Saturday, June 20, 2009

That's Crazy Love For Ya!

One of the G family's favorite communicators is Francis Chan. Austin, Travis, and some silly woman they claim as "Mom" had the privilege of hearing him live back a couple of months ago at an all day event called Ignite with a few peeps we love and hundreds of others we love through Jesus. I purposefully haven't spoken much about that day online until now because it was hard to put in to words. I know.. hard to imagine for a writer right? Indeed it was, but not now.

Today is Austin's last day at the little store here in the highly secure gated community. He has been there since September of 2007. It was his very first paying job at sixteen. Tomorrow he and Travis leave on yet another mission trip until Thursday evening. They are going to one of their favorite places to serve. They will sweat like dogs, love on whomever is willing to be so, and literally be the hands and feet of Jesus with the others serving there. You could be wondering, "Camey? Silly woman.. what do those things have to do with hearing Francis Chan and Ignite?" Simple.

As we were listening to Francis, the weather was exceedingly stormy. It was raining. We had taken cover numerous times throughout the day and evening. There were times when we were tempted to leave, but knew in the long run - it would be worth staying until the very end. Francis spoke passionately about the fire being ignited inside of us for God's glory. About not playing it safe! When some thing is ignited it can be very dangerous! ;-) There were candles lit as well. Some lost their flame. Others - the flame wouldn't be snuffed out. The light was unstoppable!

When Francis was done, Kari Jobe and Chris Tomlin led us in an incredible time of sheer worship. When time came for the last song, "Sing. Sing. Sing." - we were asked to turn around and look up in the sky. And with all those hundreds of individuals who had chosen to stay, and those whom we had come with... I worshipped my Real Father with two of my brothers who also happened to be my sons. In the sky, there was the most fantastic firework display we've ever seen! Ever! It remains some of the most powerful moments of worship for me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this summer was going to be different. Not that they haven't done the mission trip thing during other summers, but not like this summer. And I also knew that between that time and now, our lives would be changing in ways I'm not at liberty to fully talk about just yet.

I mentioned in another post not long ago that Austin has also been praying about other mission trips. Today, we received an answer to that prayer. Austin will be heading back out of the Country in a few months for his 18th birthday present to share the love of Jesus. And of course, there's the mission trip all five of us are going on from July 4th to 12th to Idaho.

As Travis has been helping me with the laundry needed for their trip and as Austin is finishing his last day at the little store, their dad is about to punch out from his last Saturday at Wal-Mart. His last official day is this Thursday.

Parker said to me earlier today, "Mom? Our family is being moved in ways that are obvious it has to be God!" Tomorrow as we celebrate Father's Day.... our family can say without hesitation it is a Crazy Love that moves us beyond ourselves. And while Dick is a wonderful dad.. he in no way can compare to God, our Father. Neither can Arthur, nor could Larry.

Life's moments can be lived on the balancing beam holding on for dear life in fear of falling off!

We've jumped down knowing that we are in His hands.

For that's where Real Life is found... Trusting in Him instead of ourselves.

And as always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

Thank you to those whom have been praying and will continue to.

Much love,

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