with baby Corbin. Keep praying for her and all involved. No..... I haven't seen her. She has been needing rest and I have honored that request. Yes, that has been tough for me but not really. Why? It's not necessary to push too hard. Well, except when having a baby. (read: lame attempt at humor there) I hope to see her tomorrow. And yes, please keep praying for all involved.

The big sale is going good. Park took some great pics yesterday and I hope to have those up some time before the weekend is up. There was this little old lady who stayed for 30 minutes if not longer looking thru all the stuff. Park helped her out to where her daughter was parked. She asked if she could hold his hand because she needed a little help. We watched as Park held her hand while carrying her bag of goodies in the other. You should have seen the expression on their faces. Pure joy.

One of hubby's titles is lawn pastor. For those of you who know him - you'll understand that title all too well. He has numerous individuals whose yards he takes care of for various reasons. When he is leaving, he says to me, "I'm going to..... Don't know when I'll return. Depends upon how long of a visit they're needing." With his cowboy hat and work boots on - he can listen and give care like no body else's business. For "Ms. Know-It-All" and her Emmitt.... I don't honestly know who enjoys their visits more. And yes..... the yard always looks good when he's finished. Their hearts... hopefully more at peace. Their smiles and hugs - melts him just as much. Of course... hubby doesn't call her "Ms. Know-It-All"..... he just can't. That was a title my dad gave to her and she thinks it a hoot.... She laughs when I call her that. Oh.... little things in life...

After dinner, we headed to the club pool. Park and Trav had presented a darn good case. The sun was shining... the pool would close before the time the VBS event would have even started had it not been CANCELLED.... How could we resist? All three boys swam and hung out with friends. I visited with a dear friend and then hung out with hubby and the nats. One of the lifeguards kept laughing at me for swatting... the nats - not hubby. I imagine I did look goofy. I was laughing and swallowed at least one nat. They were too small to taste like chicken. Hubby pushed Park into the pool. He was completely caught off guard. It would have been worth it to have chicken at the club pool.

Hubby is at the big sale. He made me breakfast and served it to me in bed before heading out. He does that most Saturdays. Mom is drinking her coffee having made it thru what would have been her and dad's 45th wedding anniversary yesterday. I am thankful for Hoover. When he walked into the house yesterday morning - he told her how beautiful she looked. He fixed her lunch and dinner at his place. They hung out and watched The US Open and a basketball game before he brought her home at 11:00 p.m. And all the neighbors know... he walks her up to the front door and they kiss.

Our lives are crazy. The younger boys and I are heading out the door to go work the big sale. Later hubby and I will go out on the town with our best couple friends. Aus is looking forward to having some computer time now. He has been called to ministry. Joy and blessings abound.

Praise & Prayer

Often I'm asked how I start my day. Why some of you find that fascinating is beyond me but here you go....

Praise and prayer. It sounds so simple and it is. For me, listening to music and singing praise to God or uttering thanksgiving whether aloud or not is the best way to start each and every morning. Prayer is like breathing for me. The older I've gotten.... the more cherished that time has become. Praise and prayer are treasures. I do not believe them to be only for Sunday mornings or whenever one might attend some kind of service at a building labeled a church.

I realize that not everyone is comfortable in praying before other people. However.... when talking about praying to God... if you could just look at it like talking to the one who knows you best. You don't have to put up pretenses. You don't have to be someone you're not. For some it is uncomfortable to think about the fact that He knows you inside and out. Every little secret. Where every little piece of dirt and slim might be. Instead of being uncomfortable about that - think about how truly freeing it is.... He sees and knows every thing and instead of walking away from you - He wants you to come closer to Him. He wants to come closer to you. What I really want you to think about though is not your self.... Think about Him. Who He truly is...

It is my hope and yes... my prayer that when you stop and think about The Name Above All Names - praise and prayer will become the first things for you each day. And yes, spend time devouring His Word... It is alive. It can breathe into your life like no other book you could possible read.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cancelled?? Can We Say That in Ministry?

