Friday, August 7, 2009

Conversations On Life's Highways: Encounter With The Trucker

Last night I was heading to the Big City to meet Karen. I was having a grand time driving 75.. (hey! The speed limit is 70!) I was singing away and talking with my Real Father - God. It is safe to say - I was enjoying the time spent on the road - the highway. I still get a big kick out of driving even after all these years of being physically healed and legally being able to drive. I was looking forward to spending time with Karen. A woman who is such a dear friend and yet we had never met face to face before.

About 25 minutes in to being on the highway, the truck in front of me started having problems. I noticed a big long tube on the right side of the truck was coming lose. As it continued to be ripped from the side of the truck and barely hanging on by a thread as it was being dragged on the highway - two long black tubes came out of it and were flying in the air towards the vehicle I was in. I swerved to miss it and they landed on the side of the road to the right of me. They barely missed hitting me due to the vehicles in the left lane that were passing me. Notice... they were passing me and the truck...

Up a little ways from where the trucker lost the two black tubes out of the larger tube - he finally realized he was having problems. He signaled and started pulling over on the right shoulder of the highway. I pulled over behind him and got out. He jumped out of the truck and looked me at with such surprise. He motioned for me to go to the right side of the truck away from the cars on the highway. We met by where the longest tube was still barely hanging on. The look on his face was confusion at what had happened and worried about why I had pulled over too.

I shared with him about where the two long black tubes came out at and when I first notice the longer tube coming lose from the side of the truck. He apologized profusely and then proceeded to ask where had I been hit. The look on his face changed dramatically when I told him I had not been hit. I pulled over to share with him what I had seen so he would know what had happened and where to find the two black tubes. He just stared at me for a moment or two in utter surprise. He asked again, "Are you SURE you weren't hit?" I assured him I had not been. He just stood there dumbfounded.

I share this with you this moment to say... We shouldn't have to be hit directly in order to want to get involved when we see another person in trouble. We should reach out of our comfort zones and be willing to lend a hand to another. Yes, I had plans to meet Karen at a certain time. I was looking forward to our time together. But, that didn't change the fact that while driving to meet her - someone else was in need of help that I could provide. The trucker was shocked that I stopped even though I wasn't hit. He ended up smiling and thanking me. And I was thankful to have been able to drive, on that highway to meet Karen and be able to help him. It didn't take more than just a couple of minutes.

On up the road a little ways, there was an accident. 3 vehicles were involved. I cannot help but think for a moment that had I not stopped to help the trucker - the trucker or this silly woman might have been in that accident too. It is entirely possible that the encounter with the trucker helped me just as much as it helped him. Funny how that works like that..

So, let me ask you this moment...

Are you willing to get involved today?

Who will you see along life's highway that needs a helping hand?

I didn't stop because I'm that great of a person. I stopped because of God's love first.

Who will you help today because of God's love for you? and for them?

Just because they are a human being.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

Life is a highway.. but remember - you're never driving all alone.

Much love,

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