Saturday, October 13, 2007

Frog. Hair. Guitar.

Yesterday, on our way into town, the lawn pastor needed to stop to tend to one of the properties. This particular one has a good amount of land to it. It also has a pool in the back yard. The owners live most of the time in another part of the US. They have family who live in G-town, so they keep their place here as well.

I sat in the car listening to the radio (note: I was actually listening to music.. not a sermon..) while the lawn pastor went to check on it... the pool that is... He came back a couple of minutes later holding something in his hand. He also had that funny grin on his face like he knew he was going to gross me out. He did.... The frog went on a little trip down the road with us... Gave new meaning to frog legs... Yuck.

The lawn pastor got out down the road and let the frog go.... It seems that frogs have a thing for the pool and have been giving him all kinds of fits... clogging up the strainer and such. This was the only one he could catch.... I would have liked to have seen him trying to catch them... Frog legs anyone? Yuck.

I was telling the boys about it later.. They reminded me of another hilarious story involving the land surveyor pastor. He and J. were out in deep country... and all of the sudden he started hearing some noise coming out of the bush.... J. had been a surveyor for many years... Not... the land surveyor pastor... He was freaked out! And then it appeared.... a ferocious cotton-tail... We all just busted a gut. No matter how many times that story is told.. our reactions are still the same.. And it still makes him shiver.... lol

So, yesterday afternoon, I had finally had enough... It had been six months since I had my hair cut last. That's one of those things left over from the years I was ill and not able to go into a salon. I drove up to the one by the little store here in the highly secure gated community. As I walked in... she grabbed me immediately... In the course of conversation, she told me that she is a single, a mother to a three-year old.. and is currently not involved in a church any where... Best hair cut & style I've ever had... And it only cost $40.00. Better than the hundreds of dollars I used to spend back when I was Miss. B. every month to six weeks.

In a few hours, Austin and I are heading to the big city. We are meeting the Lincster there.. Austin has worked enough to buy his own guitar. He has been borrowing one of Linc's... Last night after Austin came home from work, I walked into his room. He was counting the money to make sure he had enough. In another pile, was money that he is putting in the plate on Sunday morning. He had already put it aside before moving onto what he was going to spend. He wants to buy the guitar himself instead of us buying it for him. I can't wait to see his face in the guitar center. I look forward to watching him and Linc pick out the one that has been waiting for Austin to save up the money to take it home and make it his. The gift of music is alive... Austin has a left-handed guitar that belonged to his grandpa. Austin is right-handed though.. He will now have two guitars... Each one special in their own ways... and such tremendous reminders of His love for Austin... and Austin's for Him. Austin is learning to play the guitar to use as an instrument to help himself and others worship.

God loves you..... that is what Austin says when he closes the trunk after putting some one's groceries in it. He does not accept tips any longer.

God loves you too.... dear readers... This moment.....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mae. Worship. Pray.

This morning I was to take care of Mae. My phone had already rang a couple of times before I reached the highly secure gated community she lives in. Her two daughters wanting to know this and that....

When I arrived... there was her youngest son's truck as well. As I took my shoes off and entered the front door, there was the three of them - Mae, the daughter she lives with and the son. It has been a couple of weeks now since I have seen any of them. Oh my.... Their faces... Their body languages.... I was crying on the inside... And yet.. I knew what my job was this morning.

We had a frank conversation... the four of us... At times it is clear how we are to use previous experiences and knowledge.. No matter how we would like for it to not be so... The daughter had to leave to work for half a day... I gave Mae her meds and bathed her... and got all she needed ready to go. The son took her to the hospital...

I came back to the highly secure gated community we live in. Hubby was needing a break from studying.... so off we went into town. Just the two of us.... On the way back.... we worshipped... Hubby sang out loud.... I sang along in my heart... and mind. Mercy Me's song Bring the Rain.... did I ever mention that it was played at Dennis' celebration service? His wife insisted upon it being played....

