Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Our Novembers!

Over the last few days, the boys and I have been talking about how November seems to be a significant month in our lives time and time again.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of daddy's passing. We remain thankful in the midst of grief. And for those who have asked... Yes, I do believe some of my accepting about his passing is directly related to having been at death's door before myself. And there was a dream as well. The dream came a week before he passed. I know that makes some uncomfortable... I don't always understand that myself. My daddy loved God. He rec'd the ultimate healing!

Tomorrow ( and the 9th) - hubby is preaching at our current church. While he has preached other places before - this will be his first time to do so here. We remain thankful for how we see God working here in G-town. (ohhhh to those in our group - you'll have a sub filling in for us tomorrow as I will be with hubby.)

Sunday, November 16th, hubby will be ordained as a pastor. And while we believe he has already been ordained by God long ago now... we are thankful for this next step.

November 1998 is when I came down with a rare form of pneumonia and our lives were changed forever. No question - we are thankful that our family did not remain the same.

November 1999, having been ill for a year... I became paralyzed from the neck down. I spent the whole month in-between two hospitals. Muscular Dystrophy wouldn't be diagnosed until later... I did receive a miracle in being able to move again. The battle would continue for 5 years. Again..... I cannot begin to tell you how thankful we remain for that time in our lives as hard as they were.

November 2000, we spent Thanksgiving with my folks in Galveston. I was able to get around some with a cane. I looked like an old woman standing there at the edge of the water having to be covered from head to toe.. Daddy wanted me to be able to spend some time with the boys on the beach... playing in the sand. He always thought I would die first. He had already been diagnosed with Parkinson's and Diabetes a few years before that.

This is just some of why I am thankful as I sit here..... For while we may not always understand why things happen the way they do - I am thankful for God's amazing love. For that's what life's moments are all about.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Take Our Lives. Here We Are.

First things first... Thank you to those who have checked in about no blog posts. Your friendships and prayers mean more than words can say. My blogging fast is over as of today.

NOW! Having said that... Let me share what's going on in our moments.

The G family is so thrilled to see prayers answered.

Direct prayers.. Dangerous prayers...

Four years ago, Bro G and I surrendered to God. We surrendered to "Take our lives. Here we are." Actually - all five of us surrendered - the boys too. The past four years have been filled with some of the best times, some of the worst times and in-between. And yet, we can say without question... we wouldn't want it any other way! That has to be God - not the G family... We have grown, stretched, reached out, served, and etc.... We have not stayed the same. We simply could not have.

Sunday, November 2nd, and Sunday, November 9th - we are seeing prayers prayed long ago answered. It definitely goes to show how God is at work in our lives and through our lives and where we are at currently.

Bro G is preaching at our current church. We have two gatherings each Sunday - one at 9:00 and the other at 10:30. Will he be wearing his boots and blue jeans? Don't have a clue... He is preaching on Evangelism. The Wal-Mart Pastor and The Lawn Pastor will definitely be preaching/sharing too - no doubt.. We are to use our life's moments to be the hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth, and etc of God - wherever those moments may take us. God's Word is clear - as you go...

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for him/us in regards to this. Please continue to do so. And while everyone knows we love the people where we are currently at... we are praying for those yet to come, yet to know Jesus, and for real transformation to take place in each individual on a daily basis. It's not just about Sundays folks.

We are also praying for that body/place that God is preparing the G family for and them for us. When/where - we haven't a clue yet.. Until that time - we will serve with joy where we are at. Yes, even through the internet..

We do know this - we will follow God no matter the cost. After all - No One could come close to what God did for us with Jesus on the cross.

Take our lives. Here we are.

Dangerous prayers continue to be prayed and answered!

Every day is a GREAT day to serve God... and therefore, others!