Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gifts Come in All Sizes.

The three dinner performances of TfG are now over with. Last night was the kicker as someone gave their life to Christ... What a gift... Dancing time! Cannot wait to see how tonight goes... We're expecting the largest crowd out of all four nights...

There have been so many individuals involved in TfG. It, in fact, at times, has been amazing watching them as they come and go, doing various tasks whether known or unknown. While I have greatly enjoyed being amongst the people in the crowd.... the ones in the kitchen I have come to treasure even more than before. Our student ministry rocks! What a fantastic group we've had representing them the last few nights. Gifts indeed.

Last night as I drove in the driveway, I could see what looked like something at the front door. There was a huge box for my hubby, the boys, and my self. It was from Hoover, aka my mom's boyfriend. Inside was a gift basket filled with many treats. And while I know we will enjoy consuming every last morsel.... the real gift was the reason behind it... Love comes in many forms. And yes, I do hug him every time I see him.

This morning I am found with mixed emotions... The Sunday group is over for now.... Doors open and close. And yet, this particular day I have the incredibly blessing of filling in for a teacher who is unable to be in her class. So, 9th grade girls here I come today.... Some of the very ones that I have spent time with the last few nights at TfG in the kitchen. What gifts!

And yet, as I think about all the gifts of the last few days.... none can compare to the gift of Him. He was born as a babe to Mary and Joseph... He willingly died for you and me.... There is no gift that can ever top that.... no matter what shape and size...

Please do not miss the real gift of Christmas.

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