Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Prayer. Those Lifeguards.

On Prayer:

Last night we had a prayer gathering. What an incredibly powerful time of blending hearts/minds for the Kingdom. It is safe to say that we worshipped. Young, old, in-between - what a beautiful sight!

Heard from our oldest missionary earlier today. He is enjoying his first airplane flight. He called from Hotlanta during a stop. Must confess - for a brief moment I was jealous as all get out. And it got out soon enough.... thank you very much. Talk about someone on fire... He is one passionate young man. Frankly? I would venture to say it has to do with his prayer life - not prayer time.

Please continue to pray for our missionaries as they serve this week in Philly. Updates to come.

Those Lifeguards:

This is another one of those ways we're said to live a funky life. The younger boys and I went to the pool here inside the highly secure gated community at the clubhouse this morning. As soon as we walked in - the Youngest Lifeguard waved to get my attention. Funny enough? I've known his older brother since we first moved here back in 2005. Don't tell the Older Lifeguard, but the Younger one is growing on me big time. I'm trying hard not to play favorites.

The water was simply fabulous. It's been quite awhile since I've gone in. It wasn't too hot. It wasn't too cold. It was right for napping even. The younger boys and I enjoyed just hanging out, talking, catching some rays, and being. Simply being...... All the while... that Younger Lifeguard keeping watch over us.

One of the Lifeguards was missing today. Well, at least from the pool scene. He is on the plane with our oldest missionary heading to Philly. And while he was missed by the younger boys and I - we would not want him to be any where other than where he is at. So totally cool watching how passionate he is about serving others.

We decided to eat lunch while at the pool. As I was walking past the Youngest Lifeguard who had since changed places - I asked if he wanted a french fry. Of course, he took one... or two.. or three... lol I asked the female Lifeguard next to him if she wanted one... and with those puppy dog eyes of hers said no while thanking me for even asking. It wrecks me up how they are treated by club members. My heart truly goes out to them.

As I was sitting reading The Word and writing as I so often do while at the pool, the Youngest Lifeguard kept looking over to check on me. He would smile big when he realized I was looking back at him. Funny enough? We actually know his whole family. Just took us all awhile to figure that part out. We've already had some great in-depth conversations. Who says that teens do not want adults to ask questions and hold them accountable? To take a vested interest in their lives?

One thing about those Lifeguards - while they are trained to save lives.... they know who really does the saving. But they still keep watch anyway - ready to dive in at a moment's notice. And it is our privilege to know them.

A move is coming soon although we know not to where just yet.

And only the Real Lifeguard knows what it is going to cost.

We'd rather trust Him than the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today is taking a cake (note: not the cake, but a cake) on wild conversations/days. The following I share with permission.

Austin is roaming the house - the entire house. He is climbing the walls. He is smiling from ear to ear. He is pacing..... Going into his room, checking his stuff, checking it twice, and even has a game plan for making said cake tomorrow.

"THAT'S IT!!! NOW!" - Austin G.

He is having a hard time with patience. He's been this way since 5:30 p.m. tonight. He said, "At this time tomorrow night, people will be gathering for prayer. I'm SO EXCITED!"

WHAT? Prayer gathering and being that excited? Yep. That's Austin. And really? It is an understatement.

That's what he knew he was suppose to do from a few posts ago now.

Call peeps to prayer.

The cake is being baked for the individuals who are helping pay his way to Philly... which includes his youngest brother Parker. (That story is coming another time/way.)

And is it any wonder that the Spiritual Warfare has totally kicked up?

Nope. Nada. Zipola.

I'm often asked about being lifestyle missionaries. That question crops even more when trips are involved.

And while there is much to be said for going to another place far from where one is normally found to be the Gospel Alive and Living to those they come in contact with and serve.....

If we are not guilty of a living a lifestyle that speaks the same....

Then, it's like have frosting without a cake.

Are you still sitting on a shelf in a box collecting dust just waiting to be put together?

"THAT'S IT!!!! NOW!"

Time to RISE....

There's hungry people in the moments of life wherever you or I may be found....

Near or far.... in-between - even on the plane. (Wal-Mart, restaurant, mall, movies, etc.)

There's Only One who truly satisfies the real hunger, need, and desire.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The moments have been rather intense lately. The Spiritual Warfare has picked back up again. And while I am not at liberty to share fully.... I can share this:

It does not happen often, but last night - I was in a sour mood. I'm not talking a little sour. Spit it out of your mouth because it tastes so gross - sour. As Austin and I were sitting in the car talking - he said to me, "Mom? Do you really want to have that attitude?" Ouch. He was right. I was wanting to be sour. Sting.........

After examining my attitude - it was clear - the problem was not the other individuals involved or even the situations themselves. It was me. Serious OUCH!

This morning, Brother G's car had a flat. Much to my surprise, he wanted me to drive instead of him to the physical church building. His motive? He wanted to read to me. And as I drove - he read aloud to his bride. It was Alive. It breathed. Talk about just what I needed to hear. He was convinced that my sour attitude from last night was still there to some degree this morning. And dang it, he was right.

As I got out of the car and started walking up to the building... Scriptures started flooding my mind.... and heart. I just had to laugh when asked if I had a word... from The Word.. I could share for our Wednesday staff meeting. Tears came down my face as I shared just a bit of what's been going on lately. And as usual when I let Holy Spirit have free reign - I do not remember one word I said other than Scriptures I read aloud. The very same ones that had come flooding my mind and heart earlier. (And yes, to those who have asked - I miss teaching the Tuesday class. Some of the most freeing times. Still cracks me up there's a teacher inside. Oh, that's soooo God! Those poor college/career students now on Sunday mornings.)

Ministry can be a beast at times as can just life in general. One thing I've found time and time again - you can choose to let it be hairy and run wild... or you can tame it... even if you might have a few split ends like my hair does now. And given how long it is.... what should I expect? Haven't decided yet on the shoulder length or just a couple of inches. The jury is still out.

The testing has been two fold:

1) To see if I could hold my tongue.

2) If I could hold firm and not be moved.

Brother G did have to buy a new tire. And.......

Funny enough? The Spiritual Warfare is still thick and yet, the joy totally outweighs it.