Saturday, November 24, 2007

Persuasive Conversation

To quote Parker: "It still has educational properties."

Now THAT'S the way to try to have a persuasive conversation with a parent. That nine-year old keeps me in stitches.

And at this moment he is hugging me and kissing me because he wants something... And laughing at himself as I'm typing this....

I've never been so thankful for a rainy Saturday morning.

Weather Changes. Seasons.

This morning's plans have already changed. Our local church was scheduled to work along with TxDOT cleaning up the highways around our town. Of course with the rain and cold temperatures, that has been canceled for today.

This afternoon, a young woman is getting married. Hubby and I are going to the ceremony. I must confess to having mixed emotions about this. She knows I do. And yet, she also knows that I love her beyond words. She will make a beautiful bride. Her little boy is going to be all smiles I'm sure for he loves dearly the young man who wants to be his daddy and who loves him and his mommy. With her getting married, obviously, that takes her out of the Sunday group. She was one of the original ones. She is also one of the ones that has stretched me so much in my calling. And yet, I would not trade one moment even when it has brought pain and tears and dropped me to my knees hard. And this afternoon as she says her vows and he.... his.... I will continue to offer love and support. It is after all, not mine alone to give or keep. I pray this next season for her will bring more growth and will bloom into a garden to be cultivated for His glory.

This evening, hubby and I have plans to go out on a date. Yet, one thing I can say without reservation is that we have had the opportunity to spend a good amount of quality time together this week. That did not happen by accident. It was very intentional. It had nothing to do with the holiday even though we are exceedingly thankful. For under God, our relationship with each other falls in-line next. I am a blessed woman to be married to a man who loves God more than he does me, and yet, because of his love for God, loves me all the more.

Weather changes. Seasons come and go. One thing that remains the same..... His love. "For God so loved the world in this way... that He gave..."

What are you are giving this season that takes more than you to give?

Friday, November 23, 2007

For The Love of a Hug

Yesterday was a beautiful day as we traveled to and from a couple of different homes. The 80's that we had known just a couple of days before were transformed into snow and sleet. That is what happens here in Texas.

The last home we were at was filled with children of various ages. One child in particular really stood out to me. When he and I were talking, I made a point to tell him that I had been praying for him since we last saw each other. We talked about his daily life. A life that I won't go into detail here except to say.... pray for him and his family.

One of the other children made a comment about me being like their mom. He was ribbing me and giving me a hard time. The one child in particular walked up to where we were standing and hung onto every word. We then started talking about the various ways we communicate. Something was said about one way that surprised the one child. I told him that he could communicate with me that way as well if he wanted. He smiled from ear to ear.

When we were leaving, hugs were given all around. When I came to hug him, he hugged me first and hugged me tight. And told me thanks for spending time with him and for even caring. Oh, it is times like that especially when tears well up within me.... And I was thankful that we had included this home in our day. As we walked out the front door..... the snow was coming down even heavier than before. White snow falling.......

This child is actually a teen by age. He has already communicated with me in the way he hadn't known he could before. He reminds me of one little boy from years ago. I was saying goodbye to him as we were preparing to move. He told me thank you for all the hugs I had ever given him. That it was because of those hugs that he came to know Jesus was real. He was a child that had known me when I couldn't move my arms or even a finger.

The point of this story is..... you never know what a hug might mean to another. You might be the only person who ever really hugs them. Can you imagine going through life without hugs? I know I cannot. I know I can remember what it was like when someone was hugging me but I could not actually feel it and yet I still knew they loved and cared for me. Can you imagine wanting someone to love you, hoping that they do, and yet.... they never give even the hint of wanting to put their arms around you? There are those who do know... They don't have to imagine.

A hug can be simple. Or it can make a difference in a person's life... Not because of you or me... but because of His love alone. He loved first after all....

A Hugger Without Apology

Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Than The Sum of Life

More than the sum of today
More than the cost of yesterday
More than the price of tomorrow
None can compare
To Him

No coffee to drink
No food to eat
No other love to know
No other place to call home
It is only Him

His love is more than the sum of life

Thank You Father for the gift of every day

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Proof. Absolute Proof.

How do I know we live in the country? Here's the proof:

"With traffic clogging up and accidents hither and yon" - quote from our local newspaper

Now, that's what I call absolute proof.

