Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Dancing in the Moments.

There have been numerous times over the course of the last few days especially where there has been dancing in the moments. These moments can also be seen as "YES!" or "AHA!" moments. Just sharing a bit.... not all..... God is good all the time.

This week has been tremendously hard for Mae. She's been really down and fighting depression. She and I spent a good amount of time talking about those moments in life in which thinking back on makes her sad. In the past year, her life has changed dramatically. There is no denying that simple fact even though it is far from simple. I asked questions and she shared some of the pages of her life. As I was listening to the stories, as each one unfolded.... even in the midst of trials, suffering and pain.... there were reasons for joy and peace.

She uses a walker to help her get around. Yesterday, I purposefully didn't walk with her everywhere she wanted to go in the house. I was close by mind you... just not right next to her. When I'm not talking with her, cooking or cleaning, giving her meds or taking her blood sugar count, or watching her breathing as she sleeps or etc..... I sit at the table and read/study. At one point, she decided she wanted some thing to drink. Instead of jumping up and getting it for her.... I suggested to her that she look in the frig for herself and decide what she wanted. As she started walking past me... I started reading from a certain Psalm out loud. She stopped in her tracks and looked at me and said, "You know Camey? I haven't read my Bible today. I haven't wanted to pick it up." She then proceeded to get her water bottle out of the frig, walk back to her spot on the couch and pick up her Bible and began to read. We later discussed certain passages in greater detail. She said to me, "Reading the word has always been a part of my daily life. I was just being stubborn." We talked about how one should have joy in the midst of every day life and living. That our real joy should come from Him and His love. When leaving for the day.... I took her hand as I do each time and she squeezed it as hard as she could. She was trying to be all serious with me and she burped really loud instead. She smiled from ear to ear and we both just laughed. Ahhhh dancing in the moments. My time with her has been extended past September - God's plan permitting of course.

Austin earned his first paycheck this week. As his dad was cooking dinner, I walked upon a sweet and tender moment between the two. (Sorry, Austin. but dude... it was.) They were discussing in great detail about how the money was going to be divided up. It was parts of conversations that have been had over time as Austin has been growing up.... As his mother, I couldn't help but smile deeply watching and listening to that young man and his daddy. The teaching... what has been taught... oh.... but what has been caught... Dancing in the moments yet again.

Hubby, Trav, Park and some goofy woman went to the drive-in movie that was being held on our main parking lot at the buildings. Some of the church had gathered to spend time together. The night air was amazing..... Looking out from up on the hill.... seeing the town and her lights.... conversations that were had... hugs that were given and received... Yet again... dancing in the moments.

He is indescribable..... He is uncontainable.... And in dancing in the moments... it truly is Him who is all powerful.

Are you dancing in the moments with the Only True Star there is?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Update. Tonight. Sunday.

Update - HB came through surgery okay. It took longer than expected... Code Blue was heard but it wasn't in regards to HB. Don't know the details.. pray.

Tonight - YES! Be there at 7:30 p.m. and stay till the movie is over... Free popcorn, snow cones... bring your own drinks and lawn chairs. The movie is family friendly. If you get hit with popcorn it wasn't me... ;)

Sunday - We are having a guest speaker for all 3 services. Be there! Hear what Dr Ross has to say about the Revival Generation. If you have children 4th grade through student ministry - hopefully you've made your reservations for lunch and plan on staying to hear more from Dr Ross.

There's alot going on this weekend. Pray for all involved whether near or far.

Those Other Hospitals.

This morning there are two very dear men at the Heart Ctr. One is having surgery today. The other is still having tests to figure out what is going on. Oh, those other hospitals...

When the lawn pastor had finished tending to 5 lawns and their owners... we were off to see HB and Joel at the Heart Ctr. We know the Heart Ctr like the back of our hands. It was as if the vehicle was on autopilot. As we walked down the halls and into the various stations of rooms - it was clear that we were remembered by some of the nurses. That sort of thing happens when we pray with people.. when you take the time to ask about their own lives and not just focus on why you happen to be there. People are brought together for reasons. This I truly believe.

