Friday, August 10, 2007

Healthy Kids. Love G-Town. Texting.

Healthy Kids - It is officially over today but it has truly only gotten started. There are now faces, names, and stories to go with the staggering numbers. Seeds have been planted and I have no doubt that they will continue to be watered. To all who have helped in this vital life saving and life changing ministry - thank you is not enough. I know for our family.... this was some of the best way we have spent the summer. Doors have been opened......

Love G-town - Now lets take what we've gotten started with Healthy Kids and take it to the next level..... Come be a part of this weekend of showing His love to those in our town and surrounding areas. Hand out some water... serve some dogs or burgers.. help fix things that are in need of repair.... work with other churches and get to know individuals that you may only see around G-town. Check out for more details. If you live here locally - SEE YOU THERE!

Texting - Mo and I have been texting each other this morning. I feel so old. Texting is just another example of something that I never thought I would do as a part of ministry. Goes to show that He truly does have a sense of humor! Man, I love being challenged. What ways are you challenged in ministry?

Heads UP! Tuesday thru Friday, the five of us will be gone to Amarillo. I'm expecting some posts to be put up while I'm gone peeps. And remember - I know where you live.... This is a part of being accountable.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Prayer Request!

There is a guy named Jeff who is in need of prayers.. Please join me in lifting him up right now...

The Bench... and its Views.

Thank you again to all who contributed to the bench. Here are some pics as promised.

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Construction Zone.

On Tuesday, one of our oldest and dearest friends came into town with their son. When we first met - our oldest children were one... They are turning 16 soon. We then each went on to have two more children.. She is like a second mom to our boys as I am to their daughters and son. It was so great to see them. Man, talking on the phone just isn't always the same as sitting across the table.

Park went back to their house Tuesday afternoon. So, Wednesday found hubby and I driving to where we used to live to go and get him. How things around there have changed and yet some is still the same..... Their house is under construction due to remodeling and adding on...

There was a swing set and fort in their backyard where much time was spent over the years... It is now gone and something brand new is being built there instead reflecting growth and change. I couldn't help but let that speak to my soul. In truth, while I may have appeared to be standing there in the midst of the piers and beams.... I was face down on the floor covered in sawdust.. worshipping Him..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Michael S. - Give All the Glory to God

I got the opportunity this summer to go on mission trip to Kentucky. we went to a place where just about everyone lives below the poverty line but none of them are poor. they are all rich with life and love and they are very proud of where they come from. We got to put on a VBS for the kids of pikeville through the YMCA. We set up everything, taught the lessons, sang the songs, and even ate lunch them. We spent our church group time every night working on the lessons for the next day which none of us wanted to do but it paid off more than we ever thought it would. After lunch we were split into two teams to go out and work on houses. My team had the privilege to work with a church who provided the tools we needed to work on the house. We forgot our tools at home because we were more worried about our van situation. When we left for Kentucky the van rental company bailed on us leaving us with only a huge a charter bus that could not make it to the homes. Shelley explained our situation at the leaders meeting the first night and a man from epworth baptist church in Georgia told Shelley that he was driving the vans for his church and since we did VBS in the mornings the timing was perfect and he was able to drive us to our job sites. And his church was finishing up a house that had been working on the previous so they finished the first day and were able to come help us the rest of the week. this is a perfect example of how God works. We were so blessed and God was definitely with us. And When we were out working on the houses the only complaining that went on was when somebody didn't have something to do. Everybody was worn out by the end of the week but we never slowed down. The only reason we didn't finish our house is because the doors and window's we ordered did not come. It was the best mission trip i have ever been on. The Lady at the YMCA said we were the most prepared group the had ever seen not to brag on us because God helped each of us as we taught, as we played the games, and as we sang the songs so all i can say is give all the glory to God. This a very successful trip and i am looking forward to next year.

Michael S.

Cyndi J - Middle School Testimony

God has really changed my life. Before I accepted Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, I really didn’t like doing anything. I never obeyed my parents and tried to bad things but didn’t. I was also mean to my friends and some other people. I accepted Jesus into my heart at eight years old. I was very excited because I was a Christian with my family. I didn’t really get the whole being a Christian after I realized what I had done.
I started to not treat my friends nice again. I realized that I was in trouble. I wasn’t obeying God either. Something wasn’t right.
I went to camp as soon as school was out. I had a great time. While I was there, God was really speaking to me. He was telling me that I should rededicate my life to Him. I thought what he had told me over for about a day or two. Then the Wednesday during worship we had a thing were we went and placed our problems at the alter. I went down there and place my problem on the alter. That was a very good night. Then the Thursday during worship, the speaker said something that really made me think about rededicating my life. I went to church group time and told my youth minister that I wanted to rededicate my life to Christ. From Camp down to Mission Trip down to now, I have really watched how I treat people. I am so glad I really got to accept him into my life!!!

cyndi j.

A Few Items.

1) Please pray for Austin today as he is finally having toe surgery. He'll be off his feet for a couple of days at least.

2) Love Granbury - please check out Come be a part of showing others His love! Check back here later in the week for more specific details....

3) Testimonies! More to come.... if you're sharing one, you may send it to me via email at or thru myspace. Now... if you're Ryan.... you can submit it directly here. (RYAN!! Get er done.)

4) Hoover (aka my mom's boyfriend) had eye surgery yesterday. It wasn't completely numbed. OUCH! Please pray for him as he heals and prepares for another surgery in a few weeks.

5) As always..... feel free to comment, submit prayer requests and etc..... If you would like to have some thing posted here for your specific area of ministry - just let me know!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! If you need a laugh.. Check out the pics at the end of Imperial March or Imperial Sugar.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

High School Mission Trip

I agree with Austin when he says it is hard to put into words just how good God was on high school mission trip. I also agree with Courtney that I would not change a single thing.

God amazed me this year in how attentive He is to details. Things that seemed so "insignificant" at the moment turned out to be God working in huge ways. There are several ways this was seen. First of all, this was the first year both Dick and Brad came with us on mission trip. There knowledge of construction was greatly needed. To be honest I did not ever "seek" them out to go on mission trip...they came and found me. Of course, I always need adults but this year I needed THESE adults. Prior to departure Mitchell George was not sure if he was going to get to go due to work. But he was able to go. I am not sure that we would have been able to do the construction side of our jobs without these three men. God was good in providing the leadership that we need.

Secondly, many of you prayed about our "van" issue. I have planned countless mission trips as both the youth leader and a missions coordinator and I have never had a car company call and say "sorry we are overbooked. Figure it out." I have also never seen the lack of availability of cars. But God knew if we had vans His plan would not come to pass. If we had vans we never would have met our friends from Georgia who drove us all week. We also never would have gotten the manpower and tools that we needed at our house. By having to ask for transportation we met an awesome sister church who became our partner in missions. Both churches say it was the highlight of the week to see the body of Christ work together. Where wer were weak they were strong.....and vice versa.

Thirdly, the youth that went on this trip were the ones that needed to be there. Every person had a role. Every person had a gift. Every person was used and needed. IT was amazing to see the kids work together and while we had "minor" issues because we were tired...this was the easiest mission trip I have ever done. Each day working with these kids was a joy. They made my job easy. I am so excited for mission trip next year. And the word is out...we have adults and students lining up to be involved next year because they want to be involved in what God is doing. The small taste of mission trip this year has made others hungry to be involved in what God is doing through missions with our students.

Thank you to everyone that prayed. Thank you to the sponsors who made it financially possible. This was not just a youth trip but a church trip. What a joy to see our church come together to do work for the Kingdom. God is good!