Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pure Water. Living Water. It Really IS That Simple.

Since early Monday morning, Parker has had the stomach flu. This morning, as he had thrown up yet again, he said to me, "Mom? Can I have a little water?" I walked a mere few feet to the refrigerator door and got my son some water. But, that is not the case with every mother in the world - nor with every child.

Yesterday afternoon, I received the following link to a video from a buddy of mine by the name of Mark Hogg. If you know me at all - however you may know me, you know I do not post links lightly on this blog - nor do I promote individuals. My purpose in this life is to love God, love others, and help change the world. It is only through dangerous prayers do I do so.

I ask you.... Please watch this video

Mark also shared the following with me: "We are also working on this big international water training in Northeast India. Impact could be HUGE. Here are some pics on a recent interntaional training in Louisville. I will keep you posted."

Take action! Whatever type of action as the Spirit guides you!

May His compassion not be lost on those of us who claim to know Him.

May we give it freely.... may it be a ripple that turns into a stream that turns into an ocean.

As always, dear reader, you have been prayed for!