HB started to cry as we walked into the door. HB was one of daddy's best friends. Those two men clearly loved each other and enjoyed spending time together whether at conferences at various churches or playing golf. There was a time when HB was exceedingly mad at me. He later recognized the error of his ways and we can actually laugh about it now. He was in deep denial over daddy and it felt as if I was smacking them both in the face and gut. That's okay... We knew it wasn't going to be easy taking care of daddy.... and all his friends too. It was bigger than us... still is... fortunately... it is not bigger than God. This we know.

HB is having a having hard time being at the Heart Ctr.... in thinking about having surgery today. He keeps picturing daddy. We've become very close over the past year. HB is now like a dad to me and a grandpa to our boys. Hubby tends to whatever HB needs.. he is part of how hubby earned the title lawn pastor. We don't always see eye-to-eye but that doesn't honestly matter.. There is a love so deep and profound that could have only come from God. As hubby stood at HB's side and I at his feet.... we shared very openly about what all is going. About the past... about today... about whatever is God's plan for HB.

There in the room with us was HB's precious wife, daughter and two friends of theirs from a previous church. They listened and joined us in praying as we were leaving. HB..... well, I knew it was coming.... after we had hugged him goodbye... he said to those others in the rooms.. "I'll wait to tell you about Camey after they leave." He cannot tell others about my having been ill and then healed without crying buckets like daddy used to do. Oh... back to him being mad at me and then recognizing the error of his ways comment.... He later said to me, "How could I be mad at you when God healed you and then He had you take care of your daddy?"

I will not be going to the Heart Ctr for HB's surgery today. In just a bit I am going to Mae's to take care of her. It is the least I can do for all involved...... of course along with praying....

Those other hospitals.... they hold bleeding hearts that only One can truly tend to. My presence is not necessary there today. They are in the best hands possible....... His.....

Please continue to pray for HB and Joel.... More to come on these men....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Specific Prayer Requests

1. Joel - maybe having a heart attack. (Heart Ctr)

2. HB - is having bypass surgery tomorrow @ noon. (Heart Ctr - ICU)

Thursday Morning Thriller.

The lawn pastor and I were discussing some things as he was getting ready to head out.

Hmmmm.... Little did we know that his mother-in-law and Ms. Kathy (as in Jim and Kathy) were in our bedroom with us.

Thursday Morning Thriller.... I clearly resembled some other women in our lives.

How does THAT happen?

The Hospital.

Last night the hospital was full of activity. There were bodies everywhere. Some young. Some old. Some the ages not easy to figure out. The pain so obvious and evident by the blood that was pouring out through not only their bodies but its languages as well whether spoken audibly or not.

One patient was a widow. Her immediate family is no where close. She is needing to clean house literally, sell and move to a less expensive place. Her tears were as real as dew on the grass in the mornings. As I was holding her in my arms.... she said to me, "I need help Camey." When she had gathered herself for a moment, she walked away... Standing over in another part of the hospital was a man. I knew he could help her in ways that I cannot. Some of her brothers will be helping her.. And more than likely some sisters too. They just needed to hear the scope of her illness.

Another patient saw me and went another direction after only saying hello.... She came back after a few moments. She looked me in the face but not in the eyes, and said, "I didn't want to share what I did. I prayed that He wouldn't make me. And yet, He did. I didn't want to come back again. Yet, here I am." She immediately looked down at her feet like she does. Her pain is not one that can be described with one word or two. I shared with her the prescription for helping ease her burdens. The recovery time will be slow. It may take years. She finally looked me in the eyes as I was reaching out my hand. She took it for a moment, squeezed it and then let go. There was a glimmer of hope. The darkness not as dark as before - like a nightlight was turned on.

One patient was a child - a little girl. She was needing to be hugged. She found me several times. There were two other generations of little girls with her. As the four of us were standing there talking about what cures they thought they might possibly have..... There were smiles and yet past them were the clouds of doubt and disbelief that they would truly be the answers. There are ways that seem so right to them. And yet.... more pain will likely follow.

There were other patients coming and going. Some responding and others looking at their shoes as they walked down the various halls in a daze. At this hospital there are many different wings and yet they all have the same Great Physician taking care of each one of them. They just may not realize their need for One yet clearly. Or if they do... they still might be in the "I know what's best for me to do......" Or perhaps.....

There's a hope inside of them that knows that no matter what tomorrow holds.... complete healing is only possible through Him.

What kind of patient are you? For we all are one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three Sisters

Yesterday I had the privilege and blessing of spending time with three sisters. They came for the parenting class. We spent some time together talking after it was over.

