Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Changing Roles: When Lines Are Blurred.

This afternoon, my mother has a doctor's appointment in the big city. It appears she might need to have surgery on her eyes. So, off the three of us will go.... my mother, her boyfriend, and her daughter....aka me. He is going to be our chauffeur. He does open her door too.

This is where the lines are blurred in changing roles. Legally, her boyfriend has no say so in her care. I do. And yet, it is clear that he loves her in his ways and does see himself as a caregiver of sorts. He took her for her eye doctor appointment last week to get her contacts renewed. Today, given that surgery is being discussed now, it is necessary for me to be there. Of course, I want to be there.

I could put up a stink and say that since he has no legal rights, it is not necessary for him to go with us. And yet, that is not what I need to do. That honestly would not help my mother today. And that is what I have to be concerned with... What will help her? Will fussing and disagreements or grace and mercy?

One thing that I have been reminded of time and time again.. It is easy to show others compassion. It can be more difficult at times to show those who are flesh and blood. It is clear that the lines are blurred...

And yet with His help and guidance... there is clarity.

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