Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Faith Knocks: When You Love Someone

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a few people express their desire for us to not leave G-town. It is from those conversations and with those faces etched on my heart that I share today.

We are not leaving here, whenever that happens, because there is any less love here. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The G family has a deep deep love for this town and the individuals who walk, ride or drive her roads or who are scared to because of her traffic. For those that can be seen easily and those that are painted as our paths intersect - the unseen.

In 2004, our family surrendered to God and to the work He was doing in our lives and out of them. In May of 2005, when we were sent here... it was never our intent to stay more than a few years unless so otherwise directed by God. Those few years have at times have seemed like forever and yet just yesterday. There is no doubt the place I said I would never go became the very place I would cry over leaving. Tears of sheer gratitude. For those of you here... you'll never fully know or can I say...

I know there are some who say I shouldn't talk about what is going with us regarding another church. I also know though that is some of why I was set out on the adventure of writing "Life in the Moments"... To share what might not be shared if I truly had my own way. I've never fully understood the responses to my writing about our life's moments and can only say... if you've ever received one ounce of encouragement or have seen a glimpse even of God... Jesus.. Spirit... then I am thankful beyond words. I am complete because of God's love and Jesus' expression of that on the cross, in the tomb, and defeating death... not by what I do.

As I said yesterday, my mother is engaged. Her and Hoover are planning a September 5th wedding. Dick will have the privilege of marrying them. We are grateful for this taking place. We can see God all over it. For one of our struggles has been, "What about Mom/Grandma?" She is always welcome wherever we are. But God has seen fit to provide her with a man who is willing to be there for better or worse and in sickness or in health. And given he has already proven that over the last 2 plus years with her.... I am looking forward to them becoming husband and wife. He has stood up against her, beside her and with our family. I love that man. No question I love my mother either.

This coming weekend, the G family will be out of town again.. but still in Texas. And no, this is not officially "In View of a Call"... yet.... as far as we know... The particulars of exactly where I won't share publicly here except to say.....

It is part of when you love someone...

You are willing to go any where.

There is no place on this earth I'd rather be than wherever the Lord sends my husband and the G family.

Wherever... Whenever.

When you love someone - you're also willing to let them go. You share in their excitement.

You might even dance....

And if there's an internet connection to be had... you stay connected through facebook too! lol

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

And thank you for taking me in. The bump on my nose and all.

If we are to stay a few more weeks or shorter... or longer...

Much love,

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Not sure what you mean about that bump on your nose but I am glad that "I took you in" and you took me in. I have learned so much from reading your posts and knowing you were praying "dangerous" prayers for me. i will continue praying for the G family...wherever it is God puts you.