There is much going on that I will not blog about at the moment. I ask that you pray for Mae and her dear precious family.....

Holy Holy Holy are You Lord God Almighty.

Conversations in the Waiting Room

Yesterday afternoon, one of the sweetest and kindest individual we've ever known was having surgery. She is also one of the receptionist for our local church body. So, even though I had already spent some time in GR yesterday morning with AC... I found myself driving back to the hospital.

ET and her hubby are without question.... two of the biggest blessings to have happened to our church in a few years and to us personally. He may be retired from secular employment but is definitely not from being a Christ-follower. In fact, he is even more on fire for the Lord now than before.... or so I've heard. ET, well.... she just flat out amazes me as well. What a couple! What an example of till death due us part....

While in the waiting room, there were many conversations to be had over the hours. ET and I had both been speakers at a women's event back when we both first came to the local church. It was then, that I met her daughter Jennifer. As we waited for news about her mama.... I walked with her baby (the youngest of five children).... she finally went to sleep on my shoulder and her mama and I had a real heart-to-heart talk. Funny enough? Jennifer not only knows AC & M but has known them and their parents since they were little girls... And their town is far smaller than ours. The name sounds like something from Little House on the Prairie.. I kid you not.... We did not even know there was a connection until that conversation... Now we have a better plan on helping these individuals....

G and his wife, JE, were there... I just had to laugh at him. As they were getting ready to leave to go help prepare for the widow's banquet... We all stood up to hug them goodbye. He walked over to me... put his arm around me and squeezed my shoulder tight.. He then said, "Camey? Have you finished that assignment I gave you last week?" Yep.... that definitely reminds me of daddy... and G and I just laughed and when I told him I had not as of yet... He said, "Okay now... I'm expecting you to get right on that." There's this family coming on Wednesday nights... and since I'm suppose to know each and every person... personally... he expects me to know them like yesterday.... (did you hear my finger snap just then?) lol What G doesn't realize just yet... I'm praying for him to find out who they are... their stories.... G? If you're reading this... I'm expecting you to get right on that....

There was another couple there that I do not know all that well. After a few of the others had gone on.... we had a chance to talk more in-depth. They fascinated me I must confess. I know the man sort of intimidates some.... Yet, after what little time I spent with him.. and his wife... his heart came through loud and clear. I pray more individuals would be willing to hear it... It amazes me at times who individuals are intimidated by... Forget looks.... it's the heart people...

While sitting in the waiting room... talking with such dear family... a man walked by... I called out to him and walked over to talk with him. He was one of my pastors when I was a little girl. He has the church were hubby preached his very first sermon at and a few other times in his absence. He loved my daddy... whom he called "Deacon" so... How God can truly heal relationships.... and take them to levels only He could know.

ET came out of surgery just fine... Hopefully, in time... even better than before... And let me tell you... She will be even more amazing... And she'll run circles around me and I will smile watching this precious older woman who loves Jesus so.

Thank You Lord for conversations in the waiting room... and for the individuals who come when called. Also for the hands being held while praying giving You the praise and the glory for the things You have done.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Specific Prayer Requests

1) AC - She is 21 and the mother of a nine month old. Her life in general... and that of her son..

2) M - She is 21 and AC's best friend... She is now 2 months pregnant.

3) ET - She is having surgery right now.

4) Friends/Family - Have many, many friends & family in transitions right now... Too many to list...

5) KM - Just announced her/their wedding date. Please pray for her, him, and her son... K will be trying to adopt him after they marry.

And of course.... whatever you are needing prayer for today... this moment....

Certain Individuals.

Several years ago now.... a man came into our lives. Little did we know at the time how God would continue to use him and bind us together especially through prayer. Yesterday... the two of us were emailing a little back and forth. I can still hear his voice as if he were sitting right in front of me. When I look back over the time we've known each other.... Wow... Can God's hand been seen all over the moments...... Our relationship started off a little rocky.... but it is on solid ground because of Christ alone. He has been such a tremendous support and encouragement. He is one of the ways we personally experience the love of God. He has shared valleys and mountaintops and the in-between with us and us with him. Thank You Lord for the gift of this man.