The oldest sister has been walking through illness for the last 7 years. She has three sons as well. Oh, the ways in which we were able to share from our hearts about how only through God can one be thankful for such times. I have stated numerous times before and will continue to.... I am thankful that I had a form of Muscular Dystrophy and all the other health issues over the years. I wake up each and every day praising God for the incredible health I have now. I pray each day to not take it fore granted. And yet, we both know that any moment of the day we choose being healthy spiritually than physically. This woman lives in California. We will be staying in touch no doubt. Pray for her and her family......

One sister has just moved to G-town. She has little children and a heart so huge... They moved here from Houston where they were actively involved in various ministries. There were times when I was sharing various things that I could see the glow in her eyes looking back at me. Sure enough.... She has worked.. still does in a sense with teenage girls and young women who are pregnant and/or single moms. Little did she know that I've been praying for someone like her. The really cool thing is she and her hubby will probably be joining another church ... yet, we are still a part of the same body. She gets it that I don't care about "joining" a church.... I care (as does Juls and Becky) about seeing lives transformed and changed.... that reach out and touch other lives and continues to walk with the seen and the unseen. Now... before you get tempted to send me an email or leave me a comment about "I don't care about 'joining' a church" statement...... I do know the importance of fellow believers gathering together.... That's not what I'm talking about here though. I'm talking about those individuals who normally want nothing to do with God or the church herself until becoming pregnant and being a mother.... Please pray for this woman and her family... Pray for how we can work together for His kingdom alone.

The third sister.... well, I had the privilege of meeting her for the first time during VBS. I was blessed by serving her when she came to the volunteer lounge. Little did she know that I was beyond excited when she walked up to me to sign up for the class a few weeks ago. I have been praying for her specifically since then. Little did I know that she invited her sister who moved here to come with her... or that she had shared with her about our first class time together.... Again... the tears... I cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned. Pray for this woman and her family.

As I am writing this and thinking back over yesterday morning with the three sisters... I am not sure who received more encouragement and I am thankful yet again for the unmeasurable love of God. How individuals are woven together..... like a child in a mother's womb.

I love you Father.. I am thankful that no matter what type of parent any of us may be or become... none can compare to You.

Your Child

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Afternoon Confession...

So....... we were running a little late today getting out of class... I take full blame for the nursery workers having the children a tad longer than expected... I forgot to set my alarm like I do on Sundays..... (bad Camey. bad.......)

Nope.. That's not the confession... I stole an Expo marker...

Well.. actually... I was using it on the board while we were discussing issues... I can only assume that I put it in my pocket when I started talking with my hands... (I'm bad for flinging them across the room otherwise....)

It will be back in its rightful spot tomorrow morning in the classroom.

Laughing at self - won't you join me

On That Subject...

No.... I will not be posting on that subject... Taking the lead of our SP, John, on that...

Now... if you want to discuss sex and spiritual intimacy......

See... that always gets certain ones to be quiet...

You're loved people.

Oh.... Those Moments...

It's Tuesday again.... That meant the parenting class.... I am so exceedingly grateful for how my hubby prays in our morning time together, especially when he knows what is on the schedule. I am in deep gratitude for the women who are praying not only for me as I lead this class... but for the women who are coming... for their families..... for generations represented.

The women were watching me as I walked around laying down the bags of chocolate and the Kleenex box on the tables. I shared how they are always staples in any class of mine. They laughed.... As the class went on..... the chocolate started getting eaten and passed around... The box of Kleenex being used to wipe tears... His Spirit.... Transparency...

If you are one of the women I am talking about... Thank you for allowing me the privilege and blessing of walking along side of you. And thank you for understanding that being a happy plastic person isn't who Christ calls us to be..

I remain in awe of how He works.... moves..... Oh... those moments...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lord, I Lift My Friend to You

Casting Crowns has a song on their new CD called Prayer for a Friend.... And yes, I am listening to it. At this moment, it reminds me of several individuals that I know.

Yet.... for as much as I know these individuals... I can, in no way, know them like He does......

For as much as I want to help these individuals.... I can, in no way, help them ultimately like He can.

Lord, I lift my friends to You.

Who do you need to lift up to Him today? This moment?

And don't forget to lift up yourself..... For we all need prayer even on the best of days....