Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yolanda and Family.

Last night, Ms. P came in to the foyer with this woman. I was not sure if the woman would recognize me with my hair down or not.. Sure enough.. she looked at me and immediately we hugged and she just started pouring out..... We had first met on Friday night during TfG..

The woman's name is Yolanda. Her and her children, as well as some other friends of theirs, were there Sunday night for TfG. Yolanda started welling up with tears as she talked about all that has happened over the course of the last few days. Ms. P and I just soaked up all that was pouring out of this life that has been being filled up.....

It seems that Yolanda has gotten a job. A pretty good job at that. One that will really help her and her two children. Her husband is in jail. And it is up to her to support them now. So, for you locals.... She has a truck that needs a good doctor. She needs some clothes to work in. She needs individuals to walk with her and her children. Her daughter rec'd some really cool stuff from Christmas for Children. Her son's card had gotten lost. I have a list of things that he could use and would like... I'll be at the physical church building today and tomorrow from 8:30 to 4:30 with the exception of 11:30 to 12:30. Please call and offer your help..... And yes... you can always reach me via cell phone except for during G family time or dates with Brother G.

Ms. P said that she had left Yolanda's son with Travis in the Attic. That she knew he would look out for him. Ms. P headed back to find some students who needed loving on.... She is awesome like that! Yolanda's daughter is a part of the children's Wednesday night ministry. No doubt she gets loved on each Wednesday night especially. Yolanda continued to pour out... She has a real sense of hope about her now...

Yolanda and family. I'm not just talking about her and her two children. We, as a body of Christ followers should be that to them... family.

Christmas.... The love of God came down.... How can you live His love today? This moment?

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