Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of the production that is getting our worship folders ready for Sunday - the folding machine suddenly stopped working.

I heard my name called. Next I was on the phone calling the company to see about getting a repair person out ASAP. According to Stephanie and Jennifer, it merely said, "Power Out." They tried turning it off and on and etc. Nothing. Nothing. We do almost all our printing in-house.

The person I spoke with was very polite. When she asked me what it was doing, I relayed what Stephanie and Jennifer had said and done. The tone in her voice was that of, "That's not good." When I told her we were doing one of our largest printings - she said, "Oh! You're printing for Easter!" We got disconnected.

I called back and they promised to have a repair person out at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning (today). The woman said she greatly appreciated us and what we do.

When I gave the news to Stephanie and Jennifer, Stephanie said, "Thanks for sounding so desperate Camey." I had to laugh at the moment..... We were desperate.. but still I did not realize that's how I sounded. Stephanie's words got me to thinking... (I know what's new there)

We can be so desperate about getting everything so ready for our Easter services that we might miss the true depth of the cross. Wanting this or that to go just right.... Or a person/family might be so desperate in finding the right clothes, the right time to feast and where and etc.... they miss it too. Whatever else this weekend might bring....

Are we desperate to truly experience the cross and Jesus and His amazing love?

Are we desperate to show and tell others about the Only One who is truly worth any fame?

Am I desperate?

Are you?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday - Spring Break

Pictures from Monday's Main Event will be posted here soon. They will also be posted on Myspace and Facebook. Next time people - try to look like you're having a good time. And thanks to Terry for sharing his nachos with us. Awwwwwww. Loads of laughs too!

Tonight's Schedule:

Dinner - regular time and place

Preschool and children - SKATE NIGHT (Yes, we're skating! WHOA!)

Students - Attic with Ryan

Adults - Free to join students in the Attic as there are no other Bible study classes meeting

David's people - same as always

Make Today Count!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Prayers Answered. Spring Break.

Prayers Answered:

Thank you to all who have been praying for Joe and his family. Terri sent word last night that Joe has indeed went home to be with our Lord. What a privilege it has been walking with their family through this time. To hear their faith alive and breathing even though Joe was on a ventilator for quite some time. Please continue to pray for them as they remember Joe and celebrate our Father.

Thank you also to all who prayed for Brother G and those there at the camp. Seeds were planted. We may never know the results - and that is okay with us. It is a privilege to share God's love no matter the situation or time.

Spring Break:

So, it's Spring Break here in G-town. What does that mean? Well...... Main Event for our student ministry today at 12:00. ( Meet at the physical church building on the hill) The G family is looking forward to hanging out with our amazing students and whatever parents dare to come too! Our students rock! Yes, Shelley and Ryan do too... We love you guys!

In the midst of Spring Break - may we be found guilty of sharing and showing God's love no matter where we may be found. Can't wait to play some air hockey! Oh Yeah!

More to come.... stay tuned....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lifting Up Dear Ones.

Please lift up in prayer the family of Joe. I personally do not know Joe but I am close to his grown daughter Terri.

Joe has been ill for quite some time now. Joe and his family made the decision together to take him off the ventilator. It is only a matter of time now.

Thank You Lord for Joe's life and for how his family has stood by his side. Treasured moments indeed.

Please lift up also those at the camp where Brother G is. He spent time last night with a college student who claims to be of a different religion. He said it just sounded too easy to become a Christ-follower. Knowing of course, sometime it is seeds that are being planted to be harvested at another time by someone else for God's glory alone. Any thing is possible with Him.

Pray also for those who walked into any physical place that is said to represent Christ. May His Word be alive today for He is. And may lives be forever changed because of having joined together with other believers. Truly may HE alone be worshipped and praised!

Lifting up dear ones. And you dear reader have been lifted up too.