Several of the Titus 2 women in my life were at dinner last night. I was fortunate to have sweet conversations with a few of them. One of them in particular... we are so connected through prayer that words are almost not necessary at times. When you spend time, not watching the clock, really praying.... you can truly get to know someones heart. She doesn't just talk the talk.... you ought to see her walk.... because she wants individuals to truly know her Savior... and Lord. She makes me want to be a better Christ-follower... not because of her... but because of Christ in her.... Another one of the women asked for my help with some thing. She then complimented my hair. Oh, it's no question Tuesday was a bad hair day.... She had seen me then too... She also knows that I truly don't give a flip about my hair. It's definitely a way she makes me laugh.... and in her own way encourages me to be me no matter what anyone else says... Thank you Lord for these Titus 2 women......

There's another man whom we've known off and on for a few years. We've gotten to know him better here more recently... life is funny like that at times. Last night he put his arm around me and hugged me tight. We had been working together on a helping some different individuals. What's sweet about the fact that he hugged me like he did is..... I've told him before he reminds me of daddy in certain ways... He loved him too. His affection for me, hubby and the boys extends out of that but is now also able to stand on its own. Daddy gave great hugs. G's are priceless as well.... they are an extension of his love for Him... and His for me/us... Thank You Lord for him...

One of the most precious couples we've ever known weren't there last night. G called to check in on them.. They are both sick... They are in their 90's. She loves to tell me how handsome my hubby is... She knows it cracks me up. One day I went to visit her when she was in the hospital... As I leaned over the bed to kiss her on the check like I always do.... she said to me, "Oh, you're here but where is that preacher man of yours. He is just so handsome ya know." and then she winked at me. Oh, thank You Lord for their example of "to death due us part."..... for how when they are able... they are at the physical church building helping out in whatever ways they can.

There are so many others that come to my mind at moment... Yet, I'll close this one with her. She is the wife of G. Our connection is just as deep and tender. Last night as I told her he had already gone home... it gave us the opportunity to talk a bit.. Her sweet tears as she talked about learning more about real worship..... about the heart of another dear precious man.... who leads like You would have him to.... Her heart was clearly on her sleeve... Her love for You... is so encouraging... The way she introduces other women to prayer groups in homes.... Oh, she definitely another Titus 2 woman... and I know she doesn't even truly realize it about herself. Thank You Lord for her incredible humility....

Certain individuals....

Who do you need to thank God for today in your own life?

And have you told them lately (or ever) the impact they've had on the moments in your dash?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Local Church Body. Need.

I know so many want to hear John's final sermon to us this Sunday, October 14th.

Given the fact that we are only having one service at 10:00 a.m.... We need loving and caring individuals in the preschool area.

Please ask God to help guide you as to where you need to be during the service.

If God so directs you, please call the church office and ask for Cassie.

Thank you.

Keep praying.........

Old Car. New Car.

First a correction must be made. The car is not the same age as Travman - that's hubby's car. This particular one is a 91 model. Yes, I said 91. That makes it an old car to most.... It makes it the same age as Austin.

My mother and I traveled to Boerne, Texas on that Friday. Hubby and the boys could not travel there until that Saturday. Obviously that meant they had to come in one of the cars. A little bit of anxiety was being had among the boys I must admit. There was their dad's car without air-conditioning for a several hundred mile trip where they would have to ride with the windows down... and it was hot outside..... or the car that almost did not pass inspection just a couple of weekends ago. Yet, what is... is what is.... It was going to be one or the other.

Mom and I were talking on that Friday. Somehow I had forgotten to mention to her about the tires on her car needing to be replaced. She gave her son-in-law permission to get four new ones. He did on that Saturday morn. And talk about a difference with the car......