CANCELLED. There I said it. Even though the sun is currently shining, our VBS pool adventure for tonight has been cancelled. The threat of rain just too high to risk it. Fortunately, the city pool people agreed that they did not want us to waste the church's money on an event that might only last 5 minutes.

Cancelled.... this nine letter word started a discussion that I found rather interesting. Kathy, aka Jim's wife, said that this word should never be used in ministry. She thought postponed sounded so much better. Dawn, aka our preschool director, and I thought it perfectly acceptable to say CANCELLED. For tonight.... it was cancelled.

Now... hopefully, next Friday night we will be able to have our annual VBS registration night at the public pool.. But even that is iffy given what our weather has been doing lately. Postponed means - it will happen at another date and time. We don't actually know that to be the case. VBS is coming up on us in less than a month. We are still having our registration gig the night before it starts and of course opening morning. While it would be nice to have it - it's not a necessity.

Do you agree or disagree? Can we say cancelled in ministry?

What's Appropriate to Wear???

There's a serious conversation taking place between Mom and Hoover. (yes, that is his real name for those who don't know that already) Since I'm sitting here using hubby's computer in the living room, naturally I'm hearing every single word of it... She keeps including me by asking me questions. He keeps asking me if I agree or not.

The conversation is about what is appropriate to wear. Mom thinks only collared shirts and absolutely no tank tops. Hoover thinks that whatever the head organization says ought to be the set policy. Trav just did a drive by comment and says he thinks t-shirts are more comfortable and allows for more flexibility.

So let me ask you for your input on this highly debatable subject......

What do you think is appropriate to wear when playing golf?

It's Still Pouring.. Pool?

Tonight is suppose to be our annual VBS registration event at the public pool. It's still pouring. Funny thing about having it at the public pool? The city can close the pool down without asking whether or not we think it is safe to still go in the water or not. Or if any one would even dare since they're more likely to get all wet without even having one toe touch the water inside the pool's domain.

Of course, it could clear up and the night air could be refreshing. The public pool tonight...... It could still happen. The city is not the ultimate authority. Some times the church isn't either.

Part the waters Lord....

It's raining today... In fact, it's pouring... The big sale is going on... actually open to the public. Did I mention it's pouring?? You ought to hear the thunder... Perhaps you do given where you are.

It reminds me of the song, "Part the Waters Lord... I Need Thee Every Hour" by Selah. How often do we plan things to have them rained on, rained out, or even delayed?

Who do you look at to part the waters and lead you to safety? Who do you truly need every hour? Better yet.... who do you want like no other?

God doesn't want us to need Him only when the water is rising. He's not some wish granter. He is the very meaning and reason for life. If He were to part the water for you this moment in wherever your flood may be, would you run into His arms or get swallowed up by your own see.

When it pours there truly can be Sonshine. It all depends upon to whom you look.

Psalm 118:8

"It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man."

This is a verse that I often reflect upon and use when speaking and/or teaching. Why? It is ingrained in me so deeply that it is alive and well... It breathes... It is a part of life and living. Lessons learned over and over again.... How incredibly thankful I am for each of those.... for Him.

Who or what do you take refuge in? Think about it today... this moment... won't you?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Come Into His Sanctuary

Our church is in the process of getting rid of pretty much every thing that is located in our old facility. Some of it being donated to other churches and etc... some has been sold and will be the next two days in a big sale. We were never a part of the church when it was totally located down the hill. Well..... at least not in membership or staff/leadership wise. The property will be sold before too long.... we hope and pray. That's where we've been for several hours today. I ache.... I smell bad..... I'm dirty from head to toe.....

There was stuff every where in what once was the sanctuary. As I stood there in the middle of it looking around, taking a breathier from moving stuff from classrooms out into the main area... I couldn't help but think about Him. I couldn't help but think about numerous conversations with people over the years about sanctuaries.

