Monday, November 17, 2008

More Than Just A Good Time. Weekend Update.

Thanks to all whom have sent me messages asking for an update... It truly is hard for me to find the words to describe what all transpired this weekend. Without a doubt - it was more than just a good time. It was more than answers to dangerous prayers prayed whether years ago or just even yesterday. It was a vision/dream painted in real-life colors with brushes and strokes that only can come from the Holy Spirit.

We saw individuals come to Christ... teens... We saw individuals come back to Christ who had been wandering away. We saw individuals even really notice God for the very first time. The students did projects that took them out of their comfort zones and then learned first hand about what it means to serve others without pay.. just because God loves them. I had the pleasure and sheer joy of seeing a college age young lady whom I had known as a child lead because her foundation is secure and steady. I also had the pleasure of being the chauffeur for some of the teenage girls and their leader. I'd drive them any time - Chinese fire drill and prayer request time included.

It is no secret that I take seriously prayer and having a praying life - not a prayer time. This weekend - I had the pleasure of praying with several different individuals. Some teens... others adults... And I can say without question - there is major Jesus work being done in and through so many lives. Prayer can take place any where and at any time.... Yes, even in the bathroom!

My husband was ordained last night. We had individuals come from hours away to be with us for such a special time for our family. That's really where I saw even more of the Spirit at work. And I am so incredibly thankful. Hubby was surprised to receive so many letters from individuals all over the USA. To those who wrote one who might read this - he will treasure those letters just as much as the certificates he rec'd if not more so. He laughed when he got to the bottom of a couple of them and there was the suggestion to come to whatever state they (or you) are in. There were individuals who spent countless hours preparing for not only last night but the weekend as a whole.

One of the questions I was asked was, "Did you stand behind your husband and hear what all was said to him as individuals laid hands on him?" No, I did not. I was where I could see his face clearly and who was speaking to him. I also got to experience numerous of those same individuals coming to hug me as they wept sharing with me about my husband, my daddy, the boys, and our family. Some of these very individuals I have known since being a little girl.... and some are individuals who prayed for a woman and her family during the years she was ill because of her parents. Talk about reaping what you sow.

There is no question we will leave this place at some point - unless Jesus returns before then. There is no question that the very place I said I would never go to has had a lasting impact on not only my life, but that of my husband and sons. I remain dumbfounded by how God works in such mysterious ways.It is a love that can only be explained by God.

Thank you to those who are a part of this journey with us through prayers and/or however else you may be. Thank you to those who prayed for Brandon these last few days. While we are thrilled that my husband was ordained - it doesn't compare to seeing others come to know Christ or coming back to Him or even noticing Him for the first time.

More than just a good time............ Radical life-changing times!