Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bench and Her Views.

Over the course of the past few days, several have shared their stories about the bench.. pictured here The Bench... and its Views

One was a woman who sat there with a new friend. She talked about sharing with her about the man who the bench was in memory of.... How she used it as an opportunity to bring up Jesus..

Another shared how every time he sits on the bench, he is comforted. His life is rather difficult even on the days he is found on the tees. He said that God is using the bench to remind him that He can rest in Him.

One in particular greatly surprised me... the individual said, "Camey? I know that some people have said they could see Jesus in the eyes of your dad. I finally understand what they really meant. Of course, it took actually taking the time to really sit and listen to Him speak to me."

I confess to having real mixed emotions about the bench at first. And yet.... it is clear... the golf ministry is growing. And I am met with nothing but gratitude...

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