The book of James is one of my favorites in the Bible. In the 2ND chapter, he (being James) talks directly about not showing favoritism.... While standing there I found my self worshipping Him - being in complete and total awe. For one thing I truly believe about God is that even though that place is no longer seen as a sanctuary..... Wherever a person worships Him can be just that. It was not necessary for me to go and get all cleaned up... or even drive up the hill to where our facilities are now located....

How often do we look at those walking into the rooms we've designated as sanctuaries and decide in our own minds & hearts who are truly welcomed and who needs to go home and get cleaned up first? If Jesus were to walk literally into the room - where would we allow Him to sit? or stand? Or would we even notice Him at all?

How about that person who is wearing the finest of clothes and smells good? What do we do with them? And how could we possibly know with just a glance how much in need of His cleansing power they might really be?

Come into His Sanctuary...... For it does not belong to us.......


She had the baby yesterday. Baby Corbin appears to be healthy. His mommy? Her blood pressure is way too high. They are running tests to determine why.

Please pray......

Baby Corbin's dad was there. Keep praying!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


1) She is in labor... Please pray for her, the baby and all involved. I will be going to be with her later today.

2) Peter (aka the sweet face boy) was at work today. Gotta love that work ethic at 16-years old. His face looks worse than his knee. I wonder how the fence looks? It still won regardless. Naturally, he wants the pictures that Austin (aka camera man) took.

3) If you have teenage girls - please don't let them dress like that. That doesn't build up their self-esteem to have what they do have or don't have hanging out for all to see. Remember who the parent is. Some battles are worth it.

4) It is already hot in Texas. My game plan.... Hit the pool right when it opens and before it closes. Otherwise - too many peeps in the water and no chairs. Did I mention it's hot here in Texas???? 'Sides.... when you have one redhead and one blond - their skin burns like you poured hot oil on. The brown headed one - he's not required to come every single time. Age can do that for you when you're a good kid like he is.

*Note: I do not have a golfing bone in my body. There was no need to duck and no typo was committed.


My mom is dating. In fact, she has a serious boyfriend. (Read: They only date each other) I've been asked numerous times how I feel about this... what my thoughts are. For those who keep inquiring... here you go... in print...

I am thankful that mom is dating again. In January, she and I spent a good amount of time talking about the whole dating thing. I shared with her then that only she could decide for herself how she was going to live life..... 1) as a widow 2) as still married 3) single. Think about it..... we all know women who act like widows... then there are those who we know have had their spouse to pass away but you would never know it if you didn't know it. Then, there are those who realize that they've kept the vows they made and can move on as a single. On Valentine's Day as we stood in cemetery after having finalized dad's will, that's exactly what mom said.. "I kept my vows." She was right. She is not wrong for wanting to date.

As to some of the other questions:

- Do I like her boyfriend? Yes, I do. He is a very caring and dear man.

- Can he replace my dad? Well, no obviously. But, I can say that he and I are friends. When we see each other - we hug and catch up on daily events as friends do.

- Do I hope they get married? Well, if that is God's plan - then absolutely.

- What will that mean for us since we live together? Life is an adventure. Only God knows the bigger picture.

- What about our commitment to take care of mom and dad the rest of their lives? We fulfilled that with dad. Mom will always be ours to care for regardless of whether or not we live under the same roof or not. Love knows no bounds or addresses.

- How do the kids feel about it? Ask them. They are old enough to speak for themselves. Remember... they are our kids. If you ask - they will share. They love her. Their answers reflect that.

- What would my dad think? He and I had numerous conversations about things most people never even want to entertain or have to think about. He didn't want her to be alone. Yes, there are five of us living with her but it is not the same no matter how one cuts it.

- Why am I wearing these rings on my left hand now? A couple of years ago I lost my wedding rings. I am honored now to wear the rings that my dad placed on my mother's fingers on June 15th, 1962. I have the rings she had and my brother has the one dad did. Some times love means giving things away for others to make their own.

Now... if you really want to know how I feel about dating these days..... ask me about our oldest son...... HUGE difference between a 64-year old and soon to be 16!

I'm Obsessed. A Confession......

