Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When Faith Knocks: The Music Is Playing

Monday when we were at the physical church buildings of another church, Austin sat down at a piano in the sanctuary. He did not realize I was watching him. As he put his fingers on the keys and stroked them gently, the look on his face was moving. Keep in mind here - there is a piano at the house in which we currently live. Given where it is - it is hardly ever played. I am the only one in the house who has ever taken any formal lessons. The piano was a gift when I was much younger although it has never moved with me. I play from time to time when no one is around. The piano is coming with us whenever we move.

A man named Lesile told Austin he had a couple of pianos he is not using if Austin wanted one of them. It was obvious that Lesile knew if Austin had true access to one - he would be able to play and would. Austin has taken guitar lessons over the years and is still teaching himself as well. Within the past year, he has taught a few others how to play as well. Part of their time together has also included Devotional time... not just a jam session.

Last week, Travis started Marching Band Camp. He started with the understanding that he may or may not ever step foot on the field here during an actual game. We did not want him to miss the opportunity of at least experiencing the camp. Dick played in the band in high school. He has very fond memories of his time spent playing in the band. He played the tuba. Travis plays the trumpet. And he is a mean trumpet player too. One of the sweet things about Travis going to camp are the other individuals he is around. Some of them are seniors in high school and are a part of our current church. They have taken him under their wings and are truly being there for him in ways he may not ever fully realize.

Today is Wednesday. As has been the norm now for a few weeks - the phone rings some time after 9:00 p.m. It has been Lesile calling on behalf of the other church. We are expecting a phone call tonight. While we think we know what the individual on the other end will have to say and ask.. we may or may not.

The music is playing. The tune is one that has a very familiar beat. We look forward to each note that is to come. We're thankful for the sounds it is creating and how our hearts are being stirred. There's a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "We Will Dance."

"When the music plays, I'll take your hand and hold you close to me and we will dance." I am thankful for my husband who holds me close as we dance life's moments.. Even more so for my Real Father who is teaching me to not look at my feet. Toes were meant to be stepped on from time to time.

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

And if you're praying for us... thank you.

Much love,