Funny enough? I thought yon was on the other side of town.

You Can Take The Woman Out of the City But She Still Knows Real Traffic When She Sees It

No Ordinary Wednesday.

The temperature here in G-town has drastically changed compared to this time yesterday. It actually looks and feels the way that most say November should. As I sit here looking out the window, I can see the limbs on the trees moving due to the wind blowing. The 80's are a memory of a day gone by...

I had a hot date earlier for lunch. Brother G was out making a hospital visit. I invited my date into the kitchen to cook with me. I watched his every step... and he mine.... until there were noodles on my foot and the floor. We laughed. We sat at the bar and just talked. Our subject matter varied from the housing market to how well we cook together. His kisses either make me smile from ear to ear or make me bust out laughing. At times, I have to remind myself he is only nine.

Austin is at work today at the little store inside the highly secure gated community. I took him his jacket just as he was getting ready to take a lady's groceries out to her car. It may be cold outside and yet, I know each person that Austin takes their groceries out for will feel warmth... He closes their trunks with "God loves you." I thought that maybe his bosses might get some complaints about this. Quite the opposite has happened.

Travis spent time with his Gma today on the fairways and greens. Her boyfriend is under the weather and wasn't up to a game of golf. When they came in, I offered them some lunch. They had already eaten. They had shared a hamburger and fries together up at the club. There was a hilarious story about the clubhouse guys having to come to the rescue in regards to the purple golf cart. Trav's face is red. He said that if he knew he was going to be playing more golf this week... he wouldn't have gotten a flat-top. What a pair they make... A 65-year old woman and a 13-year old boy who plays better than some men.

Brother G is out being the lawn pastor at this moment. He has a major paper due here soon that he had planned on working on when returning from the hospital. And yet, as so often, his plans changed. How could he tell the man lying in the hospital bed with pneumonia, heart problems, and cancer that his paper was more important than taking care of his lawn? His paper is after all on ministering to the elderly.

As I look back out the window, it appears that the sun is now peaking out a bit more than before. I don't know what window you're looking out this moment.... I pray you are more hot than cold... And if you are just taking a peek... may you see a glimpse of fallen leaves worth jumping in and throwing up in the air.

The limbs are really dancing with joy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Raise Your Hopeful Voice

There are many churches that are going through difficult times right now. I know our local church body is not alone. One thing that has struck me in numerous conversations that I have been having over a period of time is that individuals are seemingly without hope about what is taking place or already has. As I sit here reading a book by Willow Creek called REVEAL, I'm struck all the more.

One thing that I firmly believe that is missing, in not only in our local church, but in most churches in general, is that of the body of believers raising their hopeful voices. We must stop constantly looking behind us and look toward today... tomorrow. Yes, it is necessary to evaluate and take inventory of where we've been. Yet, if nothing is done with that information, it might as well have not even have had time invested in it. And without hesitation... I submit that the most vital piece of information often gets completely overlooked even though it gets tossed about.

Our hopeful voices should not come from a program, a mission statement, a building, a particular personality, or even... dare I say... a denomination affiliation. For in the end and every moment in between.... hope in those things fall short. The only hope we have is found in Him. And honestly? That is enough. It is sufficient. It is every thing in life... and living.

Raise your hopeful voice. And let Him write the music that changes the notes of mere existence..... mere Christianity.

Writers and Their Forms

I’ve heard it said that writers are emotional people
That we tend to wear our feelings throughout our words
We can paint pictures with each stroke of our pen or fingers
We can take people places they may or may not want to linger

Can you recall the first time you consciously sat down to write
What was your motivation and gave your words flight
Do you write for others or more so to cleanse your mind
Or do you find yourself writing to record something in time

Whatever brought to you to the page, are you thankful
When someone else is reading your work, are you grateful
Or are you able to write and know that you may never learn
Why it is for the written form that you have come to yearn


My Roots

Today I climbed a tree and sat a while on its branches
While gazing upon the beauty around me – I smiled deeply
Feeling the wind blowing gently across my face – I blushed
When thinking of how you love me – I sat in amazement
Upon climbing down I realized just how often you hold me!
You are my Strength, my Deliverer, and my Song! My Roots…..


For those who wanted some poetry. And yes, I actually climbed a tree that day.