Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Whatever It Takes."

That statement is being heard in and throughout our local church staff and body.

Whoever said that it is impossible to implement the kind of improvements needed should have been a fly on the walls of the physical church building the last couple of weeks. Things are moving fast; definitely bathed in prayer first!

It is no secret that Brother G and I love our church. These improvements have been a part of our prayers since first coming to this local church body in 2005. I know we are not alone in prayers being prayed for years for our body to catch on fire for the Lord and His kingdom. That it would stop being a country club. (Yes, I just said that in print. Many of you know we've said that to your face even.)

It is wonderful to watch the local church body rise for Christ. To stand up and say, "Count me in on whatever it takes." Yes, it does indeed get us more than misty.

When we stop to think that there is no price we can pay that can compare....

Whatever it takes should come as free as His love, mercy, and grace.

If it is truly in and through Him alone and not of our own strength.

Brother G and I are on our knees and ready to move.....

Are you living proof today of whatever it takes? Are you ready to be counted?

Would you clean a toilet if it needed it? Or hold a baby? Or give up your seat?

May "Whatever It Takes" become our motto for living as Christ-followers.

Friday, February 8, 2008

From the Front Desk..

Please pray for our local church body...

There are so many who are ill with the flu and various other illnesses.

Continue to pray for Joshua P. and his family. He is on his way back to Cooks.

Also... as we prepare for Sunday and all of the new improvements....

Let's not forget that every day is a great day to worship and serve Him!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be Careful What You Predict.

So....... at the beginning of this new year... I made a prediction that Brother G would not do something...

I was wrong. Very very wrong. Our sons are shocked. They are freaked out. My mother's knees got weak and she almost passed out.

Funny enough? I'm thankful to be wrong.

Be careful what you predict. You might just get taught a lesson or two.

Schooled in G-town

Can you guess what I was wrong on? Anyone?

ANSWER: Yep. He shaved off his goatee. Shocking. He looks so much younger. ;)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Prayer Requests For Various.

1) Please pray for a man who is 46 and in the hospital on life support. He has had 2 kidney transplants over the years and now it is failing again, he has a bacteria infection throughout his body, gout, inflammation of the pancreas, and the doctors told them he will NOT survive. They are trying to keep praying and hoping for the best, but it is difficult when everybody at the hospital says there isn't any hope. He has 3 kids ages 10,12,& 14. (from a spacer and local)

2) Please pray for James' dad (little store and local body). He is having a quad. bypass right now. James is unable to be with him.

3) Please pray for a family dealing with issues regarding a child. (email)

4) Please pray for a family regarding an adoption. (email)

5) Whatever is on your heart this moment....

Our prayers may not be answered how we want and/or when...

Real HOPE is only found in Him.

Prayer Request...

Please pray for Joshua P and his family. His mom was instructed by the doctor to take him to Cook's Children's Hospital immediately.

Thank you.

Changing Roles: The Eyes Have It.

It was dark and warm this morning as we left the highly secure gated community to head for the big city. Hoover picked us up at 6:30 a.m. and the three of us were off for her right eye surgery. Conversation flowed between concern for Sylvia, Parker's birthday, yesterday's SOUPer Bowl service, and the Super Bowl. Only this drive was different than before. My only sibling, my older brother, was going to be meeting us.

Mom and Hoover went on in while I waited for him to arrive. Miscommunication had taken place... These things happen in changing roles. He did not realize it would be the boyfriend, the live-in daughter/sister, and him. Fortunately, they allowed him to go back and see her before the surgery started. I am so grateful.

So, while she was back in surgery.... the three of us sat.... me in the middle. The conversation flowed with ease at times and others - silence was spoken. Quickly enough, she was done and I was allowed to go back and see her. They both sat there - each loving her and wanting to go back and be with her. Love is a hard thing at times.

The post-op nurse remembered had the doctor who put her to sleep... At times, laughter is a gift at awkward moments. Hoover went to go get his car, my brother- his as well, while I waited for her to come out in a wheelchair. The post-op nurse wanting to know whose car she was riding in this time. The boyfriend's won out given it was a car and easier to get in to.

The four of us had breakfast together at an IHop there in the big city. Soon enough, it was time for us to head back home. As the server started to hand the bill, I kicked my brother under the table.... Hoover insists upon paying for meals and gets insulted easily when challenged on it - a generational thing no doubt as well as loving her and wanting to provide for her in his own way. I've been down that road before. I should have warned my brother before we sat down... His leg survived though... as did Hoover's ego.

The three of us headed back to the highly secure gated community and my brother back to his house since he had taken the day off. And while he did not come here to take care of his mother - he is at home taking care of his daughter who is sick and at home today instead of at school. Hoover is at his house doing his Monday chores. Mom is fast asleep in her bedroom with her live-in caregiver listening for her call.

Tomorrow morning, the son-in-law is on duty while I teach a Bible study class on marriage. In the afternoon, Hoover is taking her to the follow-up eye appointment and will take notes for us... Mom does not always hear all the doctor says. And I will be at upstairs desk at the physical church building doing whatever needs to be done. Again, I am grateful.

Changing roles includes having more than one person being a caregiver for someone. The better individuals can work together for the good of all involved - the smoother things can go even when the waves are not always easy to navigate.

It is a privilege and a blessing to help someone else meet their most basic needs and even the more complex ones. Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it? Yes, she is. The lessons are... And the fact is serving her is serving Him. That is more priceless than gold.

Jesus did not come to be served but to serve others.

Who do you need to show His love to today?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life's Moments Continue II

This morning my cell rang. It was hubby. He and Austin had just passed a wreck on their way to the physical church building. He couldn't make out the person's face - too much blood. I started praying.... on my knees praying....

A few minutes later... my cell rang again. This time a name was attached to the person's face and the fact that she had to be care-flighted to a hospital in the big city. My prayers from earlier made sense now. I had prayed specifically for her... for her husband, children, family and friends. Her... I knew she had a husband, children, family, and friends. I just knew...

In Life's Moments Continue... , I talked about one of my prayer partners. It was her who was now needing my prayers. As I sit here thinking of her..... I can see her smile. I can see her eyes. I can feel her hand in mine as we've been there with each other through the thick and thin of life's moments especially through prayer. Some times together... others miles a part. Still connected.

I ask you to join me in praying. Her name is Sylvia. She is Jon's wife. The Cranny and Julie's mom. And a dear friend to countless individuals. She loves Jesus.

I also ask you to consider the following.....

How do you respond when His Spirit prompts you?

Do you trust and obey? or do you merely say, "No, not today."

I believe in the power of prayer.

And you.... yes, you.... have been prayed for this moment.