Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heart Burn. The Best Kind.

The last few weeks have been crazy. We're seeing dangerous prayers answered in ways that we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it can only be the handiwork of God.. of the Spirit.

The title of this may seem odd to some. Yet, if you were to closely examine the moments the G family have been having as of late... you'll come to understand what I mean. Our heart burns.... there is an aching there that cannot be described in any other way than God. Our heart burns to continue to draw closer to Him.. Our heart burns to see others notice Him for the first time. Our heart burns for those who have wandered away to come back.

As I wrote about in "Thanksgiving in our Novembers".... hubby has preached at our current church the last two Sundays. The comments are still coming in.. One lady told me today, "Camey? He nailed it. That hubby of yours nailed it." And while I was grateful for her sentiments - I couldn't help but be reminded that if Jesus had not "nailed it" - it would matter not what my hubby did. Talk about a love that surpasses all others!

I must confess - some of the clearest indication of heart burn happened last night. Hubby received a phone call. Needless to say - he is preaching this coming Sunday morning at another church.. I had to remind him that he could not preach at their Sunday evening service... this Sunday night is when he is being ordained as a pastor. But that's how much his heart burns for the gospel... for the Word.. to preach, teach, and let the Spirit guide him in the ways in which he should go.. to see lives transformed by the renewing of minds/hearts that can only take place with God and His Love.

Another indicator of it was my lunch date with Parker... which ended up being pretty much his whole class too. Parker invites 1 or 2 kids whom he knows does not know Jesus or perhaps is not connected to any church to eat with us. There wasn't room at the "guest table" for us to eat at. So? We did what we could.. sit where they normally do. The conversation flowed with ease between myself, Parker and the kids at the table. One boy kept being talked about. Apparently, he is known as "The Arm Wrestler." His name is Daniel. Daniel finally came to the table and we got to talking about his arm wrestling adventures with others in the school. Before long - I was telling the kid directly across from me to change places with Daniel. You should have heard the cheers from the kids, "Parker! Your mom is going to arm wrestle Daniel! COOL!" I held on pretty good but alas Daniel won.. that opened the door to my sharing with those listening about having been paralyzed and where my real strength comes from. It is certainly not from myself alone. Before the class all headed back off to their classroom - hugs or handshakes were given by almost each one of them. Yes, it is safe to say - another indicator of heart burn.. As I sat at that table, one of the boys shared with me about his home life. I told him our family would pray for his family. He smiled and said, "Thank you, Camey. I know you'll pray because you're Parker's mom." Burns just thinking about it again.

Today, I saw a dear friend named Stephanie. Every time I see her - I am reminded of another Stephanie. That Stephanie came into my hospital room back in November of 99. It was a time in-between family/friends "taking care of Camey." There I laid not even being able to push the button for a nurse should I need one given the fact that I was paralyzed from the neck down. The nurses had left my door opened and told me to SHOUT OUT if I needed them. In walked Stephanie.... and then quickly out again.. She returned with a chocolate candy bar and a Coke. Both had been off limits to me. Stephanie walked over to my bed and broke off some of the candy bar and rubbed it in-between her fingers to break it up into tiny pieces and put it on my tongue. A candy bar never tasted so good in my life! Honestly - no candy bar to this day compares to that one. She then got a straw and put it into the Coke can. She then dabbed some of the Coke on my tongue - just like she had done with candy bar. Some of the sweetest heart burn I've ever had.. Still to this day even. OHHHHH! The very next morning was when my fingers were able to move.. Oh my.... the heart burn! And even though the complete physical healing was still 4 years away - I am thankful beyond words.

This weekend - our church student body will be having what is called DNOW. 146 students are signed up to come. As I sit here and think about each one of them and their families - again - there is that heart burn. Yes, please pray for all involved. Amazing things are going to happen and already are as we only had around 60 last year! Austin and Travis are two of the students. One can never be too close to God... matters not how old one is or how long they've gone to a place called a church... nor if their parents and grandparents are/were Christians.

There are other things going on that I cannot talk about just yet. Come Monday, I will be able to share more! Our heart burns for those of you who continue on this journey with us as our brothers and sisters in Christ, friends, through prayers... or however you may be. So.... from our hearts to yours - thank you.

Heart burn... The Best Kind.

Have you ever had this kind of heart burn?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Shoes - Sharing God's Kindness Really Is Simple

The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge

Today, I am thrilled to be a part of an internet blast to help raise $$ for 50,000 pairs of shoes to be given to individuals who have none.

Sharing God's kindness really is simple..

Go to and donate $5.

$5 buys 2 pairs of shoes.

It takes less than 2 minutes.

Help take a stab at poverty today!

And as always... you've been prayed for dear readers!

More to come...