Hubby and the boys drove the car to Boerne and then back that following Monday night. Each time the boys commenting about how great the car is now. Not just that it got them from this point to that point but that it was now a smooth ride. Yes, tires do make such a difference in the overall feel and ride..... especially when it is a long one. And the air-conditioner does work great.

It is the vehicle I drive the most... funny enough? I am enjoying driving it now. Oh sure the wiring is still a little goofy..... and I'll never forget the day I had to call for help. Hubby was in the big city all day. It was Healthy Kids meal day.... so that meant I had food with me. The car was deader than a doorknob. Doug came and prayed over the car..... Actually, I think he was doing that to make me laugh... It started and I went on about my Father's business. Good times. Seriously.

It may be an old car... but in many ways it is like new. We are thankful for it and the places it helps us get... and for those who travel in it with us....

Old car. New Car. Which are you more like?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hold My Hand. Walk With Me.

Today is Tuesday... As I thought about what today's parenting class was going to hold.... Little did I truly know. It kept coming to me to just be prepare to share what was laid out for me to.

As I walked back up the stairs from getting a drink out of the machine, she walked up to me and took my hand. She said to me, "Camey? I am suppose to give this to you for your class. When the Spirit moves you to - read it aloud." I hugged her and thanked her and she walked on into the class on "Praying to Make a Difference" that she is a part of. I walked down the hall just a few steps and into the classroom.

As class was getting about ready to wrap-up, I knew it was time to read what she had given me. As I started reading it..... tears flowed from the eyes of several of the women in the group. I also shared about this particular Titus 2 woman in my life. She is one of our neighbors as well. We spend a good amount of time visiting together in the grass that connects us. I had asked her to specifically be praying for the women. She has been and will continue to.

After classes were over, we all headed downstairs for lunch together. I was quickly asked to sit at a table where there was no room for any of the women in my class to sit with me. I was not a hostess at this particular event so I graciously did what was asked of me. Then... I saw her table...... Ahhhhhh.....

I walked over to where she was at and introduced her to one of the women in my class. They were sitting right beside of each other. She was one of the ones who had the most tears while I had been reading. I quickly walked away. They had already introduced themselves to each other without knowing who the other was. This definitely changed the course of their conversation.

When the lunch was over, I was in the kitchen with her. She was in need of plastic wrap to cover her dish back up. Being that I know the kitchen at the church like the back of my own hand.... it was natural for me to do that for her. I shared with her about the fact that I talk about having Titus 2 women in my life in the parenting class especially. Today, she definitely made a difference to the women in the class as well as to me. I have no doubt it was through much prayer.

She had tears streaming down her face as she hugged me. She was unaware until today that I thought of her in that way. They haven't been our neighbors long and yet we've developed such a sweet and tender bond. Funny enough? When she first met me, she said, "Oh, you're the daughter of the widow we're building our house next to." Little did we know then either......

Hold my hand. Walk with me. Listen as He speaks to you.

Other Answers. Various Topics.

1) Dinner on the grounds is when the local body all come together and share food and fellowship outside. Yes, weather permitting of course. That is one of the reasons for the big blue tent. We are expecting 1,000 plus.

2) The big blue tent is also being used for the Fall Festival. There will be no AWANAS that night.

3) Yes, Brother G and I are in-charge of the Cake Walk..... hence our name on the top of the sign-up sheet. Please don't make us beg. It won't be pretty.

4) No. My mother is not attending the Widows' Banquet. She'll be with her boyfriend on a date.

5) Hubby and I go on at least one date a week. We kind of like each other too ya know.

6) Are all our neighbors 80 years-old? No.. Just the ones who were home when the limbs fell.

7) Yes. I do still write poetry. No, none of it has been published recently except for here. I'm good with that.

8) Austin's toe is still healing. It is okay for him to wear flip-flops to the physical church building.

9) Yes. I was wearing a skirt on Sunday morning. Not saying that's going to become a norm.... lol

10) Laughter is a gift.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fallen Limbs.

