Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stay Out of that Box!

unChristian: The book by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons.

Oh my. I'm only page 55 and can see why this book needed to be written. It reminds me of some of the lives I've come in contact with the last two years in particular. It definitely reminded me of two individuals yesterday.

I went to where one just started working not long ago to get myself and Brother G some lunch. Hoping to see her still working there. The manager looked at me and said, "She only lasted a week." I cannot tell you how many jobs she has had since I first met her. I hear from her from time to time but, in other ways, she has cut off contact with the church.... She doesn't want to change her lifestyle because she sees nothing wrong with it. She loves me, as do I her, and yet..... she has looked me in the face and said, "Camey? I do not believe in God like you do. You can be a Christian but, I'm not sure I can believe that stuff. Jesus sounds kinda cool but I'm the only one who can save myself." She is one whom I pray every day that I do not hear about in our local news or her baby girl.

There's another twenty-something that will call when she wants some thing from me. Normally it's just to see if I can babysit her baby boy so she can go out. By going out, I mean, getting so drunk that she does not care whom she has sex with. And no.... I haven't babysat her little boy because it would be an all niter. She has looked me in the face and has said, "Camey? I am a Christian but, I'm still young. I need to have my fun now. I'll take life seriously when I'm older and ready to settle down." If no one will keep her son.... she doesn't go out... at least as far as we all know.

Like the individuals that unChristian represents, it matters what they think about Christianity. One grew up in the church and the other did not. It's individuals like these two that causes me to stay out of that box.... and to fall face down on the floor crying out to Jesus.

Times have changed. We, as the church, must be willing to change as well without trying to compromise the Word of God. And we must also remember whose house it really is.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Books. City. RQM. Rumor Control.


There are two books that I am currently reading. Consider this fair warning for when I'm done..

1) unChristian by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons

2) REVEAL by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson


Austin and I just returned from shopping in the big city. WOW! Talk about in-depth conversations going to and from. And we did go to Guitar Center. We've definitely got a guitarist on our hands now. Awesome! And shopping is a lot more fun when he spends the money he has worked hard to earn.


Yes. Most of my RQMs come from all the talk about sexual issues I have with people. Aren't you thankful I don't blog about all those? (Yes... yes... you are.... it's not just teens my friends.)

Rumor Control:

Yes. I am now the Thursday/Friday downstairs receptionist and/or whenever Ms. E. is unable to work. I am incredibly blessed to be working in yet another way with such amazing individuals.

As always... feel free to email at and/or leave a comment and/or prayer request. You've been prayed for!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Prayer Request in Sam's

Brother G just called. He ran into a church member while shopping at Sam's in the big city.

Please pray for their grand-daughter S.... She does not live here but comes and stays during the summer months.

This is a life on the fringe.....

Public School Lessons.

Parker and his mom just got back from the public school he attends. He was relaying to her about a younger boy he saw today. It was a child he had helped back when the younger boy was in pre-kindergarten. According to Parker, "He was really struggling with school then. So.. when I saw him today, I had to ask how things are going for him now. He said he is doing much better and thanked me for asking and for even remembering him."

We're not always fans of public schools. And yet, this with Parker today served as a great reminder of why two of our three sons are even in public schools still.

There is A reason.

Oh... About Parker being hurt on the school bus. He did not want the older boy to be punished. He just wanted for someone to find out what was going on in the boy's life that was making him want to physically hurt others and get him some help.

RQM. Rumor Control.

RQM.... really quiet moments. My response is simple. If you could hear some of the conversations I have with individuals.. you would understand why I have RQM. They are necessary.

Rumor Control:

Yes: It was Brother G who got salsa spilt all over his suit jacket on Saturday evening at the new restaurant in town.

No: We are not suing even if the suit jacket is ruined.

Yes: It did happen while we were on our date. Talk about a date to remember!

Yes: We will be going back there.