Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life and Her Arrangements.

Life... Life..... It goes to show that no matter how much we think we can plan things... In a single moment - things can change. And suddenly arrangements need to be made.

They have set the visitation for Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. down in their hometown. The service will be on Monday at their church. Given this information.... things on our own schedule, therefore, have changed dramatically... That is life in the moments... That is being a part of a family.... and in ministering to ones own family.

Please pray for all those who are currently helping Kathy during this time. Individuals from their church have graciously offered homes for our massive family to stay in starting tomorrow afternoon. That is how a church body should respond in times like this....

We are leaving tomorrow morning. The next few days were packed full of plans. They have all changed now... That is life in the moments... and life and her arrangements. For as much as we think we can plans things.... Life happens... and so does death...

God is good all the time even when we don't understand. And His plans are never wrong.

He Was 47. Pray.

This morning we received word that a member of my mom's side of the family died suddenly yesterday of an apparent heart attack while on a tread mill.

He was in Washington State on a business trip. They will have to perform an autopsy to definitely determine the cause of death. He was a Christian, married to a Godly woman, and the daddy of 4 kids..... one of which has Downs Syndrome. He had two brothers and one sister. Too many other family members to list..... His funeral will have to wait until his body can be returned to Texas.

His dad, who is also.... my mom's brother Joe, was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. He had just stepped down from the church he was pastor of in Oklahoma due to his health. He and his precious wife are still in the processing of moving back to Texas. Uncle Joe has been referred to over the years as the marrying and burying family pastor. I don't think he ever expected to outlive any of his own children.

Please pray.

On Leadership.

There are two leaders that I've had the incredible privilege of watching, listening to, and learning from lately. They are on-fire for the Lord. And frankly? They keep me on my toes.

Recently, they decided that they wanted to hold a certain event at their venue. The event's focus was prayer. People coming together to pray..... not just talk about prayer or praying.. to actually pray.

Prayer is vitally important to these two leaders. I can't tell you the number of times they've asked me to pray for someone about some thing. Things they learn about individuals because they care enough to get involved in others' lives. What's makes this even more special is the fact that they are in high school.

The event made our local newspaper this morning. How cool is that? People praying on the cover of the news...... There's a reason... And no, it's not because of these two leaders regardless of how amazing they are.

It is because, and only because.... of Him. He truly is The Reason. He is the most powerful leader there has ever been.... will ever be...... He wrote The Book on leadership.

Whose leadership are you under this moment?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Parenting. On Prayer.

On Parenting:

1) The best example EVER on being a parent is God. He has written The Book on the subject.

2) Your child(ren) watch you. What are you modeling to them this moment?

3) If your child was to see your bank statement and/or credit card bills.... where does the money go? what does it say about your heart and mind?

4) If you are married.... does your child(ren) see a real love relationship between you and your spouse or just two people living in the same house?

5) "I am sorry. Will you forgive me?" These are powerful words as a parent...

On Prayer:

1) Prayer is meant to draw us closer to God.

2) Praying together as a husband and wife can not only help strengthen your marriage in all areas... but in doing so... it can also strengthen your willingness to parent together instead of against each other.

3) Praying with your child(ren) is a privilege and can be such a bonding time together... a real legacy.

4) Prayer is like talking with a best friend. That's what He wants to be in our lives. Not just a casual acquaintance. He can handle being our Father and best friend.

5) Prayer is powerful. It can literally change the heart of the one who is praying. And it can definitely change one's life.

Parenting and Prayer go hand-in-hand.

Teach a child to pray and you've given them the best life line in the world. They may not ever be a millionaire.... yet they will be rich beyond monetary value.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Early Morning Laughter

The gift of laughter has been ours this morning....

Last night my mom, Trav and Park made dinner as previously reported. They made two separate casseroles. One to stay here and one for mom to share with Hoover at his place. Off she drove to take it over there... Note: She cooked and then, drove....

This morning, with witnesses present, I told her that was the best pork dinner she has ever cooked in my 39 years of life and living. She just started laughing... and shared the following:

Apparently, Hoover thought it was so good that he had to ask, "Did you really make this?" Oh, he knows my mom so well. She confessed that Trav and Park helped her.

She then told him that she drove over there by herself. He asked, "You got that vehicle turned around by yourself?" (this refers to our crazy driveway)

Laughter. It is a sweet gift... especially early in the morning.

What makes you laugh?

Are you able to laugh at yourself and with others?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Various Subjects/Thoughts

These are some thoughts today.... They are in no particular order... And NO... not all I've had.

1) Yesterday was a bag of mixed emotions. (Can I get a witness here?)

2) The five of us had an amazing time during the afternoon session. Thanks Dr Ross. It was still a bag of mixed emotions.

3) Our children are 16, 13.... and 9. Hmmmmmm

4) I'm incredibly thankful to be married to a man who prays for his children. THAT makes him more Godly than what football team he roots for.

5) Watching a person sleep for 6 and 1/2 hours is tiring. I almost feel guilty for getting paid to do it. (okay that's two thoughts for one...)

6) My mom, Trav and Park were cooking dinner together. At first - I was scared. I was shaking in my bare feet. Just the thought of the kitchen afterwards....

7) Man! I had to ask forgiveness for thought #6. Thanks Juls!

8) Months ago I told Stacy it would be best for her to give up her son. She has now. What a fortunate little boy that his mother truly does love him enough to let him go.

9) Joel had a stroke. This was his second. The man drove himself to the hospital both times. Why are men so stubborn?

10) At the little store this afternoon.... the conversation about prayer with a woman and her mother... If #6 wasn't going to be happening, I would not have needed to go buy egg noodles. Mothers and daughters..... and prayer.....

Who and what are you praying for this moment?