Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are we good "followers?"

Hi ya'll (that's as southern as I get!)

Camey asked me to post on your blog and share my thoughts as they come to my head so here goes. As a businessman (26 years) turned pastor (less than 1 year) I'm amazed at the condition of God's church at times. We can read book after book and go to seminar after seminar about "Leadership" and how to be better leaders. We access information that is developed from Christians without the use of scripture and from Christians using scripture. We access information from non-Christians who use scriptural principles (sometimes) without even knowing it! We could read, attend, and interact with leadership materials ever day from now until we die and never run out of material. It's amazing that we've turned leadership into a science when God says it's more of a gift or "art."

And then I remember what it was that Jesus called us to "come and follow me." He called us to be followers of His and Paul tells us that all authority in our lives has been set there by the sovereign decision of God (Romans 13) and that failing to submit to those authorities is tanamount to failing to submit to God Himself. Doesn't this make sense? Failing to submit to God's appointed leader is akin to failing to submit to God. What we say is "God you didn't know what it was you were doing when you appointed this man to our church!" What we are saying is "God I cannot trust you to work in the hearts of this leader so therefore I will not submit to him/her." Hmmm ... very suspect from a biblical perspective and from an experiencial one as well.

Where are the books, materials, pamphlets, websites, videos, classes, and seminars on how to better "followers?" Just imagine - if you can - churches filled with "followers" of Christ submitting to their leaders and coming up along side them making their lives easier and encouraged! What could result? What impact could we have on individual lives, communities, and even nations?

Just an observation from a "newbie" pastor who loves what it is he is called to do and watching God revamp His church right in front of my eyes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayer Requests!

It is pouring again here! Parts of our area had to be evacuated last night. More rain is in the forecast. Given where we live - there are numerous creeks, the big river and of course the lake. Any real amount of rain is a huge factor.

We're having more children show up for free meals now. A father came to our church today to find out how his family could be fed. (read: Additional meals were required then what had been fixed) With the amount of rain we've been receiving.... it is harder to reach some of these areas. Remember: The meal these children receive Monday thru Friday may very well be the only meal they get that day.

Please pray.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Let It Rain

It's raining again here. It's very dark. Sitting here looking out the windows - listening to the thunder roar... I've got a few thoughts.....

1) We talk about wanting rain and then complain when it does.

2) When it's hot - we look forward to cooler days. When it's cold - we long for hotter ones.

3) We talk about wanting to make a difference and yet - how many never leave their comfort zones?

4) We hear/know the message of the Cross and walk away - does it truly penetrate our hearts? Lives?

5) Discipleship is highly regarded and yet not always sought after. Why is that?

6) Ask someone to go to a seminar and you'd think you're pulling teeth. Ask them to go to a movie and they ask what time.

7) Your definition of a worship leader and a song director may not be the same as the person sitting next to you.

8) We talk about having time to do this or that. Yet, how often does this or that not get done because we don't make the time?

9) What the gospel is to one - is like water to another. Is it the same thirst? Drink?

10) If this was your last chance to tell someone you loved them - would you even if it meant getting out of the boat? or walking across the room?

I'd love to hear your comments on these or any other you'd like to share.