Earlier this evening, Parker and Travis called me outside to the side of the house. The wind was blowing and they had heard a limb break. They wanted to show me immediately. I told them there was nothing I could do about it at the moment.... and their daddy wasn't due home until dark and long after they were to be in bed.

A little bit later.. I told Parker and Travis to get busy with getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. A couple of minutes later.... out pops Park.... literally shaking. He had heard a loud thump on the roof above where he was taking a shower. It caused the shower itself to shake. He was scared.... Shhhhhhhhh

Well, just so you know... I might do a lot of crazy things but climbing on a roof top isn't on my list when I'm the only adult around. And as of yet.... Austin doesn't have any real experience with this sort of thing... So? What was I to do? Call one of our 80 year-old neighbors to climb on the roof? I don't think so..... I called the only ones who made any sense to call... (No, not the fire department. The get enough calls from the other neighbors ya know... Maybe even you....)

He answered the phone and said, "Yeeeeeessssss????" When I asked if he was available to come over... he said to her, "Am I ... are we available to come over?" I then explained why I was asking and they were over in a flash.... All five of them. Each one ready to do whatever was needed.

He climbed on the roof and had half of the tree coming down on the ground. Fortunately, no real damage to the roof or the gutter. It didn't even take 10 minutes tops. There was laughter and Parker even showed off his new glasses. There were hugs and the offer to help more if needed tomorrow.

Fallen limbs.... It is amazing how quickly they can happen. How the wind can blow on them and cause them to break. Yet, what is even more awe inspiring can be friendships. And the shade they can provide and the laughter that can be had at a moment's notice.

Motherhood. Laughter Abounds.

The younger boys are off school today. Austin did not have to work. Brother G is gone all day. Parker's glasses were ready to be picked up. We traveled into town to pick them up and decided to make it even more worth while. What's a mother to do? We went running errands of course. When you live in the country... you've got to use time in town wisely.

Parker and his mom were waiting in the chairs closest to the counter at the eye doctor's office. The same young woman that had helped us last week... walked up and said, "Parker? You ready to get your glasses?" He said, "You bet." He just smiled at her and then he looked at me grinning from ear to ear. And the glasses look like they were made for Parker.... they are a perfect fit.

Austin has worked really hard at his job at the little store in the highly secure gated community. He decided to buy his mom and two younger brothers lunch today. In the same shopping center as the eye doctor is a restaurant we all enjoy going to together. The look on his face was priceless as he handed the woman behind the counter the money. Lunch tasted especially sweeter than usual.

As the four of us were sitting in the booth eating... there was music playing. I couldn't help but notice that Travman and Park both kept dancing in their seats.... tapping the table to the beat like it was a drum. They even knew some of the words.... Austin kept giving me this funny look. It struck me... I was in fact doing the same thing...... Oh my.... It was music from the 80's.....

Motherhood is a funny thing at times. For I couldn't help but laugh when I realized it.... for they were songs I used to hear at the skating rink on Friday and Saturday nights when I was in junior high. And now when I hear them.... I won't simply remember "Couple Skate Only"....... I'll be reminded of motherhood and the incredible gift of each one of them.

And I will laugh... We all had stuff stuck in our teeth.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pressing On.

There are times in life when one thing comes to an end.... and another season begins.
Mixed emotions are wrapped in smiles, and tears flood our hearts and minds.
Yet, somewhere between, there is the smell of excitement for the future..... now.
Of reaching toward the goal, pressing on.
For only in Him can it be obtained.

Lord, we know You are with us. May You alone continue to guide every step.
And when we are caught in the middle, may we not remain there for long...
Before Your hand takes ours and helps us along.
May we completely surrender to Your will alone.
And put one foot in front of another in deep faith
Even if we cannot see the next moment clearly.
For in You alone... is the reason for every breath.

Answers. Local Body.

1) Regular schedule today.... Three services and two Bible study hours.

2) Next Sunday - One service and dinner (lunch) on the grounds after. (Yes, that is one of the reasons for the big tent.)

Don't come because of someone leaving. Come because of Him.

Keep praying.