Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Than A Hug.

Yesterday, from start to finish, was one of the most tender days.

I was told that there was a woman coming in to see me that was having a really bad morning. As she walked in to the door and up to the desk, her pain oozed out of her face and body expressions.

I stood up and walked around the desk and took her in my arms and hugged her tight. Her eyes started welling up with tears as she hugged me back and then just almost fell weight less in my arms against me. As she walked out of the physical church building, her load was not as heavy. And I was thankful to have been sitting at the desk when she walked in.

I've talked about G and his wife JE before. Yet, the most priceless times with them have just taken place over the last two days. I was questioned one day not long ago about why I make a point of hugging certain individuals every time I see them. That I stop whatever I am doing and hug them.... The individual asking was greatly puzzled and curious - not offended mind you but definitely intrigued because of the certain individuals as well as me. G is one such individual that I was being questioned about. The individual was glad they asked... So was I... Now, that individual gets hugged as well instead of staying at arms length...

I took time to explain to G and JE why I do so when they were talking to me at the desk in the foyer of the physical church building.... Our bond is even more stronger now than before. G walked up to me last night with tears in his eyes and hugged me tighter than ever and said some thing that will stay with me longer than just a moment in time.... A lingering touch on my heart and soul.... not just his and JE's...

When I was not plating food in the kitchen, I was walking through the crowd of people as they were eating and talking amongst themselves. As I walked up to one table with some precious friends at it... a couple of the faces at their table looked familiar but I could not place my finger on who they were. Hugs were given and then introductions around the table were made... This one couple had attended a few of the July 4th celebrations we've been a part of over the years at these dear friends' home. The couple looked me and said, "You're Camey?" And then it dawned on us all... We haven't seen each other since I was physically healed.... Thank You Lord for healing yet again.. Their faces were priceless.

During some of TfG, I was sitting at the desk in the foyer of the physical church building. This woman walked up to me and asked me about one of the ministries our church has... She had just missed one of the meetings down the hill from our main site. She asked me what was going on inside the sanctuary and then if she could sit in on the last few minutes. When she came back out after it was over... she walked up to me and said, "I've been away. My children and I came and then I stopped. We will be back. We need to come back. We'll be here Sunday night." As tears came down her checks, I put my arms around her and her head landed on my shoulder. I had already taken down her name and phone number so the one ministry in particular can get in touch with her.

It is times like these that shows over and over.... That it is more than a hug.. And dear reader, it is far more than any thing I am capable of on my own... There was a time when using my arms and hands was not possible nor my legs and feet... Because of the Great Physician I came to be able to do so again... And it is out of His compassion... mercy.... grace... love..... that I use what I have been given again to give what is not mine alone to keep..

More than a hug... What do you need to give away today? This moment because of what you've been freely given?

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