This morning with my headphones on listening to some great tunes and dancing as my fingers fly........ my obsession rings truer and louder than the volume that can be heard outside these red and white things growing attached to my ears.

I am consumed. I am in-love. In many ways... never more alive in my 39 years of life. And it is all because of ONE.

There... you have it.... A confession.....


This week has found me on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the birth of a little boy that I have already come to love so much. His mother is one who time spent with is like traveling. She is unsure of what this child's life holds. Yet, I know one thing for certain - love. For no matter what his mother and daddy decides for their relationship...... she will love him and be there.... The going has already been tough.

As for the "So"....... his mother knows that two letter word like the back of her hand. She says when I use it she knows love follows it no matter what is attached with it. She's right..... I do love her. There is no question about it..... Even if she walks away one day, never to be heard from again.... she will always have it. And so will her child.

So....... who can say that about you? That you will love them no matter what or where they go?

Laughter in the Midst of Pain

What a gorgeous night it was. Not too hot and the mosquitoes were being kept at bay with Off. Friends had gathered for the last game of the season. His sweet face beamed with excitement as he ran out into left field. Tonight was all about having fun.

The camera man was taking pictures left and right and then suddenly - he stopped in his tracks. Out in left field was a flying ball looking like it was destined to go over the fence. Running to try to catch it was the sweet face young man - one of his best friends. And just like that....... it happened. He was mangled against the fence like a fly on the front windshield of a van that was going 75 in a 35 zone. SPLAT!

Everyone sat in disbelief over what they were seeing. Then, went into panic mode. There he was now laying on the ground and from the bleachers - blood was more than evident. His teammates ran out to see just how bad the damage was. His dad and the coach checking him over more than once or twice. He finally decided to try to walk... He was helped back to the dugout.

Then it started... catching all who heard it by surprise. The young man, now in so much pain having fought with a fence and lost, was now cracking jokes and making fun of himself. His laughter was obvious in the pictures the camera man started taking covering the events that had left his friend more than battered and bruised. The game continued on...... men.... boys....

As his teammates filed into the dugout... he was lying down on the bench. Still cracking jokes and laughing like a little girl with a secret. "Way to take one for the team!" was heard over and over again. The story of the ball, the fence, and the now mangled body was retold 20 times at least.
He still kept laughing.

We all joined him in laughing in the midst of pain. That's what real friends do because they don't want you to be alone. So they join you... wishing they could take your pain away.... if even for a moment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Softball Tonight. Win or Lose.

Hubby coaches our church's softball team. Tonight is the last game. We were discussing this over dinner... Hubby, myself, Aus, Trav & Park. I just love moments like these. Yes, love is a justifiable word in this context.

Trav was saying that the only way the game would be good is if the team won. Hubby immediately said, "Nope." Now, one thing you must understand about my hubby..... he is very competitive except when playing against other churches. He is more concerned about each player getting to play and people having fun. Of course, he hopes no one gets hurts. You step over a line - he brings you back and calls you out for it. Then he forgives and moves on.

Personally? We've already won and the game hasn't even been played yet. Why? The five of us sat down for dinner and talked about important things in life. Later, we'll head out together. As per usual, our closest friends will be there and laughter will flow no matter the score.

There are times when hardball is required. Then other where soft works just fine. It all depends upon who is playing and what book they're using.

A Dead Tree

So today.... while I was at the pool hangin' with T & P..... hubby took the opportunity to cut down a dead tree in the backyard. Why? It was dead. It needed to be done. Does he like cutting down trees? Well.... he is such a he-man. No, seriously..... We've been talking about it being gone for some time now... There are moments that merely require action. Fortunately for us - she agreed. Otherwise.... we'd be stuck looking at a dead tree outside our window or when hangin' on the backporch. Of course - the other hundred or more on the other side of the fence look pretty dang darn alive. That's what happens when you live where we do.

What action do you need to take today? Right now... this moment?

Today. Now.

So, it begins. Why today? Today is now. Tomorrow is then. Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today........ Right?