Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Response to: When Love Hurts & General Update

Thank you to all whom have commented, messaged, called, caught me in person or however to respond to "When Love Hurts." Your friendships, love, and prayers have been quite touching.

For those who shared personal stories with me... thank you for entrusting me with your own hurts. I am thankful that we have the type of connections with each other through Jesus that we can share the hard times of life's moments as well as the good. Please know that I continue to pray for you/yours. Thank you again for sharing your own trials with me whether it is/was you or family.

My mom as of yet has not gone back on the meds. I have taken a couple of more steps in our intervention on her behalf. If you would please pray in regards to her nuclear stress test today & then the appointment she has on the 23rd. We've decided to not tell her about that appointment yet. I'm not concerned about sharing that information here obviously.

In the midst of all this with her... Hubby is leaving on Saturday for IL to preach 5 times and serve the community there. Austin is leaving on Saturday for Belize for a week to share God's love in prisons, schools, orphanages, and etc. Travis and Parker will be on Spring Break as well. And the septic system is in need of an overhaul. Yes, I will still be found at the pcb at my regular scheduled times unless plans change! Travis and Parker will be with me no doubt. Oh... and Travis still needs to see a speciality dentist!

I was asked yesterday point blank about where do I stand in my relationship with God in light of all that is going on with my mom. To the person who asked me - thank you for being that kind of friend! We all need individuals in our lives who are willing to ask those kind of questions & truly want to hear the real answer... not the "churchy" answer. I have found in these types of trials that I draw nearer to God and not farther away. He is my Hope, my Rock, and my Foundation. Doesn't mean that this time in life with my mom doesn't hurt. It still bites big time. What it also means is that I am being stretched beyond where I could go on my own as Dick, Austin, Travis, and Parker are too.

We were created for God.. by God... Why should we think we could live life's moments without Him? Why would we want to? The G family serves The Risen Savior. And that we will not apologize for.

Love hurts... Jesus' blood on the cross is proof positive of that.

Do you know Jesus?

If so, how's your relationship with Him in light of your circumstances?And yes, I really do want to know...

As always, dear reader, you've been prayed for.

And thanks for the prayers on our behalf too!