Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Faith Knocks: Enjoying The Dance

This past weekend was like nothing the G family had ever experienced. And while there is so much more to this story than can be shared yet... what I can share is this..

We are enjoying the dance with the other church in another area of Texas. Whether or not it turns out to be marriage between our family and their church body remains to be seen. I do know that this wife and mother is grateful beyond any and all words. My husband and sons were themselves and shared God's love with ease. And they were greatly loved on. It was as if we were family. And frankly, as brothers and sisters in Christ - we are.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time with a woman named Melba. She and I talked about my being so open about sharing what is going on with us these days. Melba looked me in the eyes and said, "You should be sharing and asking for prayers. There is nothing wrong with it." Then, she told me word was out that we were there.. We just had to laugh. We did. And no, I'm still not telling directly here.

There are other pictures from this weekend that I will share later on down the road. Pictures of our time at a hotel, out at restaurants, of a possible house, of physical church buildings, and of individuals. There are stories that will be shared when more of them have been read as God continues to show us how the chapters unfold and as the characters continue to develop and grow. Make no mistake about it the leading role belongs to One. The Only Famous One in the group.

As I sit here this afternoon thinking back over the course of the last few days, I cannot help but being reminded of a song.. a country one at that.. "I'll Still Be Loving You."

This song has been sung to me numerous times over the years. Funny enough? On our wedding day (August 19th, 1989), Restless Heart had to sing it. Why? The man whom I'll go any where with had tears in his eyes and was all choked up. I saw that man very clearly this weekend no matter what he might say. And I've never been more thankful to be his partner for life's moments no matter the dance floor, size or the songs being sung.

While there is no doubt that my husband and I love each other more today than yesterday... it in no way compares to how much God loves us. Talk about a Real Reason to put on them dancing shoes!

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Much love,


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Dancing is good. But country music??? Is that really music? Thanks for the vague update. Much love to the G family and dangerous prayers were said and will continue being said for you as you follow Him and dance the dance.

Camey said...

Thanks, Bill. As one who is not a huge fan of country music myself.. I think it all depends upon who is singing it and etc... I was taken in by his singing to me no matter what type of music it was. Some things have not changed over the years. Okay.. well maybe I give him a funny look when he sings, "God is great. Beer is good. And people are crazy!" lol

Thank you dear one!