Sunday, August 2, 2009

It Was A Flip Flopping Sunday!

Last Sunday morning we were with hubby's baby (and only) sister, Angela, her hubby and their 2 daughters down in Katy, Texas. This was our first time away on a weekend for personal time in years. There had been a bit of misunderstanding on Dick's part. He thought Cody had to work on Sunday. So, he thought we weren't going to be visiting their church with them. Cody had planned for us to all go to their pcb and worship together, The MET - also known as The Metropolitan Baptist Church. It's a tiny church of about 8,000 or so. Give or take...

The boys and I had discussed whether or not we thought we were going. So, just in case - we each packed a pair of blue jeans. Since I had been teaching the college/single group and then before that had the group for pregnant teens and single moms - blue jeans had been quite natural for me to wear.The boys normally wear blue jeans or shorts.

As for Dick, well.... all he had were his cargo shorts, t-shirts and his flip flops. For those who know him - let that sink in. He purposefully wears blue jeans some times, but not every Sunday. He certainly does not wear shorts and flip flops on Sunday morning. (Nothing here against those that do... please keep reading! lol) That's what he wears on Wednesday evenings to teach his Bible study group that meets then.

So, it was decided that we indeed we're all going to The MET. It was also a given that Dick would have to wear his cargo shorts, his "Love God. Love People" t-shirt and his flip flops. Angela who is 15 years younger than Dick had never worn blue jeans to church. Ever.... So, she decided she would since the boys and I were. Silly me had forgot to pack any other shoes. I wore a pair of Ang's shoes.

As we were walking up to the pcb (physical church building), 3-year-old Kaitlyn said to me, "I'm so glad you get to come to my church today. First we see Jesus. Then later we will eat lunch and go swimming." Couldn't help but smile deeply and get a little teary on that one. We were quite the group all walking in together.

It was the first time that all five of us had been together in the same room and on the same section of any pew or chairs in a long time. Then to be there also with Ang and Cody was beyond words. It was without a doubt one of the most worshipful times of our lives. And I can say that for each one of us without any hesitation too.

The MET's main campus had a guest pastor named Bruce. Pastor Sal was at their other temporary location for their second site. Pastor Bruce gave a message on how we're each "Messed up and Under Construction!" He even had us each turn to those beside us and tell them that. "You are messed up and under construction!" We also had a time where individuals stood up and we went to them, laid hands on them and prayed outloud for them. The G family didn't just sit there like guests. We were just as much with our church family that morning - in that service as we are with our local church body.

It didn't matter how we were dressed. What mattered most of all was each of our hearts. What type of condition were they in with coming there, while there, and upon leaving there. The sky didn't fall because hubby was in flip flops and cargo shorts - nor because Ang was in blue jeans too.

So, dear reader, let me ask you this moment.....

What's the condition of your heart?

If you're going to a corporate service this morning - meaning at a place known as a church to be with others, does it matter how you are dressed?

Will you use not having the "right" clothes to keep you from going?

If I can just share a tad from my past with you...

I used to let it stop me.

I had a clear sin issue with it.

And has God done a real work in my life's moments in regards to that.

Even if I go back to wearing dresses or pants on a regularly basis... which I might be sooner rather than later. Or if hubby goes back to wearing suits each Sunday. Or if we don't.

What God cares about most of all is our hearts and lives. Not the brands. Not the suits or blue jeans or shorts.

Only Jesus was perfect.

So, the rest of us are truly MESSED UP & UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Do you know The Real Builder and Foundation of life's moments?

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for. And yes, I have on my hard hat!

Much love,


djrtaylor said...

Thanks Camey for posting this, I needed to hear this tonight. As the doctors are preparing me for my upcoming cancer treatment I have began to feel so disconnected from people and not because of them. I just don't feel worthy of their help and I feel some days close to God and others days so distant right now. I guess no matter how I'm feeling I have to remember I'm okay and God does love me.

I hope your family continue to have a fantastic summer.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

I love it Camey! I have yet to preach in shorts and flip flops but jeans yes. You don't want to see these legs in shorts (talk about distracting attention) and I can't keep flip flops on my feet. But I do get to wear jeans and pullovers. That is what is so great about these folks...they don't care. Bring the message pure and clear and all is well. :) I say "Go for it G family!"