Friday, May 23, 2008

Servant Evangelism - A Thought or Two

Tomorrow morning is our monthly Love Granbury where we do acts of kindness. On the calendar is a free car wash at our local Wendy's. (That's a fast food chain here in Texas.) Notice the word there is free.

While this has been on our calendar for some time - what exactly we are going to be doing has not. Why a car wash tomorrow? It's suppose to be sunny, hot, and that makes for a great time to engage the great outdoors to sow seeds of kindness. Engaging our neighbors where they can be found.

Wendy's makes a decent burger and don't forget the frosty. It's also in the shopping center with a Home Depot, Starbucks, Wal-Mart.... just to name a few. That's where the "a thought or two" really comes in...

Servant Evangelism is not some complicated thing. It's as easy as some water, a little soap, elbow grease and a great location. All ages are welcome!

Who knew Servant Evangelism could be such fun too? (Ever participated in a car wash and not gotten wet? Or soap in your hair?)

Fed X Man! Special Delivery.

Sometimes one just has to laugh....

Here's the scene:

I'm sitting here at the front desk in the foyer of the physical church building.

In walks the Fed X Man (yes, I know his real name) who says, "Special delivery for Camey."

He walks over and hands me the package.

He then says to me, "You still ___________." (this part will come at another time)

My reply was, "Nope. That's fixing to change." (blah, blah, blah)

His reply, "Sister, the Spiritual Warfare is deep, but keep pressing on. You and your hubby and your sons just keep on following the Lord and praising Him when others done think you are a fool."

We then proceeded to talk about my mobile home to which he busted out saying, "Don't you know that's right Camey! Keep on telling it like it is sister! You are loved by God!"

Now that's what I truly call a Special Delivery.....

Oh, and you reader are loved by God too. Here's hoping your home is mobile.

Risky Business!

Are you available to follow Him?

Yep! That's risky business alright.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prayer Request - Babies, Children & Teens

ALEXANDRO, 12 months.
BRIANA, 11 years.
KAYLA, 2 years.
AKEEB, 2 months.
CADEN, 4 months.
FORD, 4 months.
GRACE, 3 months.
JACOB, 2 months.
JAX, 15 months.
KIEARRA, 20 months.
KLAIRE, 3 months.
LANE, 22 months.
NATHAN, 4months.
QUOC DAVID, 12 years.
ALEXIS, 15 years.
JAYDEN, 3 months.
JOSEPH, 6 years.
KAYLAN, 22 days.
CAMDEN, 4 years.
DEVIN, 10 years.
EMERY, 10 weeks.
LILYANN, 23 months.

Join us please in interceding on behalf of these babies, children and teens.

Thank you.

The Fast Lane. Willing to Risk.

The Fast Lane:

One of the biggest blessings Brother G and I have is watching our sons as they grow in Christ. As I shared here Unashamed. Austin's Public Surrender - our sixteen-year-old is walking/living close with God these days. It is all the more evident since that day. Yesterday is a great example.

As we were getting ready to head to the physical church building for the day... I asked Austin if he had brought his lunch. He replied, "Nope. I'm fasting from food today." I just had to smile deeply. That kid kicks my butt honestly. But in a good way.....

It's been over a month now since this silly woman has had a Diet Coke or any dark cola product. Austin walks the talk. And God uses him to inspire and challenge this sister-in-Christ (aka his mom). This is his second time to fast from something in 3 months. His first, God used to speak to me about my drinking habits. As any of the women in my Bible study classes can attest.... I almost always had a drink (dark cola product) with me. If I did not have one with me - one of them would go buy me one. Yep..... I was addicted. It was a part of my routine. Giving up dark cola products has been one of the best things about having turned 40.

Willing to Risk:

I believe we are to share our ups and downs and in-between in life and living. And while at times they are for us - sometimes they are not or are a combination of both. In having given away or selling almost everything material wise in 2005 - there has been real freedom. God has used these years to constantly speak to me...... us.... about the difference between a house and home. I am willing to risk looking like a fool for Christ. Brother G and the boys are too.

Our joy is found in following God no matter how easy or difficult that might be.

For in every moment of living and life - for the Christ follower - home is found in Him.

Already Home and It's Mobile

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Real Liberty for Tana

Please continue to pray for Tana. I first wrote about her here Basic Needs. Tana.

Tana and I are developing a relationship. She called this afternoon and if all goes as planned, Tana and her three-month-old son will be visiting with us on Sunday.

I'm not at liberty to say where Tana is physically at the moment. I can say that she is drawing nearer to God.

And in that - there is the real liberty!

Please pray for Tana's son also. Thank you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Walked Away When 16."

Please pray for the man who just left here. He is hurting so bad. He has two daughters. He did say that while I am praying for him and his family... I could also pray for John who is 25 and in the hospital with cancer.

Hurting so bad does not even begin to describe the pain on his face and in his voice. He said that John is not religious but would be open-minded right now. I told him I do not care about being religious.

We will make sure that John is ministered to. As for the man who was just here.... it is no coincidence he is now connected to the physical church building property.

Please join me in praying for them. Thank you!

"Underwear would be falling to his knees!"

One of my favorite things about being a part of the church is when individuals help others with needs. Especially when laughter is had in the giving...

I just had a bag full of underwear brought to me to give to someone else. As the Mayor said, "Well, my husband certainly can't wear these. His underwear would be falling to his knees."

Gotta love it! Especially given the fact that the Mayor, as she is lovingly referred to, is 93 years young. Her husband, Lester, is in his late 80's.

So, now I have a bag full of underwear underneath the desk I'm sitting at.

Some things are just beyond priceless.