Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Are You Willing To Risk?

"You shouldn't be here. You could get shot." This was said to our son, Austin, in the inner-city of Philly this week.

Are you willing to get shot?

How safe are you this moment?

What are you willing to risk?

Note: When asked about going back to either New York and/or Philly.... he said he'd go back to Philly in a heartbeat.

More to come!

Friday, August 1, 2008

What's Happening?

There is something in the air.... well, soon any way...

Peeps are coming back to G-town, Texas from Philly tonight!

Watch for testimonies from those in the know about what all has happened there this week. Seeds that were planted through Servant Evangelism... Sharing God's love through acts of kindness. Being the Word Alive... the hands and feet....

Keep praying! It's not over because the trip is ending.


Why do you have Serve! with Steve Sjogren on your new blog list? (still working on blogs to put on blog list.... lol)


Yes, it is true that I do have an article in the current edition of Serve!


Why is your article not linked on your blog?


It is.... Check out Serve! with Steve Sjogren

Just read the rest while you're there!

May you be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to SERVE! We are praying for you..


Did you really say that your son Austin could stay in Philly?


Why, yes. Yes, I did... Note: I did not mean he would not have to finish high school. He's a junior this year. He is totally surrendered to God. He is 'in the ministry' just as much - if not more so than his dad, younger bros and I. Who are we to say "Don't follow Your Real Father?" Remember... we also see him as our brother-in-Christ. We are lifestyle missionaries.. not just in vocational ministry.

Ohhh.... but last I heard he is coming back to G-town. Who knows for how long though?


When are you going to post the story about you being ill and then healed? Or is it already linked on your blog?


It's all over the blog in various posts. That will change... Thank you, Bill (cycleguy).


Let me get this straight? You were ill and then healed. Your dad was ill and then died?


Yep. He got the ultimate healing. Physical healing is only temporary!


Why do you call it "the physical church building" and not "the church"???????


Individuals are the church... not the building.

So where are YOU this moment? Who can you share God's kindness to/with this moment?

Something is in the air! It's moving... It's growing...

And may we never be the same today as we were yesterday and will be tomorrow!

Oh... and by "we" - I'm not just talking about local peeps.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pain. Free. The River.


A good amount of the day was spent listening to other's pain. Pain so thick you could squeeze it out like toothpaste and not reach the end of the tube. They needed my ears, shoulders, and for me to just listen. So, I did. And prayed.... prayed...... prayed.....

One thing that kept coming back time and time again with the individuals whom I've known for some time now, "Camey? You know this pain. I don't have to tell you how I feel." And while I have known and do know pain beyond deep.... there is much to be said for getting it all out. For saying, "This is how I feel." For how one handles pain, sorrow, grief, and etc..... is not necessarily the same as others... although the stages may be similar.

As I hugged one particular individual goodbye.... he said to me, "You would have to be here today. I didn't stand a chance of acting like I wasn't hurting with you looking me in the eyes." And we laughed. It was appropriate at that moment.


While I was talking with various individuals who had come into the physical church building by way of walking or phone.... Parker and Travis were with some good friends of ours giving out free water all over G-town... at the jail, the admin building, at construction sites.... all over. Sure, it was 100 degrees today. All the more reason to show God's love in such a refreshing way. Ice cold free water..... It does more than the body good.

The River:

RQM's (really quiet moments) were on tap for the evening. So, Parker and I headed down to the river... just the two of us.... We took a towel with us and sat on the edge of the water with more than just our toes in the water.... We would dig around in the water and pick up rocks. Parker would say, "Time to go deeper with the digging." And we did. Gorgeous rocks that had been hidden under the surface. He would look over at me and smile deeply. I would look over at him and think about how thankful I am to be his sister-in-Christ and his mom.

At one point he decided to get up and venture in more. With his back turned toward me - I started throwing rocks to purposefully splash him. He turned around and followed suit... And you could hear it..... the echoes of laughter in unison. We were not alone. Make no mistake about it. From the little fishes nipping at our toes.... to the sun setting on the moments of the day and night... worship was taking place just like it is now.

On the way back to where I am at this moment - it struck me.... it was just last week when Parker and I headed down to the river after I can not tell you how long ago. Funny how that happens..... All this time we've been here - it's been less than a couple of miles away tops! We can get there by car, foot, bike, golf cart, and etc....

And it is free.

Thank You, Lord.... Thank You.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The River. People in Life.

The River:

Last night Brother G, Trav, Park, and I headed down to the river. Off came the shoes and in the water we ventured. The water was crisp... It was cool. It was refreshing. It was the ticket for a great hangout amongst individuals who are nutty about each other.

After awhile of being in the water, I sat down on the bank. I smiled deeply watching Brother G teaching the boys how to skip rocks. Apparently there is a real technique to it. And pretty soon - they were making the rocks skip across to the other side. They kept watching him. He kept watching them. And I could not help but give thanks yet again for the guys in my life.

We danced and prayed..... We got wet. Then we went to the park and swung on swings. As I was laying back in the swing - looking up in the sky through the trees...... we giggled at how incredibly silly I looked. Life is so precious. Each moment to be taken in... Worship is breathing. It is inhaling God and exhaling Him back out. The song that was playing had a rhythm that only Holy Spirit can orchestrate. And it was Holy indeed especially with how bad we smelled.

People in Life:

I never know what to expect on Wednesdays. I arrive at the physical church building at 8:30 a.m. and do not leave again until 8:30 p.m. What a glorious day it turned out to be!

As I sit here thinking about how prayers were so clearly answered..... I am beyond thankful.

Cases in point:

1) There was concern that a dear friend had breast cancer. She does not!

2) A co-worker decided today to not leave. We have so much fun talking trash. She still has a hard time letting me empty my own can even after all this time. Tonight, she hugged me like never before. When I told her I love her like I always do when leaving for the night - she said, "Camey? I have never doubted your love for me. Never. Not once. You make me see God in ways that I would have never thought possible." Funny enough? I was thinking the same exact thing about her.... and without question she is just as much a dear friend as the woman without cancer. I'm thankful she decided to stay at the physical church building instead of coming here to the highly secure gated community. She is as much a part of the church as any one else. I challenge any one who thinks she is just a custodian.

3) As I was closing down the computer at the main desk in the foyer.... there he came.... running through the halls. Laughing.... and running..... and I could not for the life of me tell him to stop.

His running was a sight to see.... Literally. For not long ago - he had to use a cane to help guide him. His eyes would not. And when he realized I had tears streaming down my face from watching him - he said to me, "You understand this freedom."

And I was taken back to the river.... and to the swing...

Thank You, Lord. May I always come back to say....... thank you.

And as much as I value the physical health I have now....

It in no way compares to Jesus and to Spiritual Health....

Talk about The Real Healing.

Thank You, Lord..... Thank You.

Real Transformation.

For those who are looking for updates from Philly......

They can be found on the church's website.

They can also be found through Micky's personal blog - click on his name.

Lives are being touched. Individuals are coming to Jesus.

And while this is all great and worthy of dancing.....

Join with me in praying that real transformation will take place.

Not just fire insurance.

Not just we went on a mission trip and all we got was this lousy t-shirt and worked our tails off.

Real Transformation....

Where are you today?

Are you being transformed?

Or are you simply stuck?

As always, you've been prayed for wherever you are this moment.

On a mountaintop.. or in the ditch face down.


Where are you this moment?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Changes Coming..

Changes are coming to Life in the Moments blog.

Just wanted to give a heads up!

I've been challenged to stretch even more and will accept it.

So, when you least expect it....

Don't say I did not warn you.

And as always... you've been prayed for wherever you are this very moment.