Friday, July 3, 2009

Have Jesus. Will Travel.

Back years ago there was a TV show called "Have Gun. Will Travel". The premise of the show was that the lead character had a gun and wasn't afraid to use it. He would travel wherever there was an enemy that needed to be taken care of. Some times he used his gun. Other times, there was no real need.

Each of the G family believes in God and His Son, Jesus. We know the power of the Holy Spirit and have seen first-hand how mountains can be moved or danced on top of. We also know the value of the valleys and the deserts. We know the power of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and especially of God's love for each one of us.

Tomorrow morning, we leave out on a 9 day Mission Trip to Idaho with a group of peeps from our local church body. We will be going to serve with another church in another state all because of God's love first. We will be loving on that community there with far more than we alone are capable of in our own strength. Sharing Jesus

Also during this time, I will be taking a sabby (unplugged) from facebook. One of the "safeguards" I have in place is not utilizing facebook via my cell phone. No facebook. This time away is necessary in order to be fully engaged where I will be and whom I will be with. What an incredible opportunity it is to go with Parker's age group on a Mission Trip as a family! Yes, I said "Parker's age group!" We're talking 10, 11 and 12-year-olds. And while facebook is a part of ministry for me.... I will be with 4 of my favorite individuals in the whole wide world (Dick, Austin, Travis and Parker). We haven't been away together for longer than 3 days since 2005. Facebook will carry on just fine without me as well the pcb and G-town, Texas.

We are lifestyle missionaries. Some times that means sharing God's love here locally.. other times it means traveling to places we might not go on our own. Why? Because God loved first. We have the Best News there is! There is no one or no thing better! No voice as precious and priceless as His.

We have Jesus. We will travel wherever He leads us. Tomorrow it is at every place we stop at to use the potty, get some thing to eat, where we stop to sleep in Wyoming... and then the same on Sunday as we end up in Idaho. The Mission Trip doesn't start on Monday. It has actually already started. And we believe as Christ-followers - every single day there are opportunities to engage the Holy Spirit already at work in the lives of those we encounter.

We greatly appreciate all the individuals whom have been praying for us and we know will continue to while we're gone. We ask that you also pray for my mom during this time as well. We serve God first and foremost even if that means leaving her here. No one is more trustworthy than God no matter what happens in life's moments.

So..... Do you have Jesus? If so, are you willing to travel? Across the street, on the other side of town, across the Country in which you live and/or across the world?

If you don't know Jesus.. He is right there just waiting for you to meet Him. He will meet you right where you are no matter where that might be.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for! Dangerous indeed. And thank you for the privilege of being in your life's moments however that may be.

Much love,

PS: The Only Real Freedom in life's moments come from knowing God through His Son, Jesus.

PSS: Yes, I'm fully aware that Spiritual Warfare is going to increase - not decrease! ;-)

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