Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Dishes!

Yesterday morning after the close of the 2nd worship service... a woman came up to me & said, "We have gifts for you & your family in our car. Please do not leave here without them." I had to smile & laugh at the very thought of what those gifts might be based on a conversation I had with her & her husband on Friday afternoon. Not the gifts themselves mind you.. just the very thought of them.

There were 3 gifts wrapped up so bright & beautiful for us to unwrap. Inside were 2 boxes of dishes - enough for 8 people & 1 box of glasses. Funny enough? I had talked myself out of buying these very ones Friday night. I simply could not allow my mind to go there. Since being here, I've become rather used to not being "the woman" of the house & therefore, not having my own things about. (Cue in "The Quiet Man" here.)

I have long since stopped being a thing person. God has done such a work in that area. So... when this couple came in to the pcb on Friday afternoon and asked me what did we need or want for our new house - I really had a hard time coming up with any thing.. except perhaps every day dishes. I had given away all but one saucer away when we moved out of our last house. It was the saucer that Austin had always used for his hot sauce. Our china has been up in the attic all this time. The woman encouraged me to really think about it. So, again..all I could come up with was every day dishes.

Then she did it.. She had to ask what colors did I want to use in our kitchen. My answer frankly surprised me.. browns & greens. Why? I use these 2 particular plates we were given the last 2 Christmases all the time. They are from gift baskets my mother's soon-to-be husband had given us. Browns & greens. The every day dishes I had given away had fruits and veggies on them and weren't the slightest bit masculine really. (read: remember - I was the only female then & will be soon again)

The woman then told me about a set of very expensive dishes she had made & that I could have if I wanted them. Her husband looked at her with the biggest of eyes & said, "Why would you give those to her when you don't really like them yourself? Aren't you suppose to offer her the best? Your best - first fruits?" (yes.. they are those kind of friends!) She looked at him.. and then at me.. She then said, "Well, I don't think they're really you & your family any way Camey." They walked out the door soon after that.

I saw her last night for a brief moment. I hugged her tight & thanked her for the dishes/glasses. I also shared with her about the fact that I had almost bought them on Friday night. Funny enough? This woman had called her recently married daughter while standing in Wal-Mart on Saturday to make sure she was picking out just the right ones for me & my family. Her daughter is in Branson! Dick & I used to be her Bible Study teachers before she got married. I also had her in another group several years ago. She knows me/us oh so well. The dishes were spot on.

And now.. every day when those dishes are used.. there will be a love attached that is greater than the sum of ourselves. Only God could have put us all together when He did. Only God serves up the best dishes!

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for!

Much love,


Bill (cycleguy) said...

God has an uncanny knack for doing things like this. It is almost as if He wants us to see His plan, His way, His blessing, in what we are doing. Enjoy the memories the dishes will bring. You too have been prayed for. Moving day is when? Or is it "when does the G family leave G-town for C-town?"

Cameyg said...

Yes He does Bill! I have no doubt we will. Thank you for your continued prayers for us. Greatly appreciated dear friend/family.

Loading the truck on Thursday. Moving to C-town on Friday, Sept 4th!

One wild thing I don't think I've mentioned before.. when we were touring the pcb there at the new place.. I noticed a plaque on the wall. Upon reading it - there was my first name on it. Spelled exactly the same way & all. Now it was in reference to something else, but I had to laugh all the same. OH, sure... my name is just that common you know! lol

Dangerous prayers for you dear man & much love too! Don't think you've been off